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Broken Fragments 3

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Dapo wondered at why he is finding it difficult to get Jade off his mind. Her face and name remained unforgettable. There is something about Jade that is regaling and compelling, making him want to go back to the spot where they met, maybe…… just maybe he would bump into her again. He must have gotten it bad with this one. His sister-in-law was asking recently when she would be introduced to his girlfriend or fiancée; only God knows was his response. He does not want to play games with anyone and he would not like to be played games with. More so, he would like to marry a good Christian girl, because he does not want to be a fool that rushed in, where even angels fear to tread. Taking his time is what he is going to do.

Keeping Faith

Dapo’s perception of marriage changed when he had an encounter with God through a pastor who has since become a good friend. He will never forget that life-changing event when his fiancé eloped with a lover six weeks to their wedding. He felt devastated to the point of depression but he met a pastor from his brother’s church, who introduced him to his newfound faith.

Just maybe his prayers are about to be answered. And his long wait is about to be over, It has been two days since his fortuitous meeting with Jade, his thoughts always finding its way to her.

Superhero Syndrome

Dapo being a pediatric medical practitioner, not only loves his job, but also not surprisingly loves children, and they love him too. He has a way of making them feel comfortable even when ill. James his Nephew has a very special and enviable bond with him, he calls his Uncle a superhero, so he wants to grow up to be just like his him. Dapo is trying his best to be a good role model for the young boy. And right now he has to confirm his Superhero title by beating his twin brother in the video game.

“Uncle D’ you are doing well you have to beat Dad at this game”

“Not to worry champ!! Our team will definitely win.” Dapo responded to his young nephew.

Dele was all smiles and appreciated the bond between his twin brother and his son. They both brothers are not completely alike but they are as identical as twins can be. Only family members and close friends can instantly tell them apart. The bond between Dapo and James was there from the moment the James could talk. He effortlessly could tell his uncle apart from his father. How he managed to do that as young as he was then, is still a mystery to them all. But the bond was there all the same and it keeps getting stronger. Maybe Dapo is just a special being that has a special effect on everyone he meets. He has a great personality, intelligent and humble despite his looks and professional achievements. Even Dele is proud of his twin and loves him to death.

“Hurray uncle we won!”

Dele was brought back to the present by the billowing of his son. He doesn’t really mind losing to his younger brother, he is technically older than him by a few minutes so he sees himself as the older of the twin.

“I told you champ; we will win this”, Dapo slapped his nephew a high five. Although he knows his brother might have lost on purpose which he often does when playing with his son. He loves his twin brother they have been inseparable since they were young, except when they went to major in college. Dapo studied to be a surgeon while Dele read to explore the world of business. Their similarities end with their looks, both though have good personalities but they differ in choices and preferences. Dele is a risk taker while Dapo is more meticulous and thinks things through before taking action. But both Men are resolute once they made a decision.

Pandora's Box

Jade was busy cleaning out her apartment, she has promised to use her holiday well by Clearing the clusters in her home, meditate and do a lot of reading. She saw it somewhere that if you stop reading you stop learning and invariably stopped growing, she is not about to stop growing intellectually. The cleaning of her room was going on seamlessly until when sorting out items to give to donations, and she stumbled on her Memorial box.

She was reluctant to open it because it is the proverbial Pandora’s Box, but she opened it anyway. She saw all of her school pictures and eventually saw a picture of Kunle, Anita, and herself smiling happily to the camera. That moment, when you have not experienced betrayal or the pain of being stabbed by people you thought loved you regardless.

She smiled ruefully at the tree happy faces looking back at her. Both of them are now married, she is happy to not have come in the way of their love story. She wished them well and prays she meets her own love soon. She has since forgiven them, even sent them a wedding gift, though she did not attend the wedding, she was glad both are doing fine. It took a while but she has finally let-go, and ready to move on, and that does not mean she is throwing herself carelessly into the market, for once beaten twice shy.

To be continued..........

© 2020 Olumisin Tolulope Abisola

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