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Ch1 Escape from 2048

Escape Kender Dr. (Chapter 1)

Escape from Kender Drive; Chapter One

"Charlie, come quick!" my little brother cried urgently. I rushed to his room knowing something was wrong, on the way there I tripped over one of his toys and scraped my knee. It started bleeding but I had to suck it up, "Are you okay?"

He turned to me, "Look, I lost my tooth!" I stared at him for a moment before sighing in relief. I walked into his tiny, baby blue painted room and scooped him up while tickling him, "Charlie, STOP!" he said through laughter. "You scared me, goofball" he giggled, "I'm not a goober!"

My dad always told me to take care of Grey when he's gone. I never thought about it twice! It barely crossed my mind. I didn't think it would be this soon. No one did!

The 4th of July fireworks were happening tonight, Dad used to take me and Grey every year since I was born. The 4th of July fireworks was our tradition. We'd all sit down in the warm grass with our blankets and watch the fireworks. In those moments it seemed as if all my problems melted away.

We'd always go to the little ice cream shop on Main Street. He'd always say to me, "Monkey, I thought I raised you better. Come on, Mint Chocolate Chip!"

He could always make me laugh. That was until the accident last year. If I had one wish, It would be to have him back! If I had a time machine I'd beg him not to go.

But After, surprise surprise! Mom got remarried to David in April and with that marriage I ended up with a step-sister, Florence. She turned Sixteen last week and just got her driver's license. So, of course I begged her to take me and Grey to the fireworks. She said no because her and Roy (her very annoying, jock boyfriend) were going to a Party.

There was absolutely no other way for Grey and I to go,



Stay tuned and follow for Chapter Two.