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Chapter 3: Make or Break

She is excited to express through writing the many areas in life that we tend to overlook. This time, on romantic realism.


Previously in the story

This is a story about Kristina and Simeon awaiting to be told. They met; they texted. Would the relationship make it out alive of the cyberspace in a city of millions? Check out Chapter 1 & 2 before you scroll any further!

Chapter 1: Oh Brooklyn, How Sweet It Is!

Chapter 2: of Girlfriends, Dresses, and You.

Chapter 3: Make or Break

While she was clear on what she was asking, she also realized some potential complication should the answer differ from what she was expecting. The situation would be perfect if he was not seeing anyone. Nonetheless, perfection was disgusted with the world for the record. Kristina’s heart rate was skipping a beat while waiting for Simeon’s reply. She had made a deal with herself that the drinking invitation would still stand even if he replied that he was seeing someone else indeed. 20 minutes later, her phone vibrated. She felt apprehensive about reading the text messages but she had to. There was no running away.

She unlocked her phone to read the messages.

Simeon: lol. Why that question?

Simeon: yes, I’m seeing someone.

“Oh no...It was not funny! “Why the ‘lol’? Why did he say yes to Friday night drinks then?” she said it out loud to herself. That left her with no choice but to act cool about it. After all, they have met just once. She had to take a step back immediately.

Then, she replied, ohh okay…now I can’t introduce you as being single. She thought that was quite an awesome spontaneous comeback after much contemplation.

Simeon: Hahaha. What a shame. Are you hitting the track today?

Kristina shoved her phone aside to get a breather. Her imagination had shattered and she needed to recollect her thoughts for a moment.

“Hey Sue J., you know the guy Simeon, I just found out that he’s taken. What a bummer.” Kristina told Sue J. at the boutique and let out a deep long sigh while leaning back against her swivel chair. She then picked up her cell and texted in the AMJ chat group to let them know that Simeon was already seeing someone as a precautionary measure.

“Aw gawd. Man, that’s awful. Why did he say yes to drinks on Friday night then?!” Sue J. replied with mild exasperation.

“I know right!” Kristina chipped in.

“Yea, exactly.” Sue J. said again.

“Well, he was being polite I guess. Anyway, I’m still gonna have a great time this Friday and now I do not need to go all out to impress him!” Kristina felt a sense of relief without realizing that this would bring forth some unexpected results.

“Yeah, save the hassle and just have fun! Take a picture of him and show it to me still will ya.” Sue J. said. They both laughed.

Meanwhile, the AMJ replied simultaneously in the chat group:

Aimee: It’s ok babe. Ask him to introduce his guy friends to you! Still like to meet him though.

Mady: Yeah, bring him. We are still having that drink rite.

Justine: Hey, maybe u can change his mind!

Kristina: Yeah right @Justine. Anw girls, don’t make it awkward k!


Kristina and Simeon didn’t text further for the next two days. While she could not wait to get over with the drinks on the part where Simeon might be in it, she was also prepared for the potentially awkward situation. She had actually gotten good at defusing most of the awkward situations through her business experiences as well as a series of unsuccessful date nights in the city. As easily as she could handle it, she was also wrestling. After all, handling the awkward situation involving Simeon was not the end results that she wanted. She had imagined a ‘him’ who was not dating anyone to have a good time hanging out with her inner circle. Also, a ‘him’ who was not dating anyone who would then ask her out on a date eventually.

As Friday evening approached, the city turned on its pulsating charm as it did week after week relentlessly. Kristina was already enjoying rounds of happy hour at Goodnight Sonny with the girls and a couple of their guy friends. Amid all the chatter and glass clinking, she dropped Simeon a text to see if he could make it. The mixed emotions had filled Kristina all over again. Nonetheless, she would like this to have a proper closure at least.

Kristina: Hey! We r hanging out at the bar right now. Waiting for u sorta. Are u stopping by still? Her heart was thumping as she hit send.

Tipsiness had yet to kick in, as handling alcohol was also one of Kristina’s strengths. However, it would not take much longer for it to sip in. It was already past 7 p.m. when she texted. The AMJ had insisted on staying for more drinks and chat. They were having such a great time catching up as well as talking about stuff that would not matter. It was all for the relaxation and fun! Just like how they used to hang out. The music was blasting at the right tempo and volume. Nothing could be better. About half an hour later, she got a buzz.

Simeon: I just got home lol.

Simeon: I’ll try to be there by 8:30.

It was euphoric for Kristina to have received those texts. Ringed with the right amount of drinks, friends, and laughter, she knew exactly what to reply immediately.

Kristina: yeahh…please come! My friends would like to meet u! Text me when u r here.

Simeon arrived at the bar just as he said he would, but he waited outside. To Kristina, it was a polite gesture as he waited for his host to usher him in, whereby the host was herself. Kristina walked out of the bar with trepidation, as they were about to get to know each other in person for the very first time! She could not hold her beautiful smile when she saw him. He was looking sharp with a touch of vintage as he fully buttoned up his shirt. They gave each other a friendly hug and she was mesmerized by the scent that blended with him, Hugo Energise. Gingerly, she grabbed his arm and ushered him into the bar.

The stars seemed to be all aligned. The AMJ and friends had a great time talking to Simeon. This was even easier than Kristina had thought. There was not an awkward moment. They got to know that Simeon was working as a marketing lead for a tech startup downtown and that he also helped to coach underprivileged children in track and fields in Brooklyn during his free time. Kristina and the AMJ thought that this was too good to be true as they exchanged admiring glances. While they were all chatting as if they were some long lost friends, Simeon did not obliterate the fact that Kristina had invited him and that he would be by her side for the night at least. In fact, he showed care and a genuine interest in getting to know Kristina. They made some meaningful small talks about their lives in the city. Simeon was from Poughkeepsie upstate New York while Kristina was born and raised in Brooklyn. They had both graduated from high school at about the same time.

It was around midnight that they had decided to call it a night. They were all tipsy except for Simeon. After they hugged each other goodbyes, his role turned into the designated driver of Kristina as they were both living in Brooklyn. The rest of the party had ordered Uber. Kristina was not overly tipsy and she could still take care of herself. Her instinct of being a New Yorker was activated. Although she had chosen to trust Simeon for a ride home, she was also ready to jump off the car if anything.

“Hey Simeon, you take care of Kris alright. Get her home safe.” Mady cautioned Simeon in a gentle way and asked Kristina to give them a text after she got home.

About 30 minutes later, Simeon got to Kristina’s place. Before she alighted from his car, she leaned forward to give him a peck on his right cheek. “Thank you and get home safe alright.” she said and alighted the car before he could say anything. At her doorstep, she turned around once more to look; she would not forget his gaze on her then. At that moment, she had decided that she was going to make this work, 'Kristina and Simeon'.

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