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Clash of the Worlds: Chapter Twelve


Continuing from A Sad beginning to Another Year

A Bonding Together

Teammates at the hospital, Jessi and Carol, have become fast friends, also realizing they're siblings in the family of God (Elohim), citizens of God 's Kingdom – the real world. Members of different local bodies of believers, yet they also realize their oneness in Christ (Messiah). They recognize their sure foundation in Him is sounder than anything the other world has to offer. As their objective in this mortal time, they hold to the truth of God’s Word – the Bible. Which admonishes that everything said or done is to be done for God’s glory, quite ironic to the Olympic aspiration, "...for the glory of sport,” as reflected upon, as Jessi was sharing with Carol of one Sunday morning’s sermon by Pastor Jacobs, Jr.

A Realization of Two Worlds

Pastor Jacobs, Jr., continued, “…We now being in the middle of the baseball season, I’m going to examine this passage from the viewpoint of a sports enthusiast. We read here as breathed out by God’s Holy Spirit, ' a race, all the runners run.' And everyone who competes in the games goes into strict training,’” the pastor read, emphasizing the expressions race, runners run, and the games.

The pastor continues, “Now, I see the writer discussing here service in the King's business, urging those in God’s service, which include all believers, to 'run the race (that is the life of Christ-followers) in such a way as to get the prize.' They of the merely mortal realm strive to win a medal, which is all good, of course.

"Let’s see,” as he begins to list such awards in sports, “There’s the World Series crown, Super Bowl victory, or in college sports the National Championships to win, and then the desire for the Olympic gold; all of which are good and excellent. Such rewards, though all good and perfect, bring recognition only for this mortal time. On the other hand, we of God's Kingdom, strive to win a crown that will last forever."

Continuing, the pastor asks, “Do you recognize the two different worlds here? Look here with me in this passage for a moment. Do you see it? There’s the mortal and the immortal, the temporal and the eternal, one relative, the other, absolute. The things of God are perfect, the stuff of the mortal world, the unreal reality is relative – abstract. Hence, sports, of the physical realm, is relative, something that can be enjoyed, yes, but only in this mortal time.

“I, for one, enjoy a baseball game occasionally (Um-m, more than occasionally, I think, at times.) And, residing here in Mid-Central, I ‘hope’ for a Warriors World Series’ victory.

"But, friends, we must take care of this time not to be distracted from our real purpose for being here on planet Earth. Therefore, let us strive to live our lives absolutely, not relatively (or abstractly). In other words, set our minds on things above, not on earthly things. Let us strive to be of heavenly good here on planet Earth that God's Kingdom may reign in the hearts of people everywhere.

“Those outside the Kingdom cannot completely grasp the concept of the true reality without the indwelling of God's Holy Spirit to help them; they have only the ideals of the relative realm to guide their words, thoughts, and deeds. They can take care of what their physical eyes and ears can see and hear. And this is where we come in, as light-bearers and salt spreaders of the real Light…”

A Seed is Planted

“Well, this is where I get off, Jessi,” Carol said, approaching the nurse’s station where she works. “Thanks for lunch together and for sharing with me what your pastor has shared.”

“Thank you for listening,” Jessi responded. “And thanks, too, for sitting with me, and for your encouragement, and walking together back to our work areas.”

“Let’s do it again,” Carol suggested. “Maybe even make a weekly time together for lunch and mutual encouragement – sharing of our ‘surer foundation.’ Maybe others will want to join us.”

“Good idea,” Jessi said. “Perhaps it can become a “Sure Foundation Fellowship’.”

“Hey, I like that,” Carol said now at her station, Jessi, on her way to the Children’s Care Center.

A Destruction Continues to be Planned

That evil one aspiring a hateful glare hissed, not liking what he heard that was about to come forth. Suddenly, thumbing again swiftly through the pages of his destruction manual, he was desperate for ways to squelch such a happening aimed at spelling the doom of his master's purpose – the destruction of humanity in that place of eternal torment. He could not afford to let any more of that Light and salt gain entrance into and lives of those who were his because of the downfall of that pair in the Garden way back at the beginning of time.

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