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Christmas Flash

Mortdecai has always been somewhat of a subdued fella that has always had an interest in the unknown, always searching, never finding.

Flash? Hmpf... What a joke. Become a speedster? Nah, it'll probably never happen.

Hah! Never, eh?

So you say.

Lost his father, his Grandfather, his sister, and ever since been struggling to gain his feet. Always in a lab, or in books trying to find another purpose.

A lab can (and already accidentally-on-purpose has) caused many an accident, in hopes Mortdecai might create something no one's ever seen. Yet, to no avail.

Until the night the towns traditional yearly Christmas garden was to be switched on. Something notorious and ominous was a-brewing.

Devenick, the towns mad-man was on the loose again, this time more determined, and crazy, as ever. Everyone had thought he'd taken the last turn and decent into that dark spiral of madness.



Ironically, Mortdecai was in the garden at the time the huge explosion occurred, right near powerlines too, it so happens.

The rain and lightning was so intense it seemed as though there was a Godly presence in the air. The atmosphere was so thick, it smelled like brimstone from two miles away, and the air a strange tinge of red, with a swirl of green.

Mortdecai thought, well, what a perfect Christmas night!

Always been a skeptic at Christmas times, for clear reasons.

A spooky, storm-filled night almost like Halloween, on Christmas!? No better night than tonight.

Until THAT kaboom sent me flying several hundred metres away and high when that lunatic plugged everything in and almost killed us all!

Couldn't get any stupider if you tried, really. Or so we thought.

'He's breathing!' Someone exclaimed.

Ambulances, flashing lights, people everywhere, is the last thing I remember.

The most gorgeous man I'd ever seen in my life, right before my eyes, making sure I was okay. What the HELL just happened.

Two months later, I wake up in strange room with technology everywhere. And not the type you would usually find on Earth either.

Strange, weird, I dunno, things, weapons, gadgets, thingy-ma-bobs everywhere.

'Where am I?' I groan, barely making a sound.

Scrambling movement around me suddenly erupts.

'Whoa! Hey, hey, take it easy brave one.' Said a familiar voice.

'What happened? Where am I? Who, who are you?' Shocked to see the same face that night as that familiar voice came into focus.

'Hey, you were there that-' I started to say.

'Take it easy, too many questions, which shall be answered in due time. I'm Chase, by the way. Yes, I was there that night. I saw you get hit by lightning and get electrocuted as the power line erupted. You're one tough little bastard, aren't you?' Chase asked.

'Hnnng... tough, ey? Hmm... if only you knew me. Where am I? ' I ask.

'Your in our infermary. We had to take you here after the accident.' He starred to explain.

'Why 'had' to? What's the problem? Why am I not in a hospital?' Confused and anxious now, my heart starts to race.

'Relax...' he says.

Too late. The vibrating had already started, the machines started to dip and malfunction. Strange things indeed.

'Hey guys!' He yells.

'Somethings happening!'

Three more rush into the room.

Amazed, a woman almost screams in excitement and says: 'Oh wow!'

'Holy shit mate!' A man exclaims.

The other let's out a huge gasp.

Chase puts his one hand on mine and the other on my face and says: 'Look at me now handsome.'

Handsome!? What the hell now?

'I know you're scared and a bit different...'

A bit? A bit!? That's an understatement.

'Take it easy lad' one man says.


'Layla, the floors your's now.' Chase says.

'He's right, and you're a bit too hasty young one.'

'In short, you're a speedster, a rare one too. You got struck by the powerlines and lightning. That mad-man knew what he was doing indeed. That strange atmosphere was dark matter that, when introduced to the two different explosions of lightning and powerlines mixed and bonded together in your body on a cellular and molecular level.' She explained

'Oh great. Another guinea pig for an experiment. It looks like it succeeded too.' I said.

'Indeed yes it did.' Layla confirmed.

'Chase, I need some air and your coming with me'.

In a second, and with ease, I scoop him up and head out through the most complicated and sophisticated institution I'd ever seen.

Now in my second favourite spot in town that almost no one knows of.

A small river neatly tucked away, with beauty so breath-taking it feels as though you are on a different planet.

'Whoa! What a rush!' I exclaim.

Chase nods, then vomits.

'I'm sorry sex- I mean, Chase. I didn't think just now. You okay?'

'It's quite alright, just didn't think you would do that this soon.'

The next moment:




Trees start snapping.

'Oh hell... now we've done it...' Chase says with fear in his voice.

'Done what now exactly?' I ask.

'Leaving Base before knowing the ramifications of what happened that night.'

The sounds grow ever louder and louder.

'What the hell is going on sexy man?'

'In case I don't get the chance again, I just hope I don't overstep my bound either.'

The next moment he gives me the best world-spinning, stress-relieving, worry-melting kiss that makes me feel like we're the only two at that moment, and draws his weapon and takes his stance.

'To survive what's about to happen next, I suggest you get ready for the biggest fight you've ever seen, handsome.' Chase says.

'And Happy Christmas, for what it's worth.'

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