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Chocolate Valentine Teddy Bear, Chapter 2

This is Dexter, my muse

This is Dexter, my muse

A Horrible Day At School

Sauntering into school, Alisha went and stood by her locker. While staring off into her locker, her friend Emily snuck up behind her.

"Why are you staring so hard into your locker?" asked Emily as Alisha jumped from been startled.

"You scared the crap out of me," said Alisha.

"I'm sorry," replied Emily. "However, I am curious to know what's so amazing in your locker, though."

"It's nothing," sadly responded Alisha with a frown on her face.

"What's up with you? You act like you lost your best friend, and here I stand, so we both know that's not true," laughingly said, Emily.

Alisha just looked at her with a mean look on her face, turned around, and headed towards her first-period class. Emily chased after her, wondering what she had done.

As they reached the classroom, Alisha turned to Emily and said, "I don't want to talk about it right now. I've got a lot on my mind," then Alisha walked over to her seat.

After class, Emily ran into Molly in the hallway and asked, "Hey, chic, what's up with you today?"

"Not much, just thinking about this crazy thing my mom wants me to go to this afternoon," replied Molly.

"What does she want you to do?" asked Emily.

"She wants me to go with my grandmother to this crazy dinner thing."


"It's not cool. Have you seen my grandmother's friends? Then they will want me to sing. I don't feel like singing."

"What you going to sing?"

"Really? I don't know whatever my grandmother tells me to."

"I am sure you will have fun with that."

"Can I just come to your house instead?"

"I don't know; I will have to ask my mom. Do you know what's up with Alisha today? She is acting all weird. I don't know what side of the bed she got upon, but she needs to adjust her attitude," curiously asked Emily.

"I don't know. I haven't seen Alisha today. What is she doing," asked Molly?

"She is just acting all weird. Like she done lost her best friend or something," sniggered Emily.

"She’ll be alright. I am sure she is just having a bad day," said Molly, as she headed on to her classroom.

Walking into her classroom, Emily didn't know what had paraded down on Alisha's parade. Emily was going to say nothing to her until Alisha changed her peculiar attitude. Emily wasn't going to let Alisha’s attitude ruin her day.

Alisha sat in her seat and trying to remember where she had last seen Dexter. No matter how hard she thought, she couldn't remember where she had laid Dexter down. The last thing Alisha could remember was getting done with her bath, watching television, and getting ready for school.

"He's got to be somewhere around my bed," she thought to herself.

Alisha wasn't going to be happy until she could go home and find Dexter.

All during class, Emily just kept looking over at Alisha, wondering to herself, "What is she thinking about?"

As the day passed, Emily kept her distance from Alisha. She was curious about what was wrong with her. It wasn’t like her to act this way. All-day long, they went their separate ways. They didn't even tell each other bye. Emily tried to figure out what she had said or done, but she couldn't think of anything. So she just let it go for now.

Tossing Everything In Site

As the last bell rang, Alisha scampered on out the door. She was eager to get home to find Dexter. When she got outside, Lisa wasn’t there to pick her up. Alisha sat down on the curve and waited on her mom’s arrival.

Twenty minutes later, Lisa finally showed up.

"Where have you been," scolded Alisha, as she got into the car.

"I got stuck in the checkout line at the supermarket. Then just as I was leaving out the door, I ran into Delaine, and you know how she can talk. She was talking about the bear drive. Thank God, I had done dropped ours off, or she would've made me out to be some villain. You wanted to eat supper, didn't you? What's your hurry" asked Lisa?

"Yes, I want some supper, but I've got to find Dexter. The last place I can remember having him was in bed with me last night."

When they arrived back at the house, Alisha jumped out of the car and headed straight to the door.

"Excuse me, could you help me get some of these bags. I do still have the keys, so you can't get in, until I have reached the door," blurted out Lisa.

Alisha ran back to the car, to help unload the groceries. On the way to the front door, Alisha tripped over a stepping stone and spilled her bags on the ground.

"I'm sorry," Alisha said, as she picked up the spilled groceries, off the ground.

She grabbed the last dropped item up and ran into the house. She hurried off into the kitchen with the bags and set them on the floor.

"Thank you," Lisa said, as Alisha ran off to her room.

Alisha went straight to her bedroom and started throwing all the covers off her bed. Next, she threw all the sheets around, making sure Dexter wasn't somewhere hiding within the blankets. Then, she threw the pillows on the floor. He wasn't under them either.

Once again, Alisha looked under her bed. She couldn't see very well under there, due to it being dark. Off to the kitchen, she went to get a flashlight, Alisha also decided to grab a juice box from the refrigerator and ran back up to her room.

Sitting the flashlight down on the dresser, she pulled the straw off the side of the juice box and poked it down inside the box. After drinking it, Alisha grabbed the flashlight, got down on her hands and knees, and shined the flashlight under her bed. Alisha couldn't see Dexter, so she just started pulling everything out. She found all sorts of stuff under the bed, but no Dexter.

She looked around her room and saw what a mess she had made. However, she wasn't worried about cleaning it up at the moment. Determining to find Dexter, she went over to her closet and opened the door. When she opened the door, there were all kinds of stuff; she had just thrown on the closet floor. She couldn't see how Dexter would have gotten under any of that stuff, but she began pulling everything out of the closet.

Meanwhile, down in the kitchen, Lisa was finishing up supper. Carl had made it in from work and was sitting at the table, talking to Lisa.

"I have to go back to work to finish up some paperwork," said Carl.

"You spend more time at work than you do at home," responded Lisa furiously.

She was expecting them to sit down together and enjoy the meal she had prepared.

"If I don't get this paper done, that could be my job," Carl said as he put two plates on the table.

"Why are you just putting two plates on the table? There are three of us here," she said.

"I can't stay. I just came home to clean up. I'll grab me something on the way back to the office."

© 2019 KathyWheelerJouini

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