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Christmas Cottage Inn 3

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!


Making a Hasty Exit ...

It is nearing midnight when Webster, Hugo and Jenny reach a clearing. Successfully, they have made it to the highway! Jenny can hear the faint shrills of a howling wolf. This not only produces shivers in her but in the others as well. Darkness has now engulfed the forest behind them creating an eerie calm.

Moments later, a pair of ominous headlights are approaching steadily from the South. Like frighten deer, the trio retreats back into the woods, sheltering themselves behind a tree. However, as the vehicle passes Hugo recognizes it!

“It’s Josh; he must be looking for us.” Hugo says.

“Good old Josh to the rescue.” Webster smiles. “Why did he change the signal?”

“Josh … Josh who the heck is Josh?” An extremely agitated Jenny inquires looking from Hugo to Webster.

“Just relax for a moment.” Hugo states understanding the amount of stress Jenny must be experiencing. “On your trip to the Cottage, you and your husband met him. He is the proprietor of The General Store … that old wooden two-story building.”

“Oh … the old character that tried to warn us about the Christmas Cottage Inn.” Jenny recollects.

“Yep … he would be the one.” Hugo smiles.

Darkness rapidly approaching … who knows what is out there?

Darkness rapidly approaching … who knows what is out there?

What Was That ...

Meanwhile, Josh happens to look into his rear-view mirror.

“Now, I know Hugo told me to meet him around here somewhere; I think I need to backtrack. It’s dark out here and Missy Jenny is probably scared out of her mind, poor girl.” Josh sympathizes, attempting to turn his car around on the deserted road.

Bump ...

The muffled sound is as if Josh has hit something or something has hit his car. Still, caution tells the old man he had better just keep going and not turn back to see what’s happen.

“I ain’t crazy.” Josh mumbles to himself as he makes the wide U turn to retrace his journey.

Bump ...

It happens again as he completes his turn. With the quick wit of a younger man, Josh guns the motor and with tires screeching he heads back for his store. Hugo sees Josh’s old Dodge Valiant just in time and jumps out of the way as Josh slams on the breaks.

“Tar-nations! What the …” Hugo starts as Josh rolls the window down.

“Don’t say another word, just get into this vehicle. I don’t know what’s going on back there, but it almost shook old “Daisy” here. And Daisy is a pretty heavy car.” Josh laments as he unlocks the doors.

Grrrr ...

The sound of distant growling can be heard as the trio gets into the car. Josh throws the vehicle into gear and careens down the road in the direction of his General Store. No one says a word as they wonder what the heck is going on now!

“Do you think it’s safe to go back to the store. They will definitely look for us there first.” Hugo begins.

“I think you’re right!” Josh says, “But don’t worry, I know of a little place just north of my General Store.”

“You’ve got a plan don’t you, you sly old fox?” Webster replies finally able to smile.

Josh smiles back as he heads with lighting speed into the distance.

“Don't stop now Josh, burn rubber!” Hugo grins, “Let’s get out of here!”

Reckoning With Evil …

Josh nods in agreement and heads toward a cabin he once used during the days of prohibition. It is secluded and not known by any of the locals.

“I’ve never seen this place before, Josh.” Hugo interjects.

“I’m not surprised! In my younger days, I used to do a lot of ridge-running and this little place was like a second home to me. The revenue agents could never find my hideout and I did a right smart amount of business.” Josh replies reminiscing about the past.

“Then I met Emily and my moonshining days were over. We started that little General Store and it keeps us busy. I’m glad she’s visiting her sister up North. That will make it easier for us to plan our strategy.” Josh explains.

After driving about 3 miles into the back-country, Josh pulls up to a small abandoned cabin. When everyone leaves the car, he opens the door to reveal a well-stocked arsenal.

“You have a lot of equipment here, Josh.” Webster says admiring the bear traps.

“Do you think they will do the job?” Jenny inquires.

“It will keep the beast from escaping until we get these into his sorry carcass.” Josh relays holding up two silver bullets.

“Are those silver bullets?” Jenny queries.

“How else would you kill a werewolf?” Webster questions.

“Oh—he’s a werewolf.” Jenny says looking from Hugo to Josh to Webster.

“Yes, a werewolf!” The three men explains in unison.

“OMG, you mean to tell me that Viktoria is a ... a werewolf?” Jenny asks in total astonishment.

“No, she’s not—just her father. She is protected by a talisman that she wears continuously around her neck. If I could get that blasted thing away from her—that maniac would rip her to shreds.” Hugo replies.

“Well, you can forget about that.” Webster interjects. “Ain’t no way you could possibly get that thing from her except to kill her.”

“Yeah, Hugo ... what are you thinking? I know you don’t like the dame but that’s going a bit too far. Plus, you’d be putting yourself in danger.” Josh says reprimanding his close friend.

“I was just saying …” Hugo grumbles inwardly happy that his friends corrected his folly.

“Yeah—now we need to devise a plan that will draw that creature out without getting any of us killed.” Webster says.

“What about Clay?” Jenny inquires. She’s hurt to discover his deception, but she doesn’t want revenge.

“I’m sorry little lady but once they discover that you’ve flown the coop; your husband becomes mighty expendable.” Hugo says shaking his head sardonically.

“Right—now let’s get to work.” Josh says looking around the room for just the equipment he needs.

To Be Continued …

Christmas Cottage Inn 4

  • Christmas Cottage Inn 4
    Foolishly Clay listens to Viktoria and ventures out into the woods armed with only a small revolver. A revolver that only contains regular bullets!

© 2018 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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