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Christopher Turner Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: Lucious

Monday. January 21, 2000.

“Lucifer! There stands an army out the city barrier.” A particularly unfit blob of a demon, known as Gluttony, storms the throne room of the Cathedral where a well-groomed demon, resembling a well-groomed man wearing a complete metallic armor. The demon sitting upon the throne’s name is Lucious, and his title is that of Lucifer, king of the Nether. In Lucious’ arms was the future of the Nether world, his direct descendent, his heir, his son, Christopher Turner.

Lucious looks up from his son, brushing his hair, and giving the intruding demon a cold stare that sends immediate chills down his back. “Who’s foolish enough to stand against me in my domain?”

Gluttony, whom of which is bent over, huffing and sweating. “The Dark Elementals. They’re here demanding you release this realm to their control. What do we do?” Lucious snaps his gauntleted fingers and a wisp of smoke arises next to him. In the place of the smoke stands a thin black figure. Lucious hands over Christopher to the inky figure.

“Take him to the observery and await my arrival.” The figure disappears in a similar fashion as it arrived, leaving Lucious and Gluttony alone. “Have my army been summoned?”

Gluttony, finally able to catch his breath, stands. “Yes, sir. They’re about a mile away from the city limits. “

Lucious pushes himself off his throne and makes his way down the long corridor towards the large metallic door. When he passes Gluttony he asks, “And my generals?”

“With the army, approaching the barrier. They’ve decided to wait for you before they act.” Lucious walks pass him completely, his armor forming a helmet over his head. The armor itself dulls in comparison to the veins of lava red lights resonating from crevaces carved intricately along its body. His eyes, though eyes naturally bright red, shone even fiercer and bloodshot than usual. He comes to the throne room’s door and places his hand on the opened side, and says to Gluttony, one of his six generals, “I hope you’re prepared for an all out war.”

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