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Brianna Simmons Chap. 7

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After walking out on her parents Brianna walked out the front door and over to her car. After thinking for a minute while she stands by her car Brianna decides where she is going to go. She turns and climbs into her baby blue corvette and backs out of the drive heading toward Dawn’s house.

As she pulls into the drive behind Dawn’s mint green Daewoo Laganza and turns off the ignition she notices that Dawn’s parents Firebird is gone. Brianna climbs out of her car and starts toward the garage door. As she moves past the bay window she glances in and notices two people sitting on the couch together. She decides to move closer to get a good look at who is on the couch. Brianna moves to the window and looks in and sees that it is Adam and Dawn on the couch together talking almost as if they were old friends.

Since Brianna is allowed in at any time and knows where the spare key is she goes to the door and rubs her hand over the ledge over the door. She finds the key and inserts it into the lock and turning it softly she gently turns the doorknob and pushes open the door. As soon as she opens the door the rest of the way she becomes able to hear bits of the conversation. Standing with her head poked in the doorway she silently listens to what is being said.

“Oh, Dawn it was so awful.” replies Adam “I mean her parents just plain hate me.”

“I know, Adam, it has to be tough on you having had her father screaming at you and then to think Brianna herself would turn against you.” Answers Dawn sympathetically.

“I never thought I would see the day that my sweet little Brianna turned on me in front of her parents.” Replies Adam quietly.

“Adam, just face it… Brianna never really cared about you.” Says Dawn “I mean if she had she would have stood by your side even in the face of her parents.”

“Yeah, I guess your right.” Answers Adam softly as he turns his head to look at her “Oh, Dawn what would I have done if I did not have you to come to.”

Having overheard all this Brianna’s anger begins to rise again and becomes worse when she looks into the living room again and finds Dawn wrapped in the arms of Adam. They are sitting there kissing and cuddling on the couch. Brianna is so overwhelmed that she storms out of the house and climbs into her car and drives off.

© 2018 Vic Watts

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