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Brianna Simmons Chapter 2

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The morning she woke up and rolled over and gazed up into his smiling face. She was so happy to be right where she was at that moment. As looked up into the eyes of the man she loves so much and who loves her back she realizes she would do anything in the world to stay with him. She has so many deep passionate feelings toward this man she knew she would never outgrow.

“Morning Darling!” Adam said lightly as he gazed down at her and smiled.

“Morning!” she answered happily and smiled warmly up at him.

“Have a good night sleep?” he asked her with a smile playing over his lips.

“Yes, I did, sweetheart.” She answered lifting her head to give him a kiss.

“Good I am glad!” he replies after he kisses her forehead.

“What are we going to do today?” Brianna asks drowsily.

“I was thinking we might stay in bed all day.” Teased Adam smiling at her.

“You nut!” exclaims Brianna starting to move off the bed.

“Yes, I know I am nuts for you,” he says grabbing her hand and pulling her back down beside him and gazing into her eyes. “But I was serious.”

“I understand,” replied Brianna “But I thought you might want to do something until it is safe to take you to meet my parents.’

“Oh no,” groans Adam “Brianna, you can not be serious. You know how your parents feel about me.”

“But…” she starts to protest but he cuts her off.

“No buts Brianna,” he replies sharply “Your parents dislike me, and they will definitely try to keep you from me if they find out you were here with me last night.”

“Adam?” Brianna says softly as she looks at him.

“NO!” he answers, “Face it Brianna your parents do not want us together period.”

“Well I do not care what they want Adam.” She says her anger rising.

“But I do, baby.” He says trying to remain calm and contain his own temper.

“Oh, why should I bother.” She shrieks grabbing her shorts and putting them on.

“Baby, please try to understand…” Adam chokes out as he watches her.

“I am sick and tired of trying to understand, Adam.” Brianna replies as she slams out of the room, leaving him with his mouth hanging open.

“Oh man,” thinks Adam “What do I do now?”

Strolling to the door he pulls it open and looks up and down the long hallway hoping to catch her before she gets to far, but she is already gone. He then walks back into the room and grabs his blue jeans and pulls them on. Then he walks out of the room and heads up the hallway towards the lobby. He looks all over for Brianna but cannot find her anywhere. Finally, he asks the clerk at the hotel if he has seen her.

“Sir, I am looking for my girlfriend.” Adam replies sadly “Have you seen her?”

“What does she look like?” asks the clerk.

“Well,” answers Adam “She has long blonde hair and the last time I saw her, she was wearing my baseball T-shirt and a pair of white shorts.”

“When was the last time you saw her?” questions the clerk.

“A few minutes ago, when she ran out of our room.” Answers Adam.

“What did you do,” replies the clerk snidely “Make her mad at you?”

‘Yea, something like that,” Adam replies ignoring the clerk’s evil looking smile and cocky attitude “What is it to you? Have you seen her or not?”

“I sure have,” answers the clerk cockily pointing towards the pool area “She ran that way.”

“Thanks!” exclaims Adam as he runs off toward the pool.

He enters the pool area and scans the room, finally spotting her sitting with a young couple she seems to know. He saunters over to her and taps her on the shoulder. She looks up and seeing who it is she practically topples her chair when she jerks away from him. “Go away.” Replies Brianna in a hoarse whisper “I do not want to talk to you.”

“Why not?” askes Adam pulling back as if he had been slapped. He is shocked by how angry she sounds.

“Because I just can’t right now,” she answers, “So leave me alone.”

“I will not!” Adam says grabbing her hand and pulling her to her feet.

“STOP IT,” screams Brianna “Can you not take a hint?”

“Listen pal,” says the young man sitting at the table as he rises to his feet. “She is asking you to leave her alone, so why don’t you go find some other girl to hassle?”

“Back off man.” Replies Adam through gritted teeth. “This girl happens to be my girlfriend and we need to talk.”

“Brianna, is this true?” asks the young man.

“Yes, James it is true,” Brianna replies between sobs. “I was going to invite you and Amanda out with for some fun with us tonight, but Adam and I had a fight and I ran out of the room.”

“Then Brianna,” replies Amanda gently “Do you not think you should listen to what Adam has to say instead of avoiding him?”

“Yes, I guess I should.” Answers Brianna in an uncertain tone.

“Than do it.” Replies James giving Brianna a smile.

“Ok! Let’s go Adam.” Brianna replies softly as she grabs his hand and starts to lead him away from the other couple.

© 2018 Vic Watts

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