Brianna Simmons Chap. 10

Updated on April 14, 2018


The parents remain silent until the two teens have walked out the door then Mr. Sharply is the first to speak up when suddenly Dawns mother remembers where she has seen Adam before.

“George, is that not the same boy who was in the photo that Dawn showed us of Brianna and the Tayler boy at the beach a few months back?” asks Mrs. Sharply.

“Mary, I do believe that you are right, but if that is him what is he doing with Dawn instead of Brianna?” replies George as he looks at his wife.

“George do you think we should call the Simmons and find out what is going on?” asks Mary looking at her husband inquisitively.

“I do not know, Mary.” answers George “We have no idea what has gone on tonight. So, I do not know if we should bother or not.”

“Yes, you are probably right, George.” Replies Mary “Why bother with it when Dawn seems to be so happy?”

“Exactly, why bother, huh?” asks George “Dawn is happy, so we will let her be.”

“Ok! I guess it would be best to just let her be, right?” questions Mary.

“Yes! It would be. Since we do not know what has gone down.” Answers George nonchalantly.

Hearing a sound coming from the hallway Dawns parents turn in time to see their nanny bringing in baby Michael to his mother. Mrs. Sharply takes the baby from the nanny and says something to her and the nanny retreats.

“Mama!” says little Mike tugging at a strand of his mothers’ hair.

“Hi baby! How is my little boy today?” coos his mother.

Watching the baby as he starts to giggle at his mama, George laughs to himself thinking about how nice his family was turning out to be, with Eddie off at college in California and Dawn a senior in high school and going off to the University of Wyoming after she graduates and then little Mike growing oh so fast. George wonders to himself what he ever did to get so lucky.

Turning when he hears a sound at the door, George turns in time to see his middle child enter the house followed by the young man she had left with over an hour ago.

“Welcome back you two.” Speaks up Mary while cuddling the baby to her chest.

“Thanks mama.” Replies Dawn going over to her mother and baby brother.

“No problem, dear.” Answers Mary turning to look at the young man “I do not think we were properly introduced, I am Mary Sharply and that over there is my husband George.”

“Nice to meet you both.” Drawls Adam as he turns his eyes to the baby “Who is this little one?”

“This is Michael, my baby brother.” Answers Dawn taking the baby from her mother and holding him close to her.

“Oh ok!” replies Adam nodding his head in understanding.

“Do you want to hold him?” asks Dawn as she walks toward Adam.

“Uh, I guess so.” Replies Adam as Dawn shows him how to hold the baby in his arms.

“Dawn, have you seen Brianna lately?” her mom asks out of the blue.

“No… I have not mother. Why do you ask?” responds Dawn as she turns to glance at her mother.

“Oh… It’s nothing. Let’s go into the living room, shall we? Get out of the cold air.” Answers her mother as she heads toward the door to the living room.

“Sounds good to me; what about you, Adam?” asks Dawn looking at Adam.

“Sure… sounds good to me. Man, your baby brother weighs a ton.” States Adam playfully as Dawn swings around and playfully punches his shoulder while grinning at him wildly.

“Mom, Dad, you two go on ahead and we will catch up soon.” Answers Dawn.

“Alright dear… be sure to hurry.” Says her parents in unison.

“Adam, whatever you do, try not to mention Brianna in front of my parents, specifically my mom; my mom is getting suspicious so pretend that you and Brianna are just friends, okay?” replies Dawn looking at Adam.

“Sure, no problem baby.” Dawn and Adam give each other a light peck and then turn to join her parents in the living room.

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