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Christmas Cottage Inn 4

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Settling An Old Debt ...

It is almost one o’clock when Clay decides it is time to put his plan into action against Jenny.

“I guess I’ll go awaken Jenny for her last walk in the woods.” Clay smiles as he kisses Viktoria and rolls over in bed.

“Don’t you think that she will be suspicious about you spending so much time away from her and then decide to take a midnight walk.” Viktoria questions not believing that Clay has thought the entire plan through.

“Look, that woman is so mad for me that she will be hopping out of bed to go anywhere with me.” Clay brags.

“Well—go get her and get it over with. Father will be restless and the villagers know not to be out during a full moon.” Viktoria admonishes as she reaches for a robe.

Clay gives her another brief kiss and then heads toward his and Jenny’s room. After knocking several times with no answer, he enters the room to find the bed neatly made and no Jenny in sight.

“Damn, where could she have gone!” He questions looking around the room for signs of her whereabouts. He slowly turns dreading to inform Viktoria of the new developments.

He walks into the room and approaches Viktoria.

“She is not in the room.” Clay replies bracing himself for the worse.

“What?” Viktoria screams. “I thought you had complete control of the situation.

“I can’t imagine where she went.” Clay nervously moves his hands back and forth.

“Well, just search the kitchen. Perhaps Hugo is still here and they are downstairs having another cup of tea.” Viktoria offers ushering Clay toward the door.

“I’ll have a look.” Clay hurries out of the door mumbling to himself. “If she’s not here I am in a world of trouble.”

He rushes down the back stairs and enters the kitchen. He surveys the room to find two cups filled with cold tea and the ceramic pot still on the burner but no longer turned on. He also sees that his luggage is still in the kitchen while Jenny’s is obviously missing.

“Where on earth can she be?” He silently questions. “I know she may have been a little upset with me conversing with Viktoria but I was sure she’d quietly go to bed.”

Viktoria slowly walks toward him looking strangely odd.

“Well—where is she? I knew she was smarter than you gave her credit. Now, she’s gone, and father is already out on the moor.” Viktoria replies.

“What are we going to do?” Clay inquires, afraid of what Viktoria will perceptibly say.

“We are not going to do anything, but you are going out to find her. If she has any idea of what we have planned—then you have to make sure she is disposed of.” Viktoria firmly states.

There is no escaping the werewolf!

There is no escaping the werewolf!

“I am not going out there looking for her, are you crazy?” Clay becomes uneasy, feeling that Jenny wasn’t the only one who was played the fool.

“Oh, you will go out there to find Jenny and you will make sure she is taken care of.” Viktoria commands looking menacingly at Clay.

“And what if I refuse?” Clay asks trying to sound braver than he actually felt.

“Then I will go to the authorities about that little incident you were a party to three years ago.” Viktoria threatens.

“You wouldn’t dare, Viktoria. You were as much a part of that scheme as I was.” Clay says.

“But there is no proof of that fact. However, you were clearly identified by that woman. And, father never forgave you for letting him take the fall!” Viktoria reminds Clay.

“Alright, but I’m taking a gun with me.” Clay informs her going back to his room to retrieve his small derringer. Viktoria doesn’t try to stop him because she knows that unless his gun contains silver bullets, it will be of little consequence. This information she fails to make Clay aware of.

Feeling secure with the small revolver, Clay leaves by way of the back door and tries to ascertain where his wife would have gone. Looking on the ground, he finds her blue silk scarf and smiles to himself, thinking he will soon determine her location.

“Well, my dear wife—I will find you and soon there will be an unfortunate accident.” Clay softly chuckles to himself.

Soon, he hears a low growl and there seems to be a crackling noise in the bushes. Panic courses through his veins as Clay realizes that he may not be alone. He begins to quicken his steps but it seems as if something is steadily closing the gap between him and the clearing just 25 feet ahead.

Grrrr ...

The sound appears louder now. Clay dares not turn around but curiosity gets the better of him and he does. He finds himself face-to-face with the largest wolf he has ever seen.

“Keep away from me, I have a gun!” Clay shouts.

Grrrr ...

The creature stares at Clay and then looks at the small gun glinting in the moonlight. It moves closer, much closer to Clay and before a shot can be fired the wolf leaps on him. A final blood-curdling cry escape from the throat of the man—then all is silent. The wolf has claimed yet another victim.

To Be Continued ...

Christmas Cottage Inn: Conclusion

  • Christmas Cottage Inn: Conclusion
    With Clay dead, Viktoria plots to end another chapter in this sorted adventure by taking the life of Jenny. Her aim is to hook-up loose ends and leave the Christmas Cottage Inn with her father. However, the best laid plans can often go awry!

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Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS (author) from Memphis on December 03, 2018:

Saga's over and I can relax now! We'll see what mysteries the New Year will bring … if any!

Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS (author) from Memphis on December 01, 2018:

Sometimes, it can take only a moment to realize you've made a grave mistake! But by then it is much to late!

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