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Building of Death

I write classic "good vs evil" creative writing pieces with smart twists inspired by vintage action cinema, gaming, and heavy metal.


I know the job market has seen much better days and kind words don't pay bills but after this, I wish I went to pick up trash for pennies instead. Never in my entire life did I expect something to be as disturbing as what I experienced. A whole multi-storey building of death. However, let's start from the top; I've been a security guard for a good number of years until the day my company was dissolved; apparently someone was caught in tax evasion which then, lead to multiple other discoveries of dubious legality - just like Al Capone.

Imagine a situation where the only people returning your calls are rip-off artists claiming to offer stable, high-paying jobs while simultaneously asking for 1000$; that was me for weeks on end in the aftermath of this. One fine day, however, I got a call that meant business - inviting me for an interview. It didn't take long, I was accepted almost instantly; this interview resembled a formality more than a test of my competence and compatibility to the job at hand.

It also didn't take long for warning bells to start sounding since after the fact; not only did I get issued a military-style uniform complete with a bulletproof vest and even a proper AK74M rifle chambered for 5,45mm. Why would a security guard need military ordnance to guard a generic, dime-a-dozen office building that was on sale a year back?!


"This is for your protection." the armorer kept repeating when I enquired about the gear.

Warning bells turned into air raid sirens as the suited executive walked me to my real superior, a large, muscular man who also wore kevlar and carried an AK.
"Call me Rivet." the man introduced himself, "Just Rivet; do as I say and you will make it through a night or two."

He gestured me and three other men to follow him through the halls; the building was empty - not even a watercooler or a fire extinguisher; every step was an earthquake.
"The two of you." Rivet pointed at the men behind me, "watch this perimeter - nothing comes in and if, God forbid you hear my voice on the radio; nothing leaves!" The men looked scared now but, they occupied their posts; awkwardly holding their rifles.

"You two." Rivet pointed at me and the other guy with us, "The suits told us you were experienced and one of you survived boot camp so, you will have the more interesting job - make sure nothing reaches your new friends!"

We assumed our posts without question while Rivet scanned the immediate area, his hand was on the gun's safety catch, however, he calmed down after a minute and looked at us, "Under no circumstance are you to leave your post or go beyond this point unless I give the order!" the man finished pointing towards a dark hall featuring closed doors - closed on not only electronic locks but a huge, old fashioned padlocks.

Rivet went ahead to the dark hall, the large man suddenly, looked nervous but still maintaining his authority and cool; AK's safety was off and further down the hall, I heard the ratchet of the charging handle. Maybe he was shellshocked? Maybe the man has been to several wars and working on-reflex? Among the few questions, I asked myself to calm down.

We stood on our posts for hours, checking my watch, it was already midnight - a part of me was too scared to be bored since now, I began hearing things move and whisper - my partner heard it too; the noises bombarded us from all sides; even behind us.

We set our guns to full-auto, looked around for any activity and suddenly, a loud noise resonated all over the building - like something very large has fallen on soil. Soil?! I asked myself, we are on the fourth floor of a high rise building! What soil can there be?!

This got strange too fast, just what were they keeping here?!

I turned towards the hall and saw Rivet, he just stood there staring at me, his eyes burning a hole through me - he just stood there, not even a twitch from his hands; his gun was gone. My partner and I aimed our guns at him, we sensed something was wrong, rightfully so because a second later, Rivet yelled in a voice that wasn't his; high pitched and in intense pain, "KILL ME!!!!! "RUN!!!!!"

Before we could open fire, the large man was assimilated by several limbs; like the darkness itself tore him apart. Our commander's screams shook the building - he kept ripping at his throat with every sound transforming into several voices in one breath; like several deep voices in a choir. More noises from the fall of many heavy objects hitting soft soil. My partner's hands were shaking, holding on to his rifle like a life preserver, he trained his aim at Rivet's body; what remained of it. I tuned my radio and screamed, "BREACH! BREACH!"

I was glad that whoever hired me issued a serious weapon, both of us started firing at the darkness, hoping to hit wherever the "limbs" came from.

"FALL BACK!" My radio screamed, "FALL BACK NOW!"

We needed no convincing, firing off a few more rounds, we both ran back to the surveillance room, promptly met by another uniformed officer.

"We can't control them anymore; we have to blow the charges!" he ordered, checking his ammo. Saying I was confused is an understatement but, I made a shocking discovery after an accidental glance at the monitors; it was indeed disturbing.

There was a multitude of cameras including the forbidden zone; as it was named in the monitor feed; they were watching a miserable-looking room that was illuminated by a dim bulb; the room was top to bottom, packed with coffins and cages. There were four such rooms where some coffins were.....vibrating and moving!


The officers were, with added efficiency pulling and grabbing tapes from the video equipment, one of them took all of us to the side and ordered, "We are blowing the building, run, just run and forget this building has ever existed!" Setting the rifles down, taking off our tactical belts, we all darted to the elevator and left the building unknowingly. The only thing I remember is many wailing sirens of approaching fire trucks and ambulances as our job prospects literally blew up.

Where to go now? What to do? I just kept walking till I reached my apartment; all I did is just sit all night with my head in hands while an old, well-used Celine Dion tape tried to provide a calming atmosphere. The next day, opening my laptop in search of a new job, I discovered I had an unread email; it contained a video file and an MSWord document with a message, "Use wisely."

I learned from the contents that the building was a makeshift cemetery used by abortion clinics, mental institutions and rehabilitation centers - dumping coffins of those they failed to help in several rooms.

The document also stated something about the restless, angry souls of the deceased haunting the place - which was also one of the reasons armed, expendable guards were sought out; no wonder they accepted me in a heartbeat! Also, the entire thing had government backing since bodies of those who knew too much were dumped there in exchange for tax breaks, incredibly high salaries, and legal protection.

The document even had a list of victim's names - including where they were from; what clinic, organization and handling instructions.
The video, however, was highly disturbing; it showed footage of Rivet checking the coffin rooms; only for something that could never ever be called a human to grab him from the dark. It looked like it was made from other dead bodies; a large mass of meat with long, thin arms; throwing him into a corner and ripping at him with claws. While the man threw it off, he lost his gun and was badly hurt, limping to the halls where he got torn apart.

What use could I have for this? A question for another day, I thought as I opened a flight booking website.


© 2019 Jake Clawson

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