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Chocolate Valentine Teddy Bear, Chapter 3

Dexter the lost Teddy Bear

Dexter the lost Teddy Bear

What's Wrong Pumpkin

"The office that is all you study these days. I often wonder if the kids even know they have a father, since you are never here," rudely said Lisa.

Lisa yelled out for Alisha to come down and eat her supper. Ten minutes later, Alisha came into the kitchen with her head down low. She ran over to Carl and threw her arms around his shoulders.

"What's the matter with my little Pumpkin," Carl asked, as he patted and rubbed Alisha on the back, to comfort her.

"I can't find Dexter anywhere," sadly, she said.

"I'm sure; he's around here somewhere. You're just not looking in the right place. I tell you what, if it's not too late when I get home, I'll help you look for him."

"Why can't you help me find him now?"

"Because I've got to get back to the office. I've got an important paper; I must finish. Now hop up here on the chair and eat the supper that your mother has cooked for you."

Carl grabbed up his coat and briefcase, then headed out the door. He had been spending, long days and nights at the office. It had been months since Carl had gotten home at a decent hour. No matter how much Lisa begged him to spend more time at home, Carl always had an excuse, of why he had to be at the office, so much.

Alisha sat at the table, trying to eat her supper, but she didn't want any. Dexter was supposed to be seated at the dinner table with her. Now she had to eat all alone and wasn't even hungry. While playing with her food, Alisha tried to think of where he might be. The more she thought, the more she became upset. Tears began rolling down her cheeks as she thought of her long, lost friend. He had never been missing this long. To her, it seemed like he had been missing for weeks.

She quietly got up from the table and crept back to her room. She wanted to look in Jake's room, thinking he might have taken him. Going into his place would be extremely hard, though, he hardly ever came out of it. Not knowing where to begin to look; it was like a pig-pen. There were always dirty clothes tossed everywhere. However, this was her chance since he wasn’t home.

Looking around her room once more, she decided to make up her bed. She grabbed the fitted sheet and tugged at the corners, trying to get it back on was hopeless. She finally gave up on getting it to fix right and grabbed up the top sheet and threw it across the bed. Next, she grabbed her cotton blanket and threw it upon the bed. It didn't look that great, but once again, it was only partially made up. Lastly, she grabbed up her pillows and tossed them upon the bed, one by one.

Once she got her bed made up, she laid back upon her pillows. She stared up at the ceiling, at the little glowing stars, her daddy had pinned up. She thought back when she and Dexter would lay back and watched them glow all night. Everywhere she looked in her room, was a reminder of Dexter. Snuggling up into her pillow, she eventually dozed off.

Later that night, Lisa came looking for Alisha. She found her curled up on top of her bed. Taking a blanket out of the closet, Lisa laid it across Alisha. Turning the light off, she crept out of the room, closing the door behind her.

Day 3 of the Search for Dexter

The next morning, everything was still in chaos, as always. Alisha was still searching the house for Dexter. Not wanting to go to school, she didn't think she could go another day without him. In her nightclothes, she wondered off downstairs to the kitchen. Lisa had already made breakfast and had it laid out for everyone. Carl, as usual, was sitting at the kitchen table, reading the newspaper. He looked over the top of the paper to see; Alisha had entered the room.

"Ah! How did my Pumpkin sleep last night," he asked her?

"I didn't sleep well at all. I still can't find Dexter. Where is Dexter daddy? I've looked everywhere," she asked, as she tried crawling up on his lap, for moral support.

Alisha put her arms around him, hoping it made her feel better. He tried folding up the newspaper to lay on the table. No matter how tight she hugged him, Dexter wasn’t there. She wanted both her parents to stay home that day and find her lost teddy bear. She laid her head down on his shoulder as she hugged him around his neck tightly.

"You still haven't found Dexter anywhere? He sure did find a good hiding place, this time," he said.

"I've looked everywhere, daddy. He's not here. You don't even care that he's gone," she sadly responded.

"I am very concern where Dexter has wandered off to, just as much as you are pumpkin," he said, as he was trying to sound all concern and caring.

About that time, Lisa came into the kitchen. She saw Alisha sitting up on her father's lap, still in her nightclothes.

"Alisha! Why are you still in your nightclothes? We have got to be leaving very soon, and you aren't even trying to get ready," rudely scolded Lisa.

"Now dear, she's just all upset about losing Dexter. I'm sure missing one day of school won't hurt anything, so she can find him," butted in Carl.

"She cannot miss any school, to find a missing teddy bear. She should learn to keep up with her things more carefully," responded Lisa madly that he wasn't on her side.

Alisha just looked up sadly and hugged on her daddy even more. She didn't want to go to school, one single bit. Another day without Dexter would be devastating.

"Please let me stay home and find Dexter! Please," she begged her mom.

"Nope, I'm sorry. Now get ready for school. You can look for Dexter when you get home this afternoon," she told her.

"But daddy," she begged, trying to get him to take up for her.

"I'm sorry. You heard your mom. Get ready for school. I'll be home tomorrow. If you haven't found him by then, I'll help you look for him. Now run along, as your mom told you," he explained, as he helped her get down, out of his lap.

Alisha stormed off to her room to get ready for school. She couldn't believe that her daddy couldn't save her. How could he let her down like that? She went into her room, throwing all her clothes on the floor until she found the outfit she wanted to wear. When she got her clothes on, she then grabbed up her hairbrush and brushed out her hair. While coming out of the bathroom, she ran into Jake out in the hallway.

He pushed her up against the hall wall and told her, "Get out of my way, squirt."

"I'm telling dad you pushed me, you oversized, half-wit!"

"Go ahead; little Miss daddy's girl."

"You're just jealous, that's all," as she ran downstairs to her father's arms.

As she arrived at the kitchen, she was expected to find her father still sitting in the chair, drinking his coffee. Sadly, he had already left.

"Where's my daddy at," Alisha asked rudely.

"He's already gone to work," Lisa explained.

"He always leaves after we do. Why did he leave so early? I wasn't done telling him something," she said upsettingly.

"Is your brother ready yet? We need to be going. Will you get him please," asked Lisa.

"Fine! I don't know why I always have to get him. He knows what time we leave," as she stomped back up the stairs to get her brother.

She went to his door and banged on it several times.

"Stop beating on my door," yelled Jake as he opened the door and pushed her out the way again.

"You are so rude; I hate you," she said, as she tried to catch up with him so she could push him down the stairs.

"Haha! You can't get me," as he slides down the stairway railing.

Out the door, they all went. When the kids reached the car, Jake went straight to the front seat. Alisha tried to beat him, but she was too late. He had already got in.

"Fine, you can sit the front seat. I don't care," as Alisha got into the backseat

"Will you two, please try to get along. Please, for just one morning. Is that too much to ask for," asked Lisa while she was buckling up her seatbelt.

The two kids argued back and forth to school. Lisa just rubbed her forehead, trying to make her nagging headache go away. She knew to get onto them, would only be a waste of time. They never paid her any mind when their father wasn't around. By the time she had dropped both kids off, her head was feeling like it was going to explode from the throbbing.

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