Brianna Simmons Chap. 8

Updated on April 14, 2018


Having heard the door slam Dawn pulls back away from Adam in time to look out the window and see Brianna dashing down the driveway. Dawn watches as she climbs into her car and backs down the drive. Turning Dawn looks at Adam and cocks her head to the side while a small smile plays on her lips. Adam being none the wiser asks her what just happened. “Dawn, what was that noise?”

“Oh, that was just the door slamming shut.” Replies Dawn nonchalantly.

“Behind who,” questions Adam quickly “Your parents?”

“Nope!” answers Dawn giggling “Actually it was slamming behind little Miss. Simmons.”

“WHAT?” shouts Adam looking surprised “You mean she was here. That she might have seen us?”

“Yes!” replies Dawn calmly “That is exactly what I mean.”

“Oh no!” moans Adam softly “I cannot believe this.”

“What’s the matter?” asks Dawn “I thought you were ready to let her go.”

“I am!” answered Adam “But I never thought for a minute that we ran the risk of her seeing us. I never thought that she would come here.”

“Well, I am her best friend, Adam.” Replies Dawn “It is only natural that she would come over here after she has had an argument with her parents.”

“Yeah, I know I just never thought…” answers Adam letting the words trail off.

“Hey!” murmurs Dawn turning her auburn head to look at him “It is okay, the worst that could happen anyhow is that she just never talks to either one of us again.”

“I know that is what I am afraid of.” Replies Adam as he gets up and walks to the window.

“Would that really be so bad?” questions Dawn as she stands and smoothed the wrinkles from her skirt.

“I do not know, Dawn, I mean I still love her.” Answers Adam turning to face her again.

“Is that right?” replies Dawn mockingly “Adam, dear, I hate to break it to you, but when you sit and make out, with the best friend of the girl you claim to love, that is not showing love.”

“I know, Dawn, I know that, and I do not know why I still feel I have to cling to Brianna, but she was my first true love and I thought we would be together forever.” Says Adam coming to stand in front of Dawn “I really never thought that I would fall so deeply for her best friend. I never thought that I would want to leave Brianna.”

“I know, darling, I know!” whispers Dawn reaching out her hand to touch his shoulder “I never thought I would find myself wanting to be with my best friend’s boyfriend, but I do want to be with you, Adam, I do not mean just for tonight. I want to be with you forever.”

“Oh Dawn!” exclaims Adam taking hold of her and pulling her close to him.

“My dear sweet Adam,” whispers Dawn in his ear “I love you so much. Can you not see that? Can you not understand that you would never be happy with Brianna? My darling, she would never allow you to be the free spirit that we both know that you are.”

“I know…” begins Adam but lets his words trail off as he hears a noise in the front hall.

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