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Christmas Cottage Inn: Conclusion

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!


A Dismal State of Affairs ...

Jenny looks at Hugo. Fear is obviously showing on her face. She speaks, “Did you hear that scream. That sounds like Clay! I need to help him.”

“Are you completely mad? There is no helping that man of yours. Old Loup-garou got him, now!” Hugo informs Jenny.

“Loup-garou?” Jenny questions.

“That’s French for werewolf, ma’am. Your man is history.” Josh answers smiling.

“You don’t have to sound so cheerful about it!” Webster exclaims.

“And, why not? That was the same fate he and Viktoria had for our Jenny here. Apparently, something must have gone wrong.” Josh adds.

“You’re darn right something went wrong! After those two found out Miss Jenny here wasn’t in her room, that Viktoria sent Clay out looking for her. Conveniently, she fails to tell him about silver bullets.” Hugo reminds the group.

“There was no way that woman was going to let Clay kill her father. She loves that old man and was just probably using your husband, Miss Jenny.” Webster interjects.

“I thought they were lovers, Hugo!” Jenny cries.

“They may have been at one time—but after her father went to prison for that embezzlement scheme and then he got himself bitten by a wolf when he was in France ...” Hugo explains.

“There was an embezzlement scheme?” Jenny interrupts thinking back to how persuasive Clay was and how fast he maneuvered himself into her life.

“Yes ma’am, Miss Jenny.” Josh interrupts. “I must admit, you are a looker—so that made it a lot easier for him. Seeing that you could have any man you wanted, what made you settle for that scoundrel?”

“Josh—please!” Hugo admonishes.

“Just asking.” Josh replies sheepishly.

“Hey, that’s okay. My former fiancé had just died in an automobile accident and I was so depressed ...” Jenny states sadly.

“So he took advantage of your present state-of-mind and swooped down like the vulture he is—was!” Josh corrects himself.

“I know you all are right—but I can’t help feeling sorry for him. I did love him—I think!” Jenny begins to question her true feelings for Clay.

Jenny had been devastated ever since her beloved Marty died in a car accident one week before they were to be married. Her friends tried to discourage her from getting involved too soon after what had happened to Marty. Her grief was strong, but her need for someone else was stronger. And, Clay fit the bill.

Clay was handsome, ambitious and provided Jenny with just the balm she needed for her wounded heart.

“Jenny, ma’am are you listening?” Hugo states looking at her in bewilderment.

“Did you say something, Hugo? I’m sorry—this is all a bit too much for me to grasp at one time.” Jenny apologizes.

“No need to apologize, ma’am. I understand. What I was saying is that we had better wait until the morning to plan our strategy. Loup-garou has tasted blood and I don’t want anyone else getting hurt.” Hugo replies.

“Yeah, you’re right, Hugo. We need to get both Viktoria and her father. She deliberately setup Jenny’s husband.” Josh reminds the group.

“That woman is despicable!” Webster agrees in disgust.

“We all agree on that, now let’s get some rest.” Hugo states. And, giving Jenny the only bed—the three men find a blanket and a clear space on the floor.

The forest tells no lies ...

The forest tells no lies ...

No Turning Back ...

The next morning, Viktoria finds her father covered in blood lying on his back in bed. She notices something clutched in his hand. It’s Clay’s wristwatch. He never goes anywhere without that time piece. This verifies her suspicions, along with that scream she heard last night.

“Father, are you alright?” Viktoria inquires.

“Yes, I’m alright.” Hans Schröder replies then he looks down at his bloody hand where the watch is.

“So, our friend Clay Anderson finally receives his just rewards.” A slow smile covers Hans’ face.

“It would seem so. However, his rich wife still lives and that will mean that the authorities will be investigating.” Viktoria reminds her father.

“Well, a certain wolf can take care of her as well.” Hans states, being very sure of himself.

“Why don’t we just leave this Christmas Cottage Inn? You’ve gotten your revenge on Clay! I don’t think—” but before Viktoria can finish, her father slaps her.

“Quiet girl, we don’t want to leave any loose ends.” Hans states, then looks at his daughter in astonishment. “I’m so sorry, child.”

“Father, you are losing yourself more each full moon. I am afraid one day—” Viktoria looks at her father sadly.

“No, I would never do anything to harm you. All the same—you had better keep that gun near. I find myself becoming angrier all the time.” Hans says.

“We can try to get help for you. Maybe there is a doctor somewhere who can cure you?” Viktoria knows that her father is beyond any help that a doctor could provide.

“I’m tired, daughter. Let me get cleaned-up and then I’m going to get some rest. Lock yourself in your room at sunset and keep that gun and talisman with you at all times.” Hans replies heading for the bathroom.

Viktoria takes the bloody sheets off the bed and heads toward an empty iron barrel where she can burn them. Then she goes to find clean linen for her father’s bed.

He looked at Jenny, expecting her to be his next victim!

He looked at Jenny, expecting her to be his next victim!

To Kill A Werewolf ..

Back at the cabin, the men return for a breakfast of scrambled eggs, grits and coffee.

I found this food in the pantry. I figured that you’d be hungry after all that work.” Jenny replies.

“Yep, we dug a pretty deep pit and covered it well with branches and leaves. Are you sure you want to go along with this? We’re playing a pretty dangerous game?” Hugo asks Jenny already knowing the answer.

“Yes, I am. Even though Clay was less than perfect—he didn’t deserve to die like that.” Jenny says in surprise, regarding the amount of calmness she is displaying. She didn’t hate the man, only pitied him.

“You’re a very brave woman.” Josh says.

“Yes, you are, Jenny. This is risky business in spite of all the precautions we have taken. While the others are eating, I’ll take you to the area where we have anything setup. Don’t want you falling into the trap.” Hugo states.

“What about breakfast?” Jenny inquires.

Hugo turns back to the men seated at a makeshift table. “Don’t forget to leave me something, okay?”

The night that ends it ...

The night that ends it ...

Later That Night ...

With everything in place, the three men plus Jenny head to the spot where the trap is laid. The air was cool, and Jenny looks around, jumping at every sound she hears.

Grrrr …

“I think we are about to get some action!” Josh replies.

“Quiet, do you want to spoil everything?” Hugo admonishes.

Slowly walking into the clearing, the wolf looks at Jenny. It hesitates and begins to sniff the air. It was Josh’s idea that they be sure to hide down wind. He silently congratulates himself for the forethought.

Not picking up another scent, the wolf slowly proceeds, then stops again within a few feet of the pit. Not far behind walks Viktoria from out of the same area as her father.

“As long as I wear this talisman, he will never attack me in his present state. However, you my dear Jenny will be soon joining your beloved husband!” Viktoria states in disdain looking every bit as wild as her father.

“Get her!” Viktoria yells and her father charges to Jenny but falls head-first into the deep pit dug by the men.

“It’s a trap—well, I’ll just finish you off myself.” Viktoria moves around the pit and lunges at Jenny. However, Jenny is too quick for her and grabs the talisman, jerking it off the woman’s neck. Then the two wrestle and Jenny manages to push her aside.

“I’ll get you, you little tramp!” Again Viktoria lunges toward Jenny but this time losing her balance, she falls into the pit with her wounded father.

Screams, after screams escape from Viktoria’s throat as the wounded beast tears at her legs and arms. Then with a final thrust, he rips her throat open. By this time, the three men have left their hiding spot to witness the brutal onslaught.

Finally, Hugo raises the gun and shoots the beast twice, killing it and ending the terror forever!

“What should we do now?” Jenny asks.

“Just leave them both down there. They are not fit for a decent burial.” Hugo replies in disgust and all four agree.

The End

Therianthropy: The Unseen Evil

  • Therianthropy: The Unseen Evil
    Fear stalks in the form of an Ailuranthropy. Viktoria is determined to avenge herself because of an untimely death. Will the witch succeed or has the hand of Fate once again not turned in her favor?

© 2018 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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