Clash of the Worlds: Chapter Eight

Updated on February 28, 2020

Clocking in for Work

"Good morning, Jessi," the attractive brown-faced woman said, "How are you this day?"

"Good morning, Nurse Becki," returned Jessi, greeting her supervisor, and clocking in to begin her day at the hospital. "I'm doing well, Ma'am, and looking forward to a good day."

"Well then, at the start," Nurse Becki spoke, "You better look in on your little friend Jenny. She's been asking for you already this morning."

"She's all right, isn't she?" Jessi asked. "I mean, there's nothing wrong?"

"Yes and no," Nurse Becki answered. Jessi gave her a puzzled stare. "No, there's nothing wrong," Nurse Becki continued smiling, "And, yes, she's doing fine – in her condition. But, you know, she looks forward to seeing you every day. And you don't want to keep your little friend waiting too long."

"I'd better get there straight away, then. I can't wait to see Jenny myself," Jessi concluded.

Visiting Her Little Friend

"Hello, my little bullet head," Jessi said, chuckling upon entering Jenny's room and approaching her little friend's bed. Jenny removes her Strawberry Shortcake head covering, something she would only do for Jessi, revealing her bullet head. Not too many others, she permits to see her that way, and just Jessi can call her a bullet head.

The two girls, beaming, greeted one another with a generous embrace.

"Are you doing well?" Jessi asked.

"Yes," Jenny answered. "And I got some good news."

"Yeah?" Jessi asked with a broad smile, her dimples beaming.

"I'm hoping to get out of here soon, maybe in a week."

"That is good news," Jessi remarked. "For you, and it's good that you'll be going home. But I'll surely miss you."

"Then you just gotta come and visit me at my house. Ah, promise me you will. Hm-m, maybe my parents will let you come for a weekend visit; I'm sure they will," Jenny smiled.

"I promise," Jessi assured. "Having known you all these weeks you've been here, I can't let your leaving be a permanent goodbye." Pausing, then continuing, she then asked excitedly, "Hey, what are you doing for lunch today?"

"Silly, I'm going to have lunch with you, remember? You said that we would," Jenny reminded.

"That's right, I did," Jessi responded. Glancing at her watch, she continued, "and I'll be back in a couple of hours to take you to the lunchroom in your favorite chair."

"And you can tell me another Bible story while we eat."

"I sure will, and," Jessi paused. "Oh," she continued, "here comes your favorite doctor," Jessi said, noticing a physician entering the room.

"Doctor Z," Jenny beamed "because I can't pronounce your last name."

"That's fine, little Jenny," Dr. Z said, approaching her bed. "You can continue calling me that. I like it, even though to others it may sound like I'm sleeping." (Jenny chucked.) "I have trouble pronouncing my last name too at times," he chuckled.

"Hi Jessi," Dr. Z said, turning toward her.

"Hi, Doctor Z. Now you take good care of my little friend here," Jessi said. "And she tells me she'll being going home soon."

"Well, we certainly hope so," the doctor nodded.

"And I'll see you later, Jenny," Jessi said, hugging her little friend.

"See you," Jenny said, waving as Jessi left the room. "Hurry back."

R.S.V.P. Acknowledged

"Jessi," sounded a voice. Turning about, Jessi noticed an attractive black-haired lady.

"Nurse Carol," Jessi responded. "Good morning. How are you?"

"I'm fine," Nurse Carol replied. "I'm glad I caught you."

"Oh," Jessi said.

"Is that invitation to your church supper Friday evening still open?" Carol asked.

"Sure is," Jessi answered. "Are you coming?"

"As far as I know, I am. Thank you for the invitation, and I believe my boyfriend, Alex, will be coming with me. That's okay? I mean, if he comes, too. He enjoys getting a free meal," she said with a chuckle. "Actually," she continued, "I think ‘free' is his favorite word; his ears perk up every time he hears the word free."

"Sure," Jessi answered. "I'll be looking forward to meeting Alex, and to see both of you Friday evening at Fireside Grill," Jessi acknowledged. "I'm sure you'll both have a good time – the free meal, and everything else."

"I'm looking forward to it," Carol said, "We'll both see you then. You have a good day now."

"You, too, Carol," responded Jessi.

("Hm, hm, hm," that evil one aspiring a hateful glare scowled. "Not if I can help it. Your boyfriend may have other plans on Friday night. I gotta make sure of that.")

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