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Chapter 1: Oh Brooklyn, How Sweet It Is!

She is excited to express through writing the many areas in life that we tend to overlook. This time, on romantic realism.


Equipped with her pump up music, she imagined herself running like a pro with her brand new Brooks Women's Adrenaline running shoes. Kristina Lee was mostly self-disciplined in her workout routine. In fact, she was much better than her inner circle in this area of life; something that she was secretly proud of.

There he was again, running past her in the most charming way possible. Her heartbeats went up a notch. For the record, this encounter had been a part of her motivation running on this track for the past month. While making the first move on a guy was not her first rodeo, it was not something that would get easier each time either, especially not on someone whom she had set her eyes upon. Also, as if it was not tough enough, she got to go through the motions of self-questioning all over again! Should she make the first move? What would the guy think of her for making the first move? How should she react then if he turns down a date? Arghhh…let’s do it Kristina, this is it or never! I’m just gonna say hi, introduce my name, ask him out on a coffee date sometime, and say ‘it’s cool’ if he says no!

Kristina gathered her speed and caught up with the guy. As their path almost aligned, she mustered all her strength to tap gently on his arm.

“Hi! I’ve been seeing you quite a bit around this track! I’m Kristina, how are you?”

To his surprise with a dash of delight, he was scrambling for words to respond. They exchanged glances facing each other for the first time.

“Ohh. Hey! Yea, I’m good. I’m Simeon by the way, Simeon Young. Nice to meet you!” he replied in the most polite way. Almost too charming.

“Yeah, nice to meet you too. Hey, I was thinking, would you be free to grab a cup of coffee this weekend?”

“Well…I can’t really this weekend. I have something else planned.”

“Owhh, should we exchange number then, just in case your plan changes?” Now Kristina Lee, that was real bold but some quick thinking there. Oh well, this is it or never right!

He reached into his pocket and took out his cell phone, “Sure, give me your number and I’ll give you a miss call.” he tapped on the calling icon ready to key in her number.

Feeling ecstatic, she gave him her number. As she leaned over to make sure that he got it right, that would be the closest distance between them if things did not pan out.

“Alright, I’ve got your miss call. Hope we can catch up sometime over coffee! Text me!” she said with a coolest manner possible while capturing one last close-up of Simeon’s lovely face with her mind camera. Then, she resumed running.

Feeling elated, she increased her pace. Now she would just need to wait for a bit for Simeon to initiate a conversation via text. She just got to be patient this round no matter what. In order to avoid stretching her patience, she went on to run for 6 miles non-stop back to her ‘Rent-A-Dress from K’ boutique in Cobble Hill. That took out about an hour and fifteen minutes from her waiting time for that text. Sadly, there was still not a text from him.

“Hey, you’re here! You looked drenched! How was your run?” Sue J. greeted Kristina as she entered the boutique with a tad of disappointment.

“Well, that’s because I just ran 6 miles from Bay Ridge to our shop. Not something that I would do on a Monday evening as you know.” Kristina walked straight to her personal wardrobe to look for a pair of fresh clothes to change.

Sue J. was a good friend and a partner of the ‘Rent-A-Dress from K’ business. They met each other in college and they have been friends for about 11 years now. The business partnership was still relatively fresh at about 4 years. Though there were ups and downs throughout the partnership, thank God that they were still friends. Sue J. was a good listener and certainly more rational than Kristina most of the time. It was amazing given that Sue J. did not even come from an analytical background as Kristina did. Above all, Kristina was thankful to have Sue J. in her life. Everyone would want a Sue J. in his or her life.

“I’m gonna leave now. I’ve done the closing up and all. You alright?” Sue J. asked.

While Kristina heard it, all she could care about now was a text from Simeon.

“Erm, yeah sure. I’ll be fine. I’ll leave in a bit too. See you tomorrow!” she replied while paying close attention to her phone on the desk.

Kristina sank back down to her swivel chair after hugging Sue J. goodbye. Sigh. Why didn’t he text? It has been about 2 hours now. Oh well, if he is interested, he would.

She went on to clear some emails before leaving the boutique. As she locked up the main entrance, she could sense a vibration from her phone that was inside the left pocket of her jacket. She took out her phone anxiously.

The push notification showed:

Simeon: Hello

Immediately, Kristina imitated the Freddie Mercury’s victory pose. Yes! Yes! Yes! He texted!

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Chapter 2: of Girlfriends, Dresses, and You

© 2019 Katy Phun

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