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Brianna Simmons Chap 13

I have a vast interest in numerous topics. I write about many different things.


After driving all night and day for almost a week and a half, Brianna finally pulls into the parking lot of a dingy motel in the outskirts of Lamar County and books a room. As she is walking to her room a tall, dark and handsome stranger comes up to her and strikes up a conversation.

“What is a pretty girl like you doing out here in the middle of nowhere?” asks the stranger as he looks at Brianna up and down.

“I am running away from something.” Answers Brianna quietly.

“Oh! Ok! Well I am Jonny West.” States the stranger as he holds out his hand and asks, “What is your name pretty angel?”

“I am Brianna Simmons.” Brianna states simply as she shakes his hand.

“Well it is nice to meet you ma’am” says Jonny in his deep southern drawl as he tips his hat.

“Likewise, Mr. West.” Replies Brianna as she watches his every move with eves of blue ice following him everywhere.

“Mind if I ask what you are running from?” askes Jonny adding, “Also, call me Jonny.”

“Ok Jonny, you can call me Brianna.” Replies Brianna adding the simple fact “I do not really want to talk about what I am leaving behind.”

“Oh! Yeah, that is alright I was just asking.” Answers Jonny simply “Just know that I am here when you do want to talk.”

“I understand and thanks for that.” Says Brianna as she starts to move toward her room with Jonny in tow behind her.

“Do you live somewhere around here?” asks Jonny as he wonders what mysteries this beautiful angel could be hiding.

“No, I do not, I am from out of town actually.” Answers Brianna as she unlocks her door and turns to face Jonny “Would you like to come in for a minute?”

“Uh, no actually I need to be getting to work.” Answers Jonny quickly “Though if you are up to it I will meet you here at 6pm and we can go to dinner or something.”

“I would like that.” Replies Brianna as she smiles up at him.

“Ok then. I will see you later.” Said Jonny as he walks away.

Brianna stands in the doorway of her room and watches him go. She silently takes an assessment of his looks. She notices that he has short brown hair and is about a hundred and forty-five or a hundred and fifty pounds. She also noticed that he had gorgeous deep brown eyes that portrayed a lot of innocence with their flecks of gold glittering at her.

She turns and goes into her room wondering if he would really come back that evening at 6pm like he had said that he would. Then she turned her thoughts to Adam and Dawn as her mind brought up the picture of them wrapped in each other’s arms as she had seen them just the night before.

She wondered to herself how it was that her whole life and fallen apart in just one single night. It pained her to think that Adam had possibly used her to get to her best friend and it pained her even more to realize that her best friend had played against her to succeed in taking her boyfriend.

As she stripped out of her shirt and pants, the picture of Adam and Dawn hugging each other burned brightly in her mind. Her one mission was clear. She vowed to herself that she would make them both pay one way or another.