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Christmas Cottage Inn

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!


Something’s Not Quite Right ...

It is dusk when Jenny and Clay finally pull into the Christmas Cottage Inn parking lot. The place looks deserted except for a lone jeep parked at the end of the driveway. It would seem that the brochure describing this inn is probably at least 20 years old. A lot can happen to a place during that time period and the inn is no exception. It seems as if time has taken a hard toll.

“Are you sure this is where you want to spend our vacation?” Jenny asks Clay nervously.

“Of course, Jenny. I will admit that it looks a little run-down compared to the brochure, but I was assured that it has great accommodations.” Clay replies cheerfully.

“By whom—definitely not the old gentleman in town.” Jenny distinctly remembers what the cautious old man states.

“I wouldn’t go near that Christmas Cottage Inn. There’s strange goings on at that place. You mark my words and steer clear, ya hear?” Josh admonishes.

“Pay no attention to that old coot. He was probably off on his meds.” Clay replies trying to hide his obvious apprehension.

“Okay, Clay—if you say so but I just get the feeling—” But before Jenny can finish the sentence Clay interrupts.

“Never mind, Jenny. Let’s get inside. I don’t like the looks of those clouds. Hmm, looks like there’s a full moon on the rise.” Clay says thinking back on a conversation he overhears between two of his coworkers, Kevin and Eddie.

“I heard that Clay is taking that pretty, rich wife of his to the Christmas Cottage Inn. What do you know about that place?” Inquires Eddie.

“The Christmas Cottage Inn is a fairly decent place. A bit on the rundown side, but the food is outstanding and there’s that desk clerk Viktoria. She’s definitely a looker and I hear that Clay used to have a thing for her.”

“Really, do you think that’s why he’s going there? He already has a beauty in that Jenny Albright.” Eddie interjects.

“I don’t know. I’d take a rich looker over a poor one any day! Besides, I wouldn’t journey outside after dark at that inn. Especially if there is a full moon.” Kevin says.

“What about the full moon?” Eddie wants to know.

“They say evil lurks there. Just the same, he just better stay inside.” Is all Kevin would answer.

Slowly as Jenny enters the inn, she is greeted by a sultry woman dressed in all black. After Clay has retrieved the small cases from the trunk of the car, he enters the inn to be received by a welcoming smile from the desk clerk.

A woman not afraid to take what she wants!

A woman not afraid to take what she wants!

Growing Suspicions …

Viktoria is very seductive. Her appearance is tall, slender, and you could tell that she is accustomed to having her way with any man she desires! At the moment, her attention is focused on Clay—Jenny’s Clay. That much is obvious … but what is puzzling Jenny is the strange way the woman is looking at him. It reminds her of how a dog looks when it’s hungry. Also, why did everything seem like something out of an eerie dream!

“Welcome to the Christmas Cottage Inn. I am your hostess, Viktoria Andras and this is Hugo Molnár the handyman.” Viktoria replies as if she has just met Clay, never taking her eyes off him.

“Would you like me to fix you a cup of hot spiced tea ma’am?” Hugo the lumbering giant asks Jenny wanting to get her away from the scene and talk to her.

“Yes, Jenny why don’t you go along with Hugo while I have a brief conversation with Viktoria?” Clay flings at Jenny never taking his eyes off the lovely Viktoria.

“But Clay, I …” Jenny’s words like concrete stuck in her throat. The look on the faces of both Viktoria and Clay could stop an Amtrak.

“Ok, Clay dear … please join me as soon as you can.” Jenny stammers following Hugo into the kitchen.

“Just let me start the water. Then I’ll get your bags tucked away.’” Hugo says managing a knowing smile. He wonders how a nice lady like Jenny could be mixed up with the likes of Clay.

“Well, it may not be none of my business, but I got to do something” He silently tells himself as he temporarily drops the baggage on the cold concrete kitchen floor.

To Be Continued …

Christmas Cottage Inn 2

  • Christmas Cottage Inn 2
    Deception leads to more deception. The stakes are high against Jenny but with the help of Hugo and Webster, the odds are about to even-up!

© 2018 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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