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Brianna Simmons--Fight for Love Chap. 17

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After they are in the car and riding down the road a bit, Brianna finally broaches the subject of what happened at the hotel.

“Jonny, why did you stand up for me?” she questions as she glances over at him before turning her attention back to the road ahead.

“I did it because I love you Brianna.” Replies Jonny quietly as he stares out the window at the passing houses.

“Well thank you.” Answers Brianna quietly as she thinks about what he just said.

“Brianna, we need to talk.” States Jonny quietly as he looks over at her as she is focusing on the road ahead.

“Ok! What about?” questions Brianna as she slowly pulls into a rest area and parks her car and shuts off the engine.

“Brianna, I know that I have only known you a short while, but I feel as if I have known you all my life and…” he states as he lets his voice trail off.

“Jonny please…” she starts to speak but he cuts her off.

“Hear me out ok.” He replies as he sifts in his seat so that he can look her in the eyes “I feel as if I have known you all my life and I love you with everything that I have.”

“Jonny do not do this…” she begins again and once more he cuts her off.

“Brianna, just listen ok.” He states as he takes hold of her hand “Honey, as I said I love you with everything I have and so I have just one thing to ask you.”

“What is it Jonny?” she questions as she looks at him.

“Brianna my darling, will you marry me?” he asks as a smile crosses his lips.

“Are you serious?” she questions as she looks at him completely shocked.

“Yes, Brianna, I am completely serious.” He answers as he watches her expression.

“Oh my gosh!” she exclaims as she throws her arms around him and hugs him tight “Yes! Yes! I will marry you.”

“Awesome!” he replies as he cups her chin and kisses her deeply.

After breaking the kiss Brianna mentions that she is going to make a phone call and climbs out of the car headed for the pay phone inside the information building. All the while wondering how she ever got so lucky to meet the most perfect man in the whole world. She makes her call and then walks into the bathroom humming softly to herself and mentally beginning to plan her wedding. Knowing that with Jonny by her side she would be the happiest woman alive no matter what.

© 2018 Vic Watts

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