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Clash of the Worlds: Chapter Seventeen

From Ohio, God brought me out of my old life (a wilderness without Jesus) and round about my transient life He brought me to Bible college.


An Eerie Monday Morning

From Grammy's Bible reading time to her and Timothy when they were children, Jessi recalled Jesus' words, "In this [physical] world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world."


Monday morning arrived with almost a vengeance, as if singing, "Arise you sleepy heads. Enough play. It's time to get back to work." Many people dread hearing those "Monday Morning Blues," they have had so much fun on their weekend. For a lot of people, mostly those in that other world, that other kingdom, as is Alex and his friends, the weekend means party time, when they can "relax, eat, drink, and make merry."

Generally, after punching out from work on Fridays, for a lot of people, it's "Happy Hour." "Freedom rings" for two whole days, freedom from their week of laborious labor. Carousing and tailgating parties for many become the main events during those days off from work.

Jessi, too, is not immune to Monday mornings. For her and many others residing in the world of God's Kingdom, it's different, however. For her, Monday mornings mean returning to that physical world of mankind after being caught up so joyfully in the spiritual world.

For her, the weekends are a time of celebration all right, but a celebration of the goodness of her Lord, learning more about Him, His will and hearing of His work in the world of mankind, that of spreading the light of His truth. For her, hearing those "...Blues" on Monday mornings are like seeing the blue and sunny sky, boasting a rainbow, even seeing through an occasional gray cloud.

Thus, Jessi returned to work at the hospital's Child Care Center on this Monday morning in her always-joyful countenance, still in celebration of the goodness of God, a twenty-four-seven occurrence, even after such a horrendous event that occurred to her and Thomas-John that past Friday evening. That's something those in that other world, the merely physical world of mankind, can't seem to grasp.

"Hs-sss!" Jessi heard a strange sounding "pssts," like that of a snake. Looking about she saw a countenance aspiring a hateful glare. It startled her, to the point of being frightened. The woman then spoke gruffly, with an emphasis on her every word. "Good morning little miss preacher gal."

"Good morning, Ma'am. My name is Jessi, not 'little miss preacher gal.'"

"I know who you are, Miss Whitcombe. You're the one who started all this trouble."

"What trouble?" Jessi inquired. "What are you talking about?"

"Don't play innocent with me, girl. You're the one who started that church thing here, and I don't like it. Everything was going fine before you arrived."

"Oh," Jessi responded. "You must be talking about the Surer Foundation Fellowship. Well, I'm sorry you don't like it, Ma'am. But I can't help that. You don't have to be a part of it. It probably won't mean anything to you anyway, since apparently, you're not of the Kingdom. That's the one requirement to join the Fellowship, otherwise, like I'd said, 'It probably won't mean anything to you.' If you would permit me, however, I would love to share with you how you can be a part of the Kingdom, as Jesus loves you and so do I."

The woman, seeming to cringe at hearing the name of Jesus, remarked, "Thanks anyway, but I don't need it, nor any of that 'Surer Foundation' stuff...."

"I know," Jessi interrupted. "You're content with simply being a part of the 'kingdoms' of this world, which are purely earthly, and will end with the end of time. Except you'll go on forever outside of God's Kingdom in the fiery darkness."

"You are a little miss preacher gal!" the voice hissed.

"No, Ma'am, I'm just relating to you about the true reality, all of which was started by God, the Almighty Three-in-one Creator who brought everything into being at His spoken command. If it were not for Him, neither of us would be here 'enjoying' this discussion. Apart from the things of God, everything else in this physical world is a 'fantasy island'."

"Now you look here, young lady this has got to end," the woman hissed angrily, shaking her finger in Jessi's face. "I'll have your soul!"

Jessi, lurching backward to avoid a potential poke in the eye, exclaimed, "I'm sorry, ma'am, but you can't touch me, as I'm protected from the likes of such as you in the arms of Jesus, my Savior and my Lord."

That did end it; Jessi said nothing more. She just watched the woman shaking violently stomp off in a fit of rage, strangely appearing to dematerialize as she went. Jessi's head twitched, her eyes fluttering, as she tried to catch the impact of the woman seemingly vanishing through the air. What had just happened, she thought. Who was she? She then prayed briefly to God for an understanding of this strange phenomenon.

Trustingly Continuing On

Hospital teammates throughout the day approached Jessi with their "condolences," as it were, having heard of that tragic event that she and Thomas-John suffered on their first date, that Friday night. Some could not understand why she even was at work this day, thinking she would take the time off to "recuperate," as perhaps some would. Some could not even understand her joyous attitude at the loss of her car, being a gift from her parents. Ah, what do they think about that? "They're thankful to God for keeping Thomas-John and myself safe through it all, for the most part; nothing really too serious of an injury to Thomas-John," was Jessi's answer.

Even though "all was well" with her, still some approached her with that "I'm sorry" expression. But Jessi, remembering her illness she suffered through childhood, didn't want anyone to feel sorry for her even then, even at that tender age of eight years.

Nurse Becki even approached her, "Good afternoon, Jessi. May I join you a bit for lunch?" she asked, pulling up a chair in the lunchroom.

"Sure," Jessi responded, gleaming.

"I'm sure you don't care to hear any more of it, but I'm wondering if there's anything we can do to help you in your loss, to help ease the discomfort even just a little?"

"Nurse Becki," Jessi began. "There's no loss. There's no discomfort. Thomas-John and I are safe; we're doing fine..."

"But your car..."

"My car?" Jessi interrupted. "No, Nurse Becki. It was the Lord's car, as everything I have belongs to Him. He enabled my parents to get it for me. They understand that. Everything they have belongs to Him, all their possessions, and their house, even me, having given myself back to Him when I was a baby, as they told me. It is He who has given me this job. I'm sure there are several others who are just as qualified as I am to do this work, even more so."

She continues, "God gives and He takes away, as He so pleases. Whatever happens, therefore, His name is always to be praised. Likewise, having been given this job by God, all my endeavors here are for His glory. If my work here is displeasing to the hospital in any way, perhaps I'm also displeasing to God in some way…."

"You and your work has never been displeasing to me or the hospital," Nurse Becki interrupted, "as far as I'm concerned, Jessi, anything but. If anything, you're a perfect example. Others should take notice. I know I have, even in the little time I have known you. And I'll miss it. I'll miss you when I leave this job...."

"You're leaving Nurse Becki?"

"Shh, mums the word for now on that, Jessi," Nurse Becki whispered, looking this way and that. "I'll share it with everybody later this afternoon, and introduce your new supervisor. But, just between you and me for now, I've accepted another position. It has always been my desire to see West Coast, and now it looks like that desire will be granted."

"God has granted it to you, Nurse Becki."

"Me?" Nurse Becki responded, surprised. "But I'm not one who has fully believed yet. Why would He grant my desire now?"

"Perhaps it's a way of showing you that He does indeed really care for you, and maybe a way He's drawing you to Himself," Jessi responded, recalling from His Word that says, "It's the kindness of [God] that leads [us] to [be sorry]."

Sensing a readiness in Nurse Becki's heart Jessi then asked, "Do you want to fully believe, Nurse Becki?"

"Oh, yes indeed I do. Will you tell me how?" Jessi gleamed and than shared with Nurse Becki what it meant to "fully believe" and a new beginning.

Nurse Becki being ready, it didn't take long. Soon they were praying together, Nurse Becki welcoming Jesus into her life.


That evil one aspiring a hateful glare looked upon the scene with displeasure, another soul entering God 's Kingdom. Yet, the seraphs there rejoiced, welcoming Nurse Becki into the Kingdom.

A Farewell Gathering

That afternoon the hospital staff meeting room filled up for Nurse Becki's announcement of her departure and meeting the new supervisor. Many were stunned at the news that Nurse Becki would be leaving in two weeks.

Her replacement was someone named Lucinda Santos, who spoke up immediately, stating her authority, and how she was to be addressed, "as Ms. Santos," she said gruffly.

Strange enough, although they'd never met, Ms. Santos looked strangely familiar to Jessi. Who could forget that hard stone face and piercing intimidating stare? And when she pronounced her own name, with that speech impediment, "Ms. Santos" seemed to hiss out of her mouth. In her flesh, Jessi felt strangely frightened, yet in the Spirit, she knew that God is in control.

During the next two weeks, all the hospital staff was especially appreciative of Nurse Becki, acknowledging Nurse Becki's last day with a celebration luncheon. Hugs were in order. Nurse Becki spoke kindly of each one, giving evidence of her new life, "I will never forget you all. It's been a pleasure working with you these past five years."

But when alone, she spoke personally with Jessi, "Thank you, Miss Whitcombe, for all you've done for me, especially how to experience the life God had planned for me from the very beginning."

"Thank God," Jessi reminded. "It was He who did it all. I'm just glad to be around to watch Him work in others' lives."

"I thank God for the Surer Foundation Fellowship as well. As short a time as I've been with the group, I'll miss it when I move out west."

"I'll be praying for you," Jessi encouraged. "Please keep in touch."

"I will. You can count on it."


"Ah, that's the end of that," gleamed the evil one aspiring a hateful glare. "Now comes a new beginning under this new supervisor of my appointment. I gotta keep watch on her, that she indeed makes it a "reign of terror' for that young Jessi – her doom is surer. Ha, ha, ha."

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