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Catwoman - Part 1

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It's a late night in Calgary. Martina lounges in her bedroom in a small townhouse. Her life is simple with very few adventures, or at least that is the persona that she portrays to her friends and family. Unbeknownst to anyone is a skintight black suit that hangs deep in her bedroom closet.

The city has recently seen an array of burglaries with several high- priced items gone missing. The authorities are baffled at how elusive this person has been with being captured. Video cameras have been able to make out a very curvaceous body entering these establishments and taking certain items and leaving before anyone arrives. Her face is shielded by a small eye mask.

Martina lays across her bed enjoying the fruits of her labor, page turning thru the Calgary Herald. Just another lowly night, until a headline catches her eye, "Costume Party at Billionaire's Home". Her attention is more distracted upon reading that several mining artifacts from the Spartan era will be on display. "Well, looks like Calgary's Catwoman will be making a surprise appearance". She gets up and move to the bedroom closet and open it. Pulling clothes aside she reveals the suit that has been on videos across the city.

The party night arrives and several party guests arrive in an array of different costumes, some even dressed as this infamous masked vigilante. Soon another black suited costume enters the doorway to the mansion. This one the most mysterious and vibrant costume there. She walks past onlookers as her body attracts a lot of attention. She is aware of the way she is being looked at, but her focus is much greater than their immature mentality.

"So who is the host of this party?" she asks someone dressed as Spiderman.

"Well, no one seems to know, he is a bit of an enigma to society it seems" he replies back.

"Well Spidey, nobody is able to resist this body "she smiles wickedly and saunter past, hips shaking as her ass garners attention as you walk away.

"Touche" Spidey replies, his spandex pants beginning to show his acknowledgement of her fitted suit.

She continues to scope out the place, making small talk to blend in, not to draw attention, at least not the one you want.

"So where are these artifacts that have garnered so much attention towards this party?" She enquires to the 5 men she have eating out of her hand.

"Well, it seems they are still upstairs, they will be brought out later in the evening when the midnight dinner is served" one replies.

She looks at a clock hanging on an adjacent wall. "It's only 7:30, so what are we going to do for 4 1/2 hours?" she questions chuckling.

"Well my dear i can think of a couple things" one intrigued gentleman responds with evil intentions

"Well, keep those thoughts to yourself my dear" she retorts "I'm not here for a hookup" as she turns to walk away from the group of men that surrounded her.

"Excuse me" she tracks down a catering waiter. "Can you tell me where a bathroom is, it seems i have indulged a bit too much into the champagne, and need to get this kitty to a freshen up".

"The closest one is upstairs in the back of that corridor" he turns and points to an out of the way corridor that leads to a stairwell.

"Isn't there one closer? it's kind of out of the way" she questions.

"Well you did ask for the closest, but when you go, please just go to the bathroom. The exhibits for the show later are upstairs awaiting the unveiling."

"Well i am not here to get into any trouble " she smiles wickedly. As she turns to move towards the stairwell.

The stairs lead her upstairs. The music becoming quieter as each step of the stairs is ascended. Finally reaching the top of the landing, she sees the bathroom and walk over and by it. "Bathroom trick always works" she chuckles to yourself.

Looking around making sure that she is not being followed, her black spandex body begins to slowly look around and move from doorway to doorway. Walking past a slightly opened door, she slides the door open. The hall light shining in makes visible a jewelry case with several shiny trinkets inside its glass tomb. "HHHMMMMMM, kitties do like shiny objects" she says as slides inside.

Walking over to the glass case, she looks in and see several jewels glistening inside the case. *Click*. Her fingers shoot outward and claws shoot out and she begins to twist them into the glass in a circular motion. Within moments a small hole is carved into the side of the case and the items inside are taken. "Like taking a candy from a baby" she thinks smiling about the payday she has in store on the black market.

Without notice, from behind she is being grabbed tightly around her waist and is pulled backwards and slam against someone. "What the hellllllllmmmmmmmmppppphhhhhhhh" she yells before a liquie soaked thick cotton pad is smothered over her mouth and nose. "Looks like curiosity got the better of the cat" a voice whispers in her ear as his grip on her is secured. The pad settles tightly under your mask where her nose and mouth are smothered. His other arm tight around her waist. She is caught off guard, not sure what is happening. Instinct takes over as she reaches up to one arm and begin to try to pry the pad from your nose and mouth. "MMMMMPPPPPPHHHHHHHHHHHFFFFFFFFFFFFFF' She grunts into the pad, giving all her strength to get it off her. 'My god, what is happening?" she thinks as her body begins fighting and writhing against her assailant.

She pushes backward where she slammed into him. He grunts but doesn't let go of his cable like grip on her. The cotton pad is smothered tighter over her mouth and nose. she fights and tries to turn her head up to see who is holding her. His masked costume doesn't allow her to get any good glimpse as to his identity. "Who are you?" think as she fights to get loose.

"That's it Kitty Cat...just breath in the chloroform...time for a catnap for you". He replies

She inevitably inhales in the strong sedative and immediately feels her head start to swoon. She starts to lose focus. Unable to think straight as her body doesn't react as fast to her thoughts. "I must get free of his grip" she twists even more in vain.

"A fighter...i like that" her assailant whispers in her ear again as he grips her tighter around the waist..his body tight against hers. That cloth isn't budging regardless how much tugging she pulls at it. She inhales more frequently sending a thick haze over her brain's senses. Her vision starts to fade in and out. Spots and stars start to twirl in her sight. Her eyelids start to get heavy. "MMMMmmmpphhhhhh" She grunts into the pad trying desperately to inhale fresh air.

"That's it honey, breathe it in. Her demise is inevitable. The more she fights, the quicker the darkness comes" He whispers in her ear. Taunting her predicament and soon with each breath, she is unable to keep her focus. Her strength is beginning to betray her. "That's it, her fight is diminishing, her spirit being soaked out of her...I have to keep it up!!!". With one final ditch effort, she pulls against his tight grip, but he doesn't relinquish his hold on her. Her arms slumps from his arms and with one final protest,, her eyes slide closed and darkness invades her drugged brain. Her legs are no longer able to support her and her body is limp in his armsl.

"Keep the cloth in place, want to make sure she's out like a light. I have plans for this one". She is laid down with the pad tightly still in place. Her breathing very evenly soft. "She's out" as he now stands over her body. "Now to get some rope and tie her up. TIGHT!"

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