Clash of the Worlds: Chapter Twenty-four

Updated on October 23, 2018

Walking with a Friend

Thrilled to be once again adventuring with her friend Timothy, for as ever long that will be, they together traveling along the red brick road on Jessi’s way back to her time. As she shared with Timothy, their walk together down that road wasn't at all burdensome, and with her friend Timothy not even lonely.

“Look, Timothy,” said Jessi, pointing to the sky. “There’s that eight-pointed star as the Being in shining white apparel said there would be.”

“Yeah,” Timothy responded, “Like the one we saw in an earlier adventure when we were kids.”

Beautifully designed – obviously something only what Elohim could do—they noticed what looked like a cross within it. They kept that star in sight—always before them—as they walked down that red brick road. Both sensed the Being’s presence also, yet not always visibly so.

Journeying down that road they were not unaware of that other road—that yellow brick road—running parallel to the red one. Bright lights illuminated all kinds of good things along that path, yet merely distractions and disruptions of the Evil one as an attempt to lure Jessi over to his side—Timothy having already entered Elohim’s eternal presence, his time of departure had now come, as he had said.

And now Jessi was alone walking that red brick road. Yet, still sensing Timothy’s presence as a grip of his hand in hers, as well as the Being’s presence, as if Elohim Himself, she sensed no loneliness at all. She kept her gaze straight ahead traveling down the red brick road.

Purposeful Performance

How far she had to go, how long it would take, was not certain. An awesome sight was all around her; the very beginning of time flashing before her eyes, and she recognized the two worlds—as that Being in white apparel said she would. Yet, she noticed many across the way of that other world, trekking down that yellow brick road, were on the face of it unaware of the events along the red brick road. Yet, she realized—at the Being’s teaching all along the way—the events along the red brick road is as essential as those along the yellow brick road, even more so.

Gazing briefly across the way to that yellow brick road, occasionally, she viewed the works of mankind, not out of nothing of course, since everything that exists is what Elohim brought into being in the first place, and that out of nothing; the works of mankind, simply for their glory and gratification. Such the likes of all those tall buildings she noticed— “skyscrapers,” so-called—yet merely as towers of Babel.

She watched as various awards’ shows flashed along that yellow brick road: Trophies of all sorts, and metals of gold, silver, bronze, belts, rings, pins, being presented to individuals, and groups, in recognition of their accomplishments and performance.

“Ooh,” Jessi gasped in viewing it all. Pausing in her walk, she bowed her head.

“Is something the matter Jessi?” the Being asked.

“Nothing at all now,” Jessi answered. “I’m just praising God for giving me the ability to perform once in a competition, and for His glory. How sad it is for those,” she continued, “if it were not for God, they would have nothing to work with, or for, in the first place”

“So true,” the Being responded. “It is indeed God who gives mankind the wisdom to make major discoveries for the advancement and betterment of society, even to achieve prominence in their particular activity or profession.”

A Futile Ambition

Focused for a moment on such self-gratification, Depression visited her. But then, feeling the comfort of the Being’s presence, as well as a sense of Timothy’s hand in hers, Jessi returned her attention to the works and ways of Elohim journeying down that red brick road, and what He would have her accomplish for Him.

Oh, how beautiful and awesome, Jessi thought, viewing all the magnificent sights. And there in the Garden, where I came from, the man and the woman had everything they could ever want, enjoying fellowship with one another and with their Creator. For sure, how could they ask or desire for anything more?

“Come along now Jessi,” the Being said interrupting her thoughts. “We yet still have quite a ways to go to get you back to your time before dark.”

Hm-m, now where have I heard that expression before, Jessi thought, or something like it, “get home before dark?”

Quickening her pace than, Jessi continued her journey down that red brick road.

Even still Jessi would catch a view of the events happening across the way along that yellow brick road—the illumination so bright as for that not to happen—mankind, apart from their Creator.

“In their futile attempt,” the Being spoke, “trying in their own way to restore their relationship with Elohim—to return to that state of immortality He had originally instilled in them. Nothing their way will bring that about.”

Sealed, Safe and Secure

As Jessi continued viewing she noticed how Elohim, the Creator of it all, saw just “how greedy, undone, selfish man’s wickedness had become.

“Seeing it so,” the Being spoke, “Elohim decided to wipe His human creatures off the face of the earth—out of His presence. But look there. See that one?” the Being said, pointing. “Now listen, Jessi, and watch, and make yourself ready.”

“Make myself ready?” Jessi asked.

“Shh,” the Being whispered, “Elohim is about to speak.”

“Ah,” Elohim saw, looking down from Heaven. “There he is, Noah, the one yet who still trusts in Me. See him there. He is finishing that boat just as I instructed him to do.”

With wide-open eyes, Jessi stood watching for a moment as Noah finished his work.

“Jessi, come along now, quickly,” a voice called out loud yet calm.

“Being, is that you?” Jessi asked, startled.

“Yes, come on now. Noah having completed the Ark, the animals are now in it, and Noah and his family, too. He is beckoning you to come into it as well, safe from the flood that is coming upon the whole world.”

Amazed, Jessi than ran to the Ark, sensing the grip of Timothy’s hand in hers, as if pulling her along.

At rest in the Ark with Noah, his family and all those animals—two of every kind —Jessi turned and viewed all those remaining people out there who would not listen to Noah’s “preaching” of the coming doom to the earth. Sensing their rejection of God’s warning through His servant Noah, tears welled her eyes. They only laughed, taunting, “Ha, ha, ha. How silly.”

Soberly, Jessi sighed in viewing it all, how silly indeed. “They will see just how silly it is.” Just like my time, she thought, humanity still laughs in ridicule, slandering those bearing the light of God’s Truth. She recalled in imagination Grammy’s continued reading from the Bible to her and Timothy, "... as in the days of Noah..."

A grip on her shoulder, she is pulled back as the door to the Ark banged shut, sealing them all in—safe and secure.

Memorials to Humanity

Soon dark clouds blanketed the sky. Lightning flashed about. Thunder roared. The heavens then opened up, and great was the downpour; drowning everything that was not in the Ark, continuing its devastation for a long while—“forty days and forty nights,” Jessi recalling Grammy reading in her Bible.

The end of those long days and nights the rains also ceased, the floods have subsided, and all then exited the Ark—Noah and his family, and all the animals, Jessi as well. God displaying His rainbow in the sky signified a fresh start—a second chance—for humanity to once again replenish the earth with humankind, for the glory of God.

Sensing the grip of Timothy’s hand in hers, and the presence of the Being in white apparel, Jessi set out briskly on her journey back to her time down that red brick road. Slowing down a bit upon arrival at that plain in Shinar, she again recalling from her own reading of God’s Word of truth, as well as Grammy O’Brien’s Bible reading times.

Strolling through the plain, she mingles for a while among the vast number of people who have settled there. She discerns their chatter, they all speaking the same language, able to understand one another. “What is it they’re saying?” she asks herself and knowing the Being is probably listening too.

“It is good for us to be here,” one of those people says to the crowd. Others nod in agreement.

“Hey,” another in the crowd steps on to a podium. “Listen, all you people. Gather around me, and hear now my plan. Let’s build for us a city here, with tall buildings and skyscrapers, and right in the middle, there,” he points, “a tall tower reaching far into the heavens. Let’s make a name for ourselves, lest we are scattered from this place and not remember nor be remembered for our accomplishments here.”

Then, Jessi watched gravely as they started their project—building not for the glory of God, but as a memorial to themselves, to humanity.

In gradual steps she moves away from that crowd, watching their labor from a distance. She reasons within herself, even people of my time also build memorials to themselves—expensive clothes, big houses, fancy cars, important careers—with the desire to make a name for themselves, to fatten their financial portfolio, to move on up to a higher social standard.

On the edge of that plain in Shinar, she stopped for a moment and saw Elohim’s view of the whole thing. "If they're permitted to do this,” Elohim exclaims “than nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them.”

With one fell swoop, Elohim foiled their plans, toppling that tower, confounding the speech of the people residing there. Jessi stood fast for a while, watching all those people scurrying hither and thither, scrambling so as to find someone—anyone—who could understand them.

The Breeding Ground of Mischief

On that plain in Shinar numerous tribes and groups of people having been formed, then spread throughout all the earth, contrary to their aspirations. The world’s languages were born at that tower called Babel. Yet, that cunning Evil one, master of that other world, parading down that well-illuminated yellow brick road continued afflicting mankind’s mind with his thoughts, spreading his untruths, as if trying to “restore” his dominion that was lost after that great flood.

Havoc, clamor, raucous, carousing, noise, bright lights, the “order of the day” of that other world across the way, really disorder in the guise of “good times” and promised prosperity. They all had the mindset of making it big in their world, toiling hard at their respective occupations, vocations, and careers, some at multiple jobs for that extra buck, going to any length to get ahead in their world, for that’s all that mattered to them.

“Oh, if they would only hear Elohim's comforting words,” the Being spoke, sharing with Jessi. “Remember them?” the Being asked.

“Yes,” Jessi answered, and then recited from memory, “Come unto me and you’ll find rest. Your burdens will be easy, your tasks light. Seek first My Kingdom, and everything you need for your sustenance I will supply.”

“But, they would not hear,” the Being assured with great sadness for them, “The evil one closing their ears, making them content wallowing in their mortality.”

Jessi observed the commotion of the people plugging away down that yellow brick road. The “order” of the evil one being an attempt to distract them from seeing the true reality existing down the red brick road on which she was traveling, that of the things of God.

Such “order,” the perfect breeding ground for all kinds of mischievous deeds—the standard of a “righteous” life in the eyes of the evil one—an “order” that would have to be broken for the people to recognize the futility of it all.

”An order only God can break,” the Being spoke, “and that with the entrance of His Light, carried by His light bearers, to those lost souls.”

Another moment’s pause along the way, Jessi bowed her head. But then, loud shouts from the other world pierced the airwaves, shouts of misused words and profane, tumbling across the way, breaking through to that narrow way.

Jessi’s ears throbbed at the hearing of such having not before heard such hard language—a throbbing as with one soaked with intoxicating stimulants, making one feel “high” for the moment, only to collapse in the big crash of misinformed dreams.

Then as out of nowhere, all is stilled. “Praise to God who calms all storms,” Jessi proclaimed, continuing her journey down that red brick road back to her time, observing along the way the progress of civilization and God’s plan to restore those fallen ones back to His Kingdom. The years flash before her.

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