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Broken Petals


Part 1. The New Chapter.

Ojiko had just moved into his new house in Ushene estate, La Paso slums.The house seemed small but accommodating. It was a single house with a wooden door. All the houses in that compound were built in such a way that when you stepped out of yours, you could almost get into your neighbour's house unknowingly. The white double cabin Nissan pickup that had brought his things reversed and the driver took off in a speed leaving a cloud of dust behind. It's noisy sound made all the neighbours come out of their houses to check on their newly arrived package in the plot. Some peeped through their windows and doors while others openly walked out to check on their new member of the plot.
Ojiko was not used to such incidences. He grabbed his black suitcase that had his clothes and pulled it closer to his legs. He took out his bunch of keys from his pocket ready to open the door. The neighbours' children started streaming behind him.They giggled and laughed among themselves and whispered.

They felt fascinated by the presence of the stranger who was joining the plot. Ojiko greeted them. A simple” hello" hoping to keep them away. They looked happy.This was another stranger joining them apart from Njoro, his immediate neighbour who had come the previous week.

"Hey you kids, get out of that place. Can't one have space and do his own things!" Shouted a woman who was passing by. She was carrying a bucket of water. She put it down and the children took off running at their fastest speed. Ojiko felt relieved from the kids.
"Don't mind them. That is how they behave in this estate. You better get used to them..oh forgive my manners." she said lending Ojiko her hands for greetings. My name is Katunje.Welcome.Feel free and at home.I live in house number 10. She said pointing towards that direction.

Katunje was a very beautiful woman. Everybody seemed to know her in the plot. Her beauty sent occasional visits to her house where she stayed with her husband pastor Mariko.
There was something about Ojiko that made her like him so much.The two had developed some chemistry the moment they met.

"Let me help you to put and arrange your things in the house.” She told Ojiko. Since he was tired, he didn't mind a little help from her. She helped him to arrange all his staff. Cleaned the house and even mopped it for him. As she did all that you could see some neighbours sitted at the veranda trying to talk about him.Some wanted to know where he had come from, what he did for a living, if he was married or not.They had gotten used to Katunje's charity of helping newly arrived members in that plot especially the bachelors.

"Welcome my brother. I can see you have just arrived.” said Njoro his immediate neighbour." Katunje is a great woman. She even helped me by doing the same when I moved in.Her services are great! A good one indeed top notch services!" he remarked as he entered his house whistling.
Before long, the house was sparkling clean and neat. What made Katunje to love Ojiko the most was his young brilliant looking image. He also had a taste for fashion. From his mega flat screen Tv and the music system that nobody owned in the plot. He switched the music on and started playing his favourite R&B mix. Getting tempted to the vines, katunje started humming the music. He watched her from a distance smiling and glancing. Her tight pencil skirt could be seen visible in the wrapper that she tied. She was indeed a beauty and Pastor Mariko had chosen well.

© 2020 Millicent Okello

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