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Brianna Simmons Chap. 11

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Going into the living room Adam and Dawn each take a seat on the couch next to each other. Turning slightly, he settles the baby in his lap. After they got comfortable Adam and Dawn both turned to meet the questioning gazes of her parents.

“Adam, tell us about yourself.” Says Dawns mother Mary.

“Yes ma’am,” answers Adam “I am eighteen and from Auburn, Washington. I have one older brother named David whose twenty-one and three younger siblings. A sister Eliza, who’s fifteen, and two younger brothers, Alan, who is twelve and Rick, who is eight. My parents are Caitlin and Newman, they have been married now for what is going thirty years. I graduated high school from Auburn Monaco High and will start college next fall at the University of Wyoming.”

“So, you and our daughter will be classmates?” asks Dawns mother Mary.

“Yes, ma’am.” Answers Adam with a slight nod of his head.

“Tell me son, do you know a Brianna Simmons?” asked Dawns father George as he finally enters the conversation.

“Um…well sir I know of her from things that Dawn has told me.” Answered Adam after collecting his thoughts.

“But you don’t know her personally, right?” Mary pressed on trying to get a rise of some hint out of the two teens.

“Yes, ma’am that is right.” Answered Adam with a slight sad note in his voice that Mary notices and takes note of but says nothing.

“Mother, there is no need to question him on the knowledge of someone he obviously doesn’t know.” Dawn finally spoke up.

“Dawn, honey I was only asking a simple question.” Says Mary sweetly.

“But mama, why question the man on something that he obviously does not know a thing about.” Dawn replies sharply.

“Dawn honey, there is no reason to go getting all upset.” George spoke up sternly glaring at his daughter.

“Sorry daddy.” Dawn replies softly.

“Man, oh man, it is getting late.” Said Adam as he looked as his watch and slowly rises from his seat sifting the baby back into Dawns arms. “I hope you fine folks want think ill of me, but I need to excuse myself now so that I will be fresh for my trip into Athens tomorrow.”

“It is quite alright young man, I think we all need to be getting to bed.” Spoke up George.

Dawn went over to hug her mother and father while Adam holds the baby. Then she turns and retreats up the stairs with Adam close at her heels, after handing the baby to Dawns mother, on his way to his own room.

© 2018 Vic Watts

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