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Clash of the Worlds: Chapter Seven


At Day's End

Jessi's day ends as it begins: fixing her thoughts on her Creator. As a shower cleanses her body, so reflecting upon God's Word cleanses her mind from the impurities she may have taken in through contact with that other world – the purely physical, indifferent to the lasting things of the eternal world.

Praying, seeking God's watchful care over her through the night, she then lays herself down to sleep, embracing pleasant dreams.

Upon Rising

Her songbird alarm clock sings, awakening Jessi to a new day. Lying in bed momentarily, she contemplates what she had dreamt through the night; what does it all mean, and the thought her mind embraced when awakened: even so, I am sending you?

She soon rises, refreshes herself, and dons her work attire. Dressed in her scrubs, she then sits at her desk. Her open Bible before her, a lamp illuminating the pages, she meets God. Musing over His Word, she enjoys her "mountaintop experience," as she calls it, there in her bedroom, penning in her journal as she hears from God (Elohim) – the Almighty Three-in-One Creator. She so continues for about an hour.

Sharing at Breakfast

Exiting her bedroom and descending the stair steps, the scent of sizzling bacon sends Jessi toward the kitchen. Upon entering the kitchen, she greets her mother, who is preparing the morning meal.

"Good morning, Mother," Jessi said.

"Good morning, Dear," her mother replied. "You have slept well, I see; your countenance is aglow."

"Oh, yes, Mother," returned Jessi, "I slept splendidly well, experiencing a most interesting dream. I’ll share it with you and Daddy this morning."

"I can't wait to hear all about it, your dad, too, I'm sure," her mother said.

"Oh, Mother," Jessi continued, now helping with breakfast, "I'm so looking forward to a good day at the hospital. How I continually praise God ever so much for this job, just the place I should be at this time; working in that Child Care Center brings me such great joy. I hardly consider it work."

"Did I hear somebody mention joy?" Jessi's dad asked, entering the kitchen.

"Daddy, good morning," Jessi said, embracing her dad.

"Good morning, Darling," D.L. returned, "And how's our 'little bundle of joy' this day?'"

"Oh, Daddy," Jessi remarked, "You've been calling me that ever since I can remember."

"Ever since you were born, honey," her dad continued. "I can still see it," he said, smiling, "you, embraced in your mother's arms in that hospital bed." Pausing briefly, he then added, "And Grammy standing right there. She took you in her arms and prayed for you – your illness. And now look at you – all grown up, and well, and a member of Mid-Central's workforce."

"Wow," Jessi chimed in, "Grammy knew me way back when I was born?"

"She sure did," Sarah added, chuckling. "Even when you were still inside me."

Placing the last bit of food on the table, and seating, Sarah then invites her daughter and husband to dine with her, "And now, won't you two join me for breakfast?" she said. "You guys gotta get off to work this morning, and I got my work here to tend to."

The three of them seated, the blessing spoken, they commenced dining. While enjoying breakfast together, Jessi shares her dream with her parents. "Like I'd told you, Mother," she begins, "it was a most interesting dream: the humble birth of a child, yet he was a king. Sad, though, he was rejected by those he came to serve. However, he promised that if they did accept him, he would make them heirs of his father's kingdom. But then," Jessi said, "his words spoken had seemed to come across to me so clear as if spoken directly to me. Ah," she continued with a chuckle, "I guess they were; it was my dream after all."

"And," D.L. asked, "They are?"

"Those words, ever so obvious, as I have read in the Bible," Jessi answered: 'As the Father has sent me, even so, I am sending you.' But what does it mean? I mean, it seems to be something especially for me."

"Honey," D.L. began answering his daughter. "Those are Jesus' words, as you well know, as you have read, and they are, as you have said, personally to you and us. And so, keep them ever before you as you go about your daily tasks at the hospital, as you sit at your desk each morning reading God's Word, and as you ride to and from work. You'll discover – day by day, moment by moment – through your days the impact of those words for you."

"Ooh, speaking of work, that must be Tricia," Jessi said, hearing the chime of the front doorbell, and observing the time, swallowing one more bit of bacon as well and a swallow of orange juice.

"Oh, she's riding with you on the Blueline today?" D.L. asked.


"Ah, good. And I guess I'd better get you two to the Square so you can catch it then. It's time for me to get to the store as well."

Clearing the table, Sarah then embraces her daughter, "Take care, Darling. See you this evening."

"Yes. Bye for now, Mother."

On to Work

Waving goodbye to Jessi's dad, Tricia and Jessi then boarded the train for the trip to downtown Mid-Central. Good friends and classmates through high school, the girls often ride together to their respective jobs, for each other’s company and safeguarding one another against any would-be schemes the evil one might intend for them. The days they journey with one another varied to vary the plans of any such sinister plot.

Pulling into the Blueline station downtown, the girls depart company for the day, yet kept in one another's prayers. Jessi then boards RTA's Redline to the hospital where she is employed, elsewhere in the metro area.

"Excuse me, pretty lady, may I sit here, don't seem to be any other seat left on this here train?" said one elderly man.

"Sure," Jessi responded, she also noticing the crowded train. Placing her handbag between them, she pulled out her Bible and began reading.

The words of the psalmist rang loud through Jessi's ears as she read: “I trust in You, O LORD, I say, ‘You are [God].' My times are in your hands.” Pausing contemplatively, the words from her dream also sounded forth in her mind. She then closed her Bible. Turning toward the man, she asked, "Sir, do you know Jesus?" Acknowledging his nod of uncertainty, she then shared with him her story.


("Ugh," that evil one aspiring a hateful glare, hearing it as well, scowled, covering his ears, he cried, "This can't go on.")

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© 2017 Charles O Newcombe

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