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Brianna Simmons Chap. 9

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Pulling away from each other’s embrace Dawn and Adam head toward the front hall. Finding her parents there Dawn looks at Adam and getting the message Adam steps back out of the way while Dawn goes to help her mother.

“May I ask who you are, son?” askes Mr. Sharply

“I am Adam Tayler, sir.” Answers Adam

“Are you Dawns newest secret?” asks Mrs. Sharply smiling at her daughter.

“Evidently, he is not a secret if you are able to see him mama.” Replies Dawn a smile playing on her lips.

“Yes, I do suppose you are right Dawn, but still who he is exactly?” questions Mrs. Sharply.

“He is…” begins Dawn while Adam says “I am…”

Dawn and Adam burst out laughing. The parents look at each other completely confused. Finally, Adam calms down enough to get out an explanation.

“What we meant to say is that I am Dawn’s boyfriend.” Replies Adam.

“Oh really?” asks Mr. Sharply then turning to speak to her daughter he asks “Dawn, did you not mention something to us about Brianna dating a boy by the name of Tayler?”

“Umm…well yes papa I did.” Answers Dawn nodding her head slowly and waving her hand toward Adam “This is not him though.”

“Okay then!” replies Mr. Sharply “Well it is nice to meet you son.”

“Nice to meet you to, sir” answers Adam then he looks over at Dawn “Dawn, I need to be getting back to the hotel.”

“Oh, yes of course, just let me get my sweater and I will drive you back.” Replies Dawn.

“I have a better idea.” Mrs. Sharply cuts in speaking to all three of them “George, can we not let Adam stay here? He can stay in Eddies room, what do you say, Adam?”

“Well I thank you ma’am, but I still have to get my stuff and check out.” Replies Adam “I do not want to pay for a night in the hotel it I am not going to be there.”

“Yes, of course. You and Dawn can drive to get your things.” Says Mrs. Sharply “Do come back though Adam. We would love to have you stay with us.”

“Thank you, ma’am!” answers Adam “We will be back as soon as I settle things at the hotel.”

“Alright then be off with you.” Replies Mr. Sharply.

“Yes papa!” says Dawn “Come on Adam let’s go.”

“Bye now folks!” replies Adam turning to head for the door.

“Bye mama!” Dawn says softly heading toward the door behind Adam “Bye papa!”

“Bye you two.” Mr. and Mrs. Sharply says together in unison.

Just before they get out the door Mrs. Sharply speaks once more this time directing her question to Adam alone. “Adam?” questions Mrs. Sharply.

“Ma’am?” answers Adam turning to look back at her.

“Adam, have I seen you somewhere before?” asks Mrs. Sharply “It just seems like I know you from somewhere.”

“I do not recollect ever seeing you before, ma’am.” Answers Adam.

“I am sure that I have seen you before Adam. It seems like yesterday I saw you somewhere…” replies Dawns mother.

“Maybe I have that familiar face ma’am. However, I do not believe we have ever met, if we had, I would have thought that I would remember your face.” Counters Adam shrugging his shoulders.

“I am sure young man, but I cannot shake the feeling that you are not what you seem or who you seem to be.” Answers Dawns mother as she glares back at him.

Eyes darting, Adam asks in a nervous tone, “My look at the time, I need to run, Dawn might be getting upset about my leaving her out there waiting so long. Nice knowing you ma’am!” With that, Adam leaves the house without a second glance.

“…Yes, she is not the only one that is upset… I know about your relationship with Brianna Simmons, Mr. Tayler, and I intend to find out what really is going on…” thinks Dawns mother as she turns and looks at her husband.

© 2018 Vic Watts

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