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Clash of the Worlds: Preface and Prologue



Two worlds – and we have the good and the bad. But it hadn’t been like that from the beginning when God (Elohim) first brought everything into being at His spoken command; “in the beginning,” it was all so “very good.” But then comes chapter three, as we read in the first book of Elohim’s Word called Genesis. From thence entered the second world – a “yellow brick road,” so to speak. It’s a world of “lions, and tigers, and bears” – trials, and struggles, and tears, a world of wars and rumors of wars, of earthquakes, famines, and pestilences. And of a people endeavoring to live their lives according to the “I did it my way” philosophy, following the way of the evil one rather than God’s way.

But then that first world, a “red brick road,” so to speak, thanks to God (Elohim) becoming human in the person of His Son, Jesus (Yeshua). Yet, following that way is not always an easy-going way either – promised, too, are troubles and hard times. But there is joy, rest, and peace even over any rocks, and roots, and ruts upon which we may stumble.

And so with me, having come to faith in the Lord Jesus (Adonai Yeshua), I have been impressed in realizing the two worlds that exist in this temporal time. From my imagination, I wrote this fictional story purposed to reflect it all of God's ultimate/absolute truth. I give praise to Jesus (Yeshua), the Christ (Messiah) – the Way, the Truth, and the Life – my sure Hope and eternal Joy, for His help in my writing this story.

Except for the names of God – Elohim, the Lord Jesus (Adoni Yeshua), the Christ, Messiah, etc. – all other names of persons and places are fiction; any resemblance to anyone or anyplace is purely coincidental. The trials, troubles, and struggles the characters experience – the good and the bad – are I believe typical of such all of us face in our journey through our mortal existence. The hope, I pray, we all will realize the greater reality and the joy even through such trying times we may face.


“[Before anything else existed, Elohim [1]– the Almighty Three-in-One, Immortal, All-knowing, All-powerful, everywhere present, and personal and eternal God] created the heavens and the earth... [And Elohim] created human beings in his own image. In the image of [Elohim], he created them; male and female, he created them. [Then Elohim] blessed them and said, 'Be fruitful and multiply. Fill the earth and govern it. Reign over the fish in the sea, the birds in the sky, and all the animals that scurry along the ground.' Then [Elohim] looked over all he had made, and he saw that it was excellent in every way…” (From Genesis 1-2.)

But then comes Genesis chapter three – the man and his wife yield to the ploy of the evil one, that fallen angel kicked out of heaven because he thought he was better than his Creator.

Consider the following passage from Elohim’s Word, the Bible: “… How you have fallen from heaven, O [Lucifer] shining star, son of the morning! You have been thrown down to the earth, you who destroyed the nations of the world. For you said to yourself, ‘I will ascend to heaven and set my throne above [Elohim’s] stars. I will preside on the mountain of the gods far away in the north. I will climb to the highest heavens and be like the Highest…’” (Isaiah 14:12-14.)

[1] Elohim = Hebrew for God, and is plural, indicating Elohim is tree persons in one – the Trinity.

The Eviction


"Begone!" ordered the high Elohim, "You, the most beautiful of all my angels, having aspired greater ambitions for yourself."

Pausing, Elohim listens to the plea but then declares, "No, I won't have it. You cannot come up here. Now, go! I repeat, begone from here! You will no longer have any part in my Kingdom. And take all your angels with you – all those naïve ones who have believed your lie."

That shining star, son of the morning, having been thrown down to the earth, performs his dastardly deeds among the nations of men. Stalking about the planet in his conniving and cunning ways, he attempts to disrupt the purposes of Elohim.

This C.E.O. – Chief Evil Officer of the powers of the air – periodically calls a meeting of his generals. The generals – those angels fallen with him. The conference – purposed to update them of his tactics and schemes.

The darkened circular conference room is now appearing in clear focus; one such meeting is set to convene. The calling of a meeting, however, is not unexpected; the Chief's generals warned that they should always anticipate a meeting anywhere at a moment's notice, at the C.E.O.'s discretion.

Its décor darkens the room – burnished charcoaled walls, ceiling, and floor resemble that of costly marble; likewise, the horseshoe-shaped table and the twelve chairs surrounding it. Small translucent windows, extending about a foot wide, circulating the walls just below the ceiling permits a small amount of light to enter from the outside world. That was more than enough light the C.E.O. would allow. He hates the brilliance, especially that Light coming in from the other world.

Such Light foils his purposes of advancing his kingdom. Harboring such an intense hatred for those Light bearers as well – worker’s for Elohim’s Kingdom – he schemes to eliminate all such Light holders from the world by any means he can, even to squelch the impact of their cause.

The Rebel Scheme

The large, dark door to that conference room slowly opens. There at the entrance, the C.E.O. stands, perfectly upright, displaying a hateful glare, yet handsomely so, appropriately clothed in well-pressed charcoal apparel of silken fabric. He stands well above his twelve generals lined up behind him, suitably clad as well. In the typical ritual manner, the C.E.O. leads the way as they enter the room, a soft, monotonous, low-pitched hum sounds through the walls. The generals are sure not to move ahead of their leader.

The C.E.O. approaches his sizeable throne-like chair at the open end of that horseshoe and takes his position in front of it. His generals stand in front of their respective chairs, being sure not to sit down until their C.E.O.'s signal to do so.

The walls cease their humming to still silence. After a moment's pause, the C.E.O. speaks, "Sit." They all sit in unison, remaining perfectly erect.

A flaming presence emanates from a bottomless pit in the ground beneath the floor, growing upward. That presence reflects the design like that of a seething serpent on the wall behind the C.E.O., illuminating also those stone tablets in which are embedded the organization's Law and Commands, etched in stone, no loopholes are found in them anywhere. Each of the generals carries replicas of such, imprinted on wallet-size cards, as a reminder of their allegiance. They're kept under constant review as they traverse deceptively about the planet. In ritual, they repeat the law at the convening of every conference.

"All rise," the C.E.O., orders, his deep voice echoing down the length of the table; no one dares not to ignore it.

The generals standing straight and tall, fists clenched, forearms crossed upon their chest, they speak in unison, "One, we have no god but the Ego. The Ego alone we worship, gratifying it with all kinds of pleasures and self-indulgence, to the delight of our C.E.O.”

They continue reciting the commands of their C.E.O.: “There is no authority except that of our C.E.O.; we have no rules except what is stated by our CEO. As far as morality, it is our choice, as approved by our C.E.O. We’re to tolerate anything and be open-minded about everything except of course that which is contrary to the rules of our C.E.O. In our talk, we can say whatever we please, no matter the meaning of our words. Anything of higher standards, good morals, and the like are oppressive and offensive. Remove the line between truth and entertainment; images and fantasy make a reality.” They conclude their recitation, their arms uncrossed and lifted high above their heads, eyes focused on their leader, they loudly proclaim, “What we believe is right, therefore we can do anything to achieve our goals to your delight C.E.O."

Cunningly Appearances

Silence embraces the room momentarily, the generals having finished their recitation. Reciting it all in their most profound sincerity and devotion, they all sit once again, yet at the C.E.O.'s signal to do so, remaining perfectly upright.

The generals receive their destruction manuals placed on the table before each of the twelve, instructions by the C.E.O. himself. Even though they all know the content of such, it, too, is ritually rehearsed once again. No one dares to make another suggestion, as to amend any of it. The plans are to be carried out precisely according to the C.E.O.'s stated procedure, no variation of any kind whatsoever.

In his gruff hissing tone, the C.E.O. slowly recites the instructions, demanding, "You are to go out in the guise of righteousness. Attack them with that what is pleasing to the eye and desirable for wisdom, infiltrating their minds with thoughts of 'it's all good.' Impress them with everything you've got. Remind them, 'if it feels good, then do it.' Let the sound go around the earth, 'your way is the way to do it and to have it.'

"We must stop those people – the workers for Elohim’s Kingdom – in all their ways, and their cause," he pauses for a moment's reflection on what was said. He then concludes, dismissing them with his benediction, "Now go, in cunningly devised appearances."

The twelve generals return to their legions, dematerializing through the air, to be seen later on Earth in other forms, though as it seems respectable, ready to deceive. That conference room, too, dematerializes, only to appear again at another time when the C.E.O. would call another meeting.

Elohim's Protective Care Over His Creation

From the highest Heaven, the Great Almighty, Three-in-One, Elohim, looks over all those little ones ready to be dispensed to their respective families at Elohim's appointed time. All of them so wonderfully and meticulously sculpted for their particular (unique) purposes.

"It's all perfectly good," He declares, the three agreeing together.

The Son then puts forth two of those little ones of Elohim's plan before the Father, "It's about time for these two to be born," he says.

"Yes," the Father agrees.

"And the parents of this little one have been expecting her for a long time," says the Spirit. "I'm sure they will be pleased that her time to be born has finally come."

Elohim's Earth-bound humans are then purposely planned to be born to their respective parents on the planet below to perform their good works, which He has prepared in advance for them to do. Fully aware, however, of that evil one aspiring a hateful glare, lurking about the planet, who has only harm planned for them, Elohim watches over those little ones with His protection, the Three communing together for their safety.

The battle rages.

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© 2017 Charles O Newcombe

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