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Clash of the Worlds: Chapter Nineteen

From Ohio, God brought me out of my old life (a wilderness without Jesus) and round about my transient life He brought me to Bible college.


Continued from Lambs in the Midst of Wolves

Rescued from harm’s way

"Will you please stop it, Sir?" Jessi kindly asked an old man, sitting behind her on the Blueline on her way home from work. "I don't care for your touching me," she added.

Jessi was alone this evening, this being one of those off days for her friend Tricia to ride with her. Yet, her childhood best friend, Timothy, was continually watching from above, interceding before the Almighty Three-in-One on her behalf.

Secure in the arms of Jesus, he knew too that Jessi was protected as well from any harmful scheme that may attempt an attack upon her. Timothy especially noticed that man behind her, strangely shrouded by a fierce dark glow, fondling her long blonde hair. Sensing her danger, he prayed earnestly for her then.

"But I'm so enraptured by your loveliness and want to have a fun time with you," that old man hissed.

Turning toward him, and looking squarely in his face, Jessi gently demanded, "I'm not exactly sure what you mean by 'fun time,' Sir, but the only 'fun time' you can have with me is if you would please keep your hands off me."

"Aw, come on," he begged, "a girl as lovely as you can surely satisfy one's desires."

At the hearing of such a suggestion, Jessi then demanded more sternly, "Sir, will you stop it. I don't intend to give your desires, or anyone of your kind, any satisfaction. Not being of this mortal kingdom, I'm not that kind of a girl. I'm of Elohim's Kingdom; Jesus, the Christ, my Lord and my Savior, and my Protector from the likes of such as you."

Jessi then moved to another seat parallel to the window away from him.

Yet, apparently not caring what kind of girl she was or wasn't, that old man started after her. Just as he rose from his seat, however, a pretty young woman of auburn hair, perhaps in her mid-twenties, boarded the train with two small children apparently the same age, came to Jessi's rescue.

Seating her children on Jessi's right, she sat on Jessi's left. She was finely dressed, wearing a light brown pants suit. Her children, also finely dressed in attire indicating the family was "well-to-do."

"Thank you, Ma'am," Jessi said.

"Thank you for what?" the woman asked.

"For sitting here beside me and your children there," pointing toward the children. She then added, "keeping that old man away from me," nodding in the direction of that man, stopping short of his approach toward her.

"Well, then, you're most certainly welcome," the woman said, pleasantly, glancing toward the man. "I know what you mean. I've been bothered by the likes of such as him myself."

Making of a new friend

A brief pause, as the woman seemingly examined Jessi more closely. She then continued, asking, "You're Jessica Whitcombe, aren't you?"

Curiously surprised, Jessi asked, "Yes, how'd you know?"

"My father, James Nicholas, told me all about you, and what you've talked to him about on this train a few weeks ago. You fit his description of you."

"Mr. Nicholas is your dad?" Jessi asked.

"Yes, and I'm Emily. Those are my kids, and his grandchildren, Justin and Jessica," she said, pointing to the kids on Jessi's left.

"Hi," Jessi said turning to the children, with her beaming smile. Then turning back to the woman she continued, "I can see how Mr. Nicholas loves his grandchildren, of course, as any grandparent would. They're adorable. They're not too distant in age, either, are they?"

"Just a few minutes," the mother replied excitedly, acknowledging that they're twins.

"Wow!" Jessi said, turning toward the children again. "Justin and Jessica," she said, "hi." The children shared their delightful smile with Jessi. Then, looking at little Jessica, Jessi asked, "'Jessica,' hmm, that's my name, too. Are you also called 'Jessi', as I am?" Jessi asked, turning back to the children's mother.

"Sometimes, but mostly 'Jessica'," her mother responded. "We're not much in for nicknames."

After another brief pause, the mother continued, "I've been wanting to meet you to let you know about my dad. Strange, yet appropriate, I guess that we would meet here on this train."

"Your dad's okay, isn't he?" Jessi asked. "Did he 'go away', as he had mentioned? I've been praying for him."

"He went away, all right, to the hospital – one nearer to where we live in a southern suburb – after suffering a stroke a few weeks ago. He has asked to see you, and so the reason I've been searching for you. Will you go to him? Your visit just may help."

Saddened by the news of Mr. Nicolas' condition, Jessi responded, "Of course, I would love to see him again."

After stating the specifics for the pending hospital visit, their conversation continued, amidst which Emily asked, "You've talked to my dad about the Bible, I understand, right?"

"Yes, I was sharing Jesus with him. That's whom the Bible is all about, you know, from beginning to end, and His plan to buy back fallen humanity from the clutches of the evil one. What do you know about Him?"

(Ooh, that evil one aspiring that hateful glare, always lurking about for ways to devour her, suddenly perked up. He knows about Jesus, too, and trembles, knowing well his own demise.)

"About Jesus?" Emily asked. "Well, I see Him on the cross every time I go to church. Oh, and here," she said, holding up a crucifix hanging around her neck. "I participate in communion and confession. Yet, I really haven't gotten used to those beads I see a lot of people in my church handling...."

"But, do you know Jesus personally as your Savior and Lord?" Jessi inquired.

"I'm not sure what you mean, 'personally.' You mean like I'm getting to know you?"

"Yes, exactly."

"Maybe someday I will when I get to Heaven."

"But, you can know Him personally now in this lifetime," Jessi said. "In so doing, you'll experience a great adventure, as real life is found only in Him. The more you get to know Him, as the hymn says, ‘the (temporal) things of Earth will grow strangely dim.’ You will experience real joy, too, even through troubles and hard times, as what you're going through with your dad's illness. Now is really the time to begin to get to know Him, as there are no second chances after physical death."

But Emily didn't understand that idea of 'no second chances...', yet, having some idea of an afterlife through her church experience. Her mother had passed away a few years ago; she continues to pray for her even as her body lay in the grave, hoping she would see her again in Heaven.

The announcement of the next station being heard, the train came to a stop, allowing some of its passengers to exit, others to board Being his stop also, that old man bothersome to Jessi, also exited. Yet not without another attempted pass at her. Suddenly, however, an appearance of a Being aglow in shining white apparel appeared in line with others exiting the train, pushing that man right by Jessi without a touch upon her. Jessi was relieved for that bothering old man to be off the train.

("Foiled," the evil one aspiring a hateful glared hissed.)

The train on its way again, the two women and children continued in their newly found friendship, until Emily's stop.

"We'll see you at the hospital then?" Emily reminded.

"Sure," responded Jessi. "I'm looking forward to it."

A sister welcomed home

Tricia heard the chattering of keys fitting into the door lock. Realizing whom it probably is, she opened the door and welcomed Carol home. "Good evening, Sister," the usual greeting these two siblings in Christ have become accustomed to using in respects to their friendship.

"Good evening, Sister," responded Carol.

"You've been crying," Tricia said, observing her wet eyes. "Your meeting with Alex didn't go well?"

"In some ways it did; in others, it didn't. But I'm so glad I've had the opportunity to get with him again, as we've been praying for several weeks." She then broke down, "Oh, Tricia, I so much want to see him get into the Kingdom. What will it take to break the enemy's stranglehold on his life, and to melt a hard and stubborn, and proud heart, so wrapped up in the temporal things of this physical world?"

"You know...."

"Yes I do," Carol interrupted, "And I'll continue to trust him to Elohim as long as there is time. Until then, I'm sure there will be many more days of crying."

"And I'll be crying and praying with you," Tricia promised, embracing Carol. "As well as our Surer Foundation Fellowship." The two women right then knelt together for a time of Bible reading and prayer on behalf of Alex and others of like concern.

Jessi’s car found

Jessi arrived at her stop with the excited anticipation of being greeted by Thomas-John, as had become her usual expectancy since that first date. Her dad didn't mind either of relinquishing the privilege of meeting his daughter to Thomas-John, as he recognized it gave these fast becoming sweethearts, as he assumed, more time to get better acquainted, to determine Elohim's will for their lives as potential life partners.

Sure enough, there was Thomas-John waiting for her with the car door opened. Hugging his neck, she entered the car. Soon they were on their way the remaining distance to Jessi's house.

"Joining us for supper this evening?" she asked him, as usual. As usual, too, he responded positively. He enjoys dining with her and her parents occasionally; likewise she with him and his parents and siblings.

Being welcomed home, they were soon seated at the table to commence dining when the doorbell chimed. D. L. rose and headed toward the front door, where he welcomed a police sergeant.

"Good evening, Sir," the sergeant said. "Sorry to interrupt your supper time."

"No problem, officer," responded D.L., acknowledging the sergeant's apology.

Recognizing who was at the door, the others soon joined D.L. there. Looking toward Jessi, the sergeant said, "We've found your car, Ma'am."

Although with mixed feelings, Jessi asked, "Where?"

Surprising all, the sergeant explained, "In West Coast. But, I'm sorry to have to report, your car, Ma'am, was wrecked – totaled.

The body of one of the men was found, dead. We do not yet know what happened to the other man; we're still searching. We haven't closed the case yet, and we're not likely to do so until we're sure. We'll keep in touch. In the meantime, you should still better be on the alert. Ah, you know, at least until we know of that second one's apprehension, or otherwise. Well, then, here you go," he concluded, handing a copy of his written report to Jessi. "Good night," he said, tipping his cap.

Returning to the table, the family commenced dining, cautiously relieved. In his prayer of blessing for the meal, D.L. also included thanks to Elohim for the sergeant's report, trusting this chapter in his daughter's life is nearing its conclusion.

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