Chapter Five - The Church: Origin

Updated on November 29, 2017
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Chapter 5: The Church

The sound of water running down a stream faintly reaches his ears as he struggles to open his eyes; barely managing to do so.
"I am still alive!!" this revelation brings with it sorrow that finds its way to the core of his very soul. All through his torment he had hoped that the merciful hands of death would have him. This did not come to pass.
As he lays there, on a shallow, muddy ground that would easily have been his grave had the men pulled enough courage to finish the job, he notices with one of his now half shut eyes a colony of ants going back and forth carrying leaves and insect parts in the process. The very details of the precious night were still fresh in his mind; but in the present moment they bothered him none. He is more disappointed that he is still alive after 26 years of a shitty life. They should have finished him off; they did him a great injustice of not finishing off, of not allowing him eternal peace as one of the departed.

Time passes and his interest in the colony wears off. However, as much as he tries, he is unable to bring himself to accept the reality that stares him in face; that he has to get back to "living". Back to functioning as every other damned soul in the city: For many that would be normal, but not for Jacob. For Jacob this simply means continuing to exist with no particular purpose or interest in anything. That is what he has to go back to; to being a functioning mechanical human person.

Late in the afternoon and he finally accepts his fate. He attempts to lift his head, almost half of which had by now sunken in the muddy ground, but this is accompanied by the mother of all throbbing headaches. The pain, which immediately streams down his spine all the way to his left ankle, finally reveals the extent of damage his body endured in the hands of those bastards. Patches of partly dried blood on one side of his head, his dark turtleneck shirt and torn trousers also give a proper account of the events that transpired even after he blacked-out from the beatings "Those damned bastards!! Why didn't they just end it all!?"

He tries to stand, but comes to the realization that this is an impossible task - The broken leg will not allow it; he has to drag himself across the mud and dirt and hopefully find someone to help him. Once this consensus was made between his brain and body, he pulls up his trousers and gets to it.

Crawling and dragging from the water stream up a gentle slope prove a daunting task further aggravated by the presence of tiny rocks and stones across the area. Despite all these, he understands that he cannot spend the night out here. The cold and possibly rain, if not more pain will certainly aggravate his current situation.

Stand again


Having mastered enough strength, he finally makes it to the top to find a priest sited on a small bench outside a Church a few yards away. The gentle wind that would otherwise have been appreciated for bringing about fresh air was now unbearable to Jacob as it seemed to be repeatedly pushing the cold weather into his very body. Shivering, which now boarded convulsions on top of the physical exhaustion that greatly weighed down upon him makes it difficult for him to call out to the man of the cloth for help.

With his hands, he attempts to lift himself up in order to gain enough height and catch the attention of the priest. Luckily, this works to his favor as the Priest throws away a cigarette that he had been smoking up to this point and comes to the rescue.

As Jacob tries his best to remain conscious, he can feel something warm being wrapped around him as the priest calls out for someone from the Church to come and help him. The Priest tries his best to say something comforting and reassuring, but this act of kindness, for Jacob was a miracle; perhaps God's way of showing him that he still game a darn.

As the Priest continues comforting our protagonist, bits of the dream suddenly flood his mind, but immediately disappear as two other men quickly rush to the scene to help the Priest carry him into the Church...

Chapter 6: Starting over, Again

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