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Chapter 4: Tangoed

She is excited to express through writing the many areas in life that we tend to overlook. This time, on romantic realism.


Previously in the story

This is a story about Kristina and Simeon awaiting to be told. They met; they texted. Would they have a chance to make it? Check out Chapters 1-3 before you scroll any further!

Chapter 1: Oh Brooklyn, How Sweet It Is!

Chapter 2: Of Girlfriends, Dresses, and You.

Chapter 3: Make or Break

Chapter 4: Tangoed

Kristina sank down on her beanbag back in her apartment. She closed her eyes for a minute and tried to reminisce the moments shared with Simeon at the party. There was an unexplainable affection toward Simeon. It was not about pride nor self-seeking, but a somewhat profound connection. Hence, the make or break decision came about. Since she had decided to make it, she would have to be prepared to lose it as well. After all, he was already seeing someone. Kristina had to then stop her mind from wandering further; not off the deep end after a fun night out. So, she texted the AMJ to let them know that she was home safe and dragged herself up with her last bit of energy to take a shower. The AMJ were all home as well. She would definitely love to hear more from them about Simeon but just not at the moment with her energy bar registering at a new low. After her shower, Kristina noticed the push notifications on her phone.

Simeon: Are your friends home yet?

Simeon: Anyway, thanks for inviting :)

Simeon: I had fun.

Those texts would warrant a good night’s sleep. Before she dozed off, she texted back, Yes, they got home safe! Am glad you had fun :)


With her bedside clock ticking at 11:45 a.m., Kristina woke up with a jolt as she thought she might have something scheduled for today. After checking her phone calendar just to be sure, she felt a sense of relief. It was a great Saturday with nothing lined up. She closed her eyes again to see if she could snooze for a while more. A few seconds later, her phone vibrated for a text received. It was Sue J.

Sue J: Hey u up? Wanna have brunch at Supper? Just got some info in from the designer in HK. We can discuss about that. And about Simeon as well of course. Mostly just about him though. Hahaha. Let me know! Sue J. knew Kristina well enough to know exactly the time to ask her out for brunch. Sometimes a work brunch.

Supper was the usual hang out place for Kristina and Sue J. Disguised under a black awning in East Village, they served brunch food that would warm up one’s body and soul, even a simple omelette would do the trick. Hearing brunch at Supper, Kristina texted back just as Sue J. had expected, Yesss sure. See u at ard 1pm.

About an hour later, Kristina arrived at Supper with a white t-shirt paired with skinny jeans, topping it off with a pair of oversized shades. The Sun was a tad too bright in the city. Sue J. was already there, seated inside near the entrance. They exchanged hugs.

“So, I have this new blood designer in Hong Kong who has just sent over some of his designs yesterday, and…nahh let’s get to the point first, how was last night??” Sue J. just made up her mind to wanting to hear about Simeon first.

“Well, I gave him a kiss on the cheek when he dropped me home last night.” Kristina answered while trying to stay composed.

“No you didn’t! Did he say anything then?” Sue J. continued asking.

“Nope. I got off his car so quickly after and I didn’t let him. But his gaze, I don't think so I can ever forget.” Kristina said while covering her face with her hands.

“Well, he sounded cool and all. But I have say this, you have to guard your heart.” Sue J. paused for a moment before she continued again while trying not to laugh. “Yup, I know. It sounds a bit too cheesy on a good day like this.”

Kristina helped her out by bursting into laughter first. Then, they both laughed together. “I know, I know. He’s taken and I should not think too much about it. I’d really like to hang out with him again though but I won’t force it.”

“Alright girl. You know yourself.” Sue J. responded. “Okay, back to business then. So will you be free to travel to Hong Kong next month to meet up with this designer? My family and I had something planned so I’ll be a bit tied up. I really like his fearless designs and the materials that he uses. If you think he’s ok too, we could have a draft agreement ready before your trip.”

“Sure thing. You know I never get tired of Hong Kong.” Kristina said while browsing through some of his designs on Sue J.’s tablet. “Ooo, these are good.” She added. Then, she quickly checked through her calendar. “And…looks like I’m pretty much available next month.”

“Sweet! I’ll send over his designs to you and we can discuss further on Monday.” Sue J. said. Their food had arrived just in time. “Let’s dig in! I’m starving. Are you?”

“Yeah, you kidding? Ahh…my wild mushroom pavese looks tasty as ever. Let’s!” Kristina said.

After a hearty meal and more conversations over coffee that lasted for about two hours, they decided to make a move. They were always appreciative towards the staffs for trying to make them feel at home. The little things in this city.

“So, what you gonna do now?” Sue J. asked.

“Hmm...not sure. Laundry probably and clean up my apartment.” Kristina said with a lazy yawn.

“You wanna take a walk with me to Trader Joe’s for some groceries?” Sue J. suggested.

“Okay, why not! Groceries, laundry, and cleaning then.” Kristina held onto Sue J.’s arms and off they went to Trader Joe’s.

Back in her apartment, Kristina unpacked and stored her groceries accordingly. She did not have a usual cooking routine like Sue J. but she would love to prepare some simple meals at home or to bring to work whenever she could. They usually would not deviate far from hummus and bread, avocados, pasta, eggs, oranges, and oatmeal. These were her basic groceries. After laundry and some tidying up of her apartment, Kristina managed to decide on a movie to watch on Netflix, which was ‘Begin Again’. Half way through, she started to feel restless. She had allowed Simeon to run through her mind again. She picked up her phone to check if he was online but she definitely would not want to text first. So, she put her phone away again. With about 20 minutes left of the movie, her phone sounded for some WhatsApp messages. Kristina casually picked it up to check. As soon as she saw the texts on her home screen, she could not contain her happiness.

It was showing:

Simeon: Hey

Simeon: How are you?

She managed to wait for about ten minutes despite her eagerness to reply immediately. Appearing desperate was the last thing that she wanted. She continued watching her movie for ten more minutes although she was just consuming the sound off the movie as her mind was already occupied with the thoughts about Simeon.

Ten minutes later…

Kristina: I’m alright. What did u do today? This was one of the most natural questions to ask but there was also a risk of hearing about his date.

Simeon: Nothing much. Just met up with some friends for coffee. How’s ur weekend so far?

She was filled with a sense of relief. This had permitted her to continue with the conversation.

Kristina: It’s alright. Had brunch, picked up some groceries, and now am just chilling. Watching a movie called Begin Again. It’s nice so far.

Simeon: Sounds good! Shall check that movie out. So, do u travel a lot? It seems like u and ur friends do.

Kristina could not help but wondered if he was trying to get to know her. Did he really care enough to actually remember what they had talked about yesterday night at the party?

Kristina: Yeah, I do. mostly for work these days. What bout u? Do you like to travel?

Simeon: Yes of course! Where do u usually travel to? And what kind of places do u like to visit?

Kristina: Mostly to Asia these days for work. Hmm…apart from work, I guess anywhere is fine as long as I could get a decent place to stay. But I do hope to visit salar de uyuni in the near future.

Simeon: I wanna visit salar de uyuni too. Such a beautiful place looking at its pictures.

Kristina: I know right!

Simeon: Wait, am I interrupting u doing something? Sorry if I am…

Kristina: Yeah kinda. I paused my movie. Lol.

Simeon: Ohh hmm

Kristina: Nahh…I was just messing with u. Haha.

Simeon: Uh huh. Anw, will I see u on Mon at our usual running track?

Kristina: I guess u will!

Simeon: Cool! I don’t mind us running together. I can follow ur pace. Hahaha. No offense. Or who knows I’m the one who’s gotta keep up with ur pace!

Kristina: Wow!! We’ll see! No worries. None taken.

Simeon: So shall we meet at say ard 6:30 p.m. near ur shop? We can start from there. Figured that’ll be easier for u =)

Kristina: Sure thing! Looking forward to!

Simeon: Cool. I’ll let u continue with ur movie then. Goodnight and rest well!

Kristina: Yeah, u too! Night!

By now, Kristina was rolling on her bed with indescribable joy. She thought, Did he just say that he doesn’t mind following my pace so that we could run together? Did he just text a smiley back? Did he? Did we just text for like about an hour? Indeed, they tangoed.

© 2019 Katy Phun

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