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Brianna Simmons Chap.14

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Later that evening Brianna was sitting in her room at the desk writing a letter when a knock sounded at her door. She slowly gets up and goes to look out the peephole. At first, she thinks that someone is playing a joke on her until she catches a flash of black hair. Recognizing at once who it is she slowly opens the door and greets him.

“Hey!” Jonny greets her when she finally opens the door “I was beginning to wonder if you were going to let me in or not.”

“Sorry, I was being super cautious I guess.” Replies Brianna with a slight shrug of her slim shoulders.

“What is a pretty girl like you doing worrying about being cautious? Are you running from the police or something?” asks Jonny lifting his brow in a look of concern.

“No! No! Nothing like that. But it is a very long story.” Answers Brianna softly as she smiles at him.

“Ok! That’s good. Maybe one day you will tell me your story.” Says Jonny as he returns Brianna’s smile.

“Yea maybe someday I will.” Answers Brianna as she gestures for him to come in “You can come in you know.”

“Oh yeah right.” Jonny laughs “I forgot.”

Brianna walks back over to the desk and sits down facing Jonny “That quickly huh?”

“Yeah, I guess so.” Replies Jonny as he looks around the room.

“That is bad Jonny.” Brianna giggles.

“Yea, well that is me bad Jonny.” He says with a mischievous look in his eyes.

“Uh huh. Right.” States Brianna as she shakes her head at him.

“What do you not believe me?” asks Jonny as he watches her.

“I do not know. Am I supposed to believe you?” questions Brianna with a tone of wonderment in her voice.

“No, I guess not,” states Jonny as he begins to pace around the room. Turning towards Brianna, he adds, “but that might make you think something bad about me.”

“Think something bad about the most charming man I have met in months.” Asked Brianna looking him in the eyes. “I could never think anything bad about you, Jonny.”

“Oh! Dear sweet Brianna,” whispers Jonny as he comes over to her. “You are too nice to be hanging around the likes of me.

“What is that supposed to mean, Jonny?” asks Brianna quietly as she looks up at him.

Jonny looks into her eyes and slowly lowers his head. Sighing, he stands back up and looks out the window. “Something is obviously wrong,” Brianna thought. She tries to figure out what was wrong but keeps hitting blanks. Jonny is staring at some invisible spot out the window. He is also playing with his hands. “Brianna, there is nothing wrong with him. He is absolutely perfect for you…”

“Brianna, there is something you should know…” turning towards Brianna, he drops his hands and sits down next to Brianna. He grabs hold of her hands and looks her straight in the eye. “I…” Jonny is interrupted as a knock penetrates the tension in the air like a knife carving a turkey.

“Hold that thought, Jonny.” States Brianna smiling at him as she gets up and walks over to the door and looks out the peephole. Suddenly she gasps and backs away from the door as she realizes who is on the other side of it.

“Brianna?” questions the voice from the other side of the door.

“What do you want, Adam?” asks Brianna without opening the door.

“Who is Adam?” questions Jonny in a whisper as he looks at Brianna and notices the pain reflected in her eyes.

“He is my ex-boyfriend.” Whispers Brianna matter-a-factly.

“Brianna, we need to talk.” States Adam as he still stands outside the door.

“There is nothing for us to talk about, Adam, so please just go away.” Says Brianna as she finally bumps against the wall after backing up as far as she could.

“Brianna, please open the door and let’s talk.” Answers Adam as calmly as he can.

“No! I will not open the door.” Answers Brianna as Jonny walks close to her and puts an arm around her shoulders.

“Brianna, honey why not let him in and just listen to what he has to say.” Jonny whispers in her ear. “If he tries to hurt you or anything then I will step in. I promise I will not leave you here by yourself with him if you do not want me to.”

“Thank you, Jonny, I do not want to be by myself with him.” Answers Brianna as she leans her head on Jonny’s shoulder.

“I will not leave you, babe.” Jonny whispers softly as he kisses her neck then releases her to go open the door.

Brianna walks slowly over to the door and taking the chains off of it, she slowly opens the door and invites Adam into the room. She closes the door behind him and then turns and walks back over to Jonny. She places her hands on her slim hips and turns to look at him. “Now tell me what you want and how you found me,” states Brianna as she looks at the man who was her first love and who she had thought would be by her side forever. She can tell that sleep has been deprived from him. He really seemed desperate to find her. But why?

“I thought maybe we could talk. I have spent the last four days trying to find you. Every lead led to a dead end. I thought about giving up because I was wasting time. My heart sank when I realized that I had lost you forever. Finally, I got lucky when I came to this hotel and the girl up front stated you had just checked in.” answers Adam as he thought of all the pain he knew that he had caused her. Looking over her shoulder, he notices the guy sitting on her bed for the first time. “Who is he?” he wonders.

“Ok! First, I do not see what it is we have to talk about. Second, I do not see why you bothered searching for me when you were the one to drive me away in the first place.” Replies Brianna not even attempting to hide the hurt and anger in her voice as she speaks.

“There is something for us to talk about. I searched for you because I love you and you took off without even coming to me and giving me a chance to explain myself.” States Adam as he turns his gaze to look at Jonny silently sitting beside Brianna and adds, “Can we not have some privacy, Brianna, so that we can talk? Who is this guy anyway?”

“Not that it is any of your business, but this is Jonny West, a very dear and personal friend of mine, and no we can not have privacy because I do not want to be left alone with you.” Brianna states as she looks at Adam with anger flashing in her eyes.

“That is right pal there is no way I am leaving her here by herself after she has asked me not to, so whatever you have to say I suggest you say it and then leave.” Jonny says as he notices the tension in Brianna’s body and goes to massage her shoulders and neck. “Also, since I am here, you will have to deal with her and me. Let us get one thing clear: if you hurt Brianna again, physically or mentally, I will be the one to return the favor.”

“What is this? Do you think that just because she seems to want you here instead of me that you are special? Do you think that means that she likes you?” states Adam snidely as he meets Jonny’s glare “Well, that is where your wrong and you better get your grubby hands off my girlfriend.”

“Back off man, you do not know who you’re messing with. I am not here, because I think she likes me, or because I think I am special. I am here because I like her and wanted to get to know her.” Replies Jonny as he gets up and moves to stand just behind her rather than sitting beside her, before continuing “Then you showed up and ruined everything, and she asked me not to leave her.”

“Adam, I think you should leave now.” Replies Brianna giving him a look of pure hatred.

“Why so you can get back to screwing this guy?” askes Adam as he waves his hand toward Jonny and mocking her.

As he says it Brianna moves toward him and raising her hand she slaps him hard across his cheek as she tries to recover her voice “You stupid pig just because I was naïve and stupid enough to sleep with you does not mean that I sleep with everyone.” Brianna spits the words at him as her eyes flash with all the held back hatred.

“You calling me a pig? What the hell gives you the right to do that?” spits out Adam as he shoves her away from him onto the bed and raises his hand to hit her.

At that moment Jonny steps in between them and glares at Adam “Boy, if you hit her you will be picking a fight you can not win. That I promise you.” States Jonny in a challenging tone.

“Shut up and get out of my way.” Growls Adam as he tries to shove Jonny out of his way, but he ducks Adam’s attempt. Whirling, Adam throws a wild haymaker attempting to connect with Jonny’s head. Jonny blocks it and punches him in the stomach, “Ooooof,” Adam shrieks doubling over. Jonny takes advantage and clubs Adam in the back. Jonny tries to stomp Adam’s head, but Adam smartly rolls out of the way.

He then grabs Jonny’s left foot and sweeps him off his feet. Adam stands up and lunges on top of Jonny. In the mounted position, he wraps his hands around Jonny’s neck; Jonny thumbs Adam’s eyes and then shoots his fist into his throat. As Adam reaches for his throat, Jonny wraps his legs under Adam’s arms and creates an “X” in front of his throat. From this position, he tries to choke Adam, but he smartly bites into Jonny’s shins.

Due to the intense pain, Jonny reluctantly releases his hold on Adam. He grabs his shins and turns away from Adam which proves fatal. Adam pounds his right hand into Jonny’s side, knees him in the gut, and cradles him into a sleeper hold. During the fighting, Brianna is hysterical. She tries to come to her friend’s aid by hitting Adam’s arm. Enraged, Adam takes his right hand and backhands Brianna in the face.

“STAY DOWN!” he bellows, Jonny slumps in Adam’s grip. Feeling the lax in his hold, Jonny powers his elbow into Adam’s midsection. “Ooooof” Jonny then brings his head back in a head butt. Adam gropes his face to access the damage. Jonny then powers another punch to Adam’s gut causing him to double over.

“Let me introduce you to my knee,” he lowers Adam’s face onto his knee. After that, he throws jabs like a professional boxer in a heavyweight fight. He pushes him and lunges with a sidekick. Only to connect with… “Brianna!”

“OOOOWWWWWOFFFFFF!” She falls a few feet back clutching her stomach. At the same time as the kick connects the door to their hotel room flies open. In pops two security guards.

“Officers, I can explain…” Jonny begins to say.

“No need, we know all about you and your past. From the looks of things, we are charging you with assault and battery and destruction of property. Now, put your hands behind your back…”

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