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Brianna Simmons Ch. 5

I have a vast interest in numerous topics. I write about many different things.


As Brianna climbs out of her car in front of her parent’s huge mansion forty-five minutes later she finds her older brother hanging out with his friend Jason on the lawn. She walks over and greets both of them.

“Hello, big brother. Hello, Jason.” Says Brianna regarding both boys with laughter in her blue eyes.

“Hey!” both boys echo at the same time.

“What are you up to Colby?” asks Brianna addressing her older brother.

“Nothing much, Brianna.” Replies Colby.

“Where is momma and papa?” she asks him softly.

“They are inside,” answers Colby pointing toward the house “In the kitchen, I think.”

“Thanks Colby.” Replies Brianna as she turns to stroll to the massive front porch that leads up to the sweeping front door.

“Welcome!” he answers turning his back on her and going back to the game he is playing with Jason.

Brianna takes one last look at the two older boys then walks up to the front door. She lays her hand on the knob and slowly turns it to the right. As she pushes the door open she hears shrieks of laughter from behind her. She pushes the door open farther and enters the foyer. The foyer where she is standing has a fish fountain standing by one wall. A long hall is running straight to the back of the house. There are about five or six different doors off the main hallway. There is also a beautiful, winding staircase leading up to the second floor.

As she heads back toward the kitchen to greet her parents, she over hears a sound coming from her father’s study. She stops by the door and turns the knob and pushes it open without knocking to dip her head inside to see what was causing the commotion. At first all she could see was the fancy decorative furniture. The Spanish tile covering the floor. An English wood desk sitting over in a corner. The walls covered from ceiling to floor by bookshelves, which hold all sorts of books.

She darts her eyes around the room and finally with a gasp of amazement her eyes land on two men who are standing in one of the corners, next to a set of French doors leading out into the picturesque garden outside. She tiptoes in quietly to get a closer look at the two men. As she gets close she recognizes one of the two men as her father. Mr. Simmons was gesturing and talking animatedly with the other man.

She draws nearer, her father finally noticing that she was there gestured for her to come forward. As she steps up beside her father she comes face to face with the man her father has been talking too. She recognizes at once who it is and covers her mouth trying desperately to keep from showing that she knows.

To late though her father turns to her and gestures toward the other man and tells her that she should know who he is, “Brianna, I am sure you know who this is.” Says her father waving his hand toward the other gentleman.

“Adam!” she thinks to herself and then answers her father, “Actually father I do seem to have a recollection of who this man is.”

“Oh my gosh!” Adam thinks to himself “Everything is going to be blown. All our hard work to keep out of trouble and it is going to come crashing down around us.”

“Do you now?” asks her father as he looks from her to Adam.

“Yes, father I do.” She answers quietly.

“Mind letting me in on the secret then?” Mr. Simmons asked in an almost commanding tone.

“Sure, father.” Answers Brianna looking Adam square in the eyes “He happens to be Mr. Tayler. A fellow I have talked with quite often.”

“Is that all he is?” questions her father looking back and forth between the two of them.

“Yes, father.” Says Brianna “That is all he is.”

“I do not think so,” replies Mr. Simmons in a somber tone “This man is more than just a casual Mr. Tayler to you, Brianna, and I want to know how much more.”

“Oh No! Oh No! What am I going to do?” Brianna wonders “How am I going to tell my father? That Adam is my boyfriend and that we have spent the night together? That I want to marry him? No, I cannot do that.”

“Damn our luck has run out!” Adam thinks to himself as he watches the many emotions that are shooting through Brianna’s eyes from fear to sadness.

“Well, daddy as I said he is Mr. Tayler.” She repeats “Otherwise known as Adam.”

“This is the Adam I received a call about last night?” questions her father looking at them both.

“Huh! You got a call last night about Adam?” gasps Brianna in surprise.

“Yes I did,” answers her father just as her mother enters the study “Not only that, but it was told to your mother and I that you spent the night in a hotel room with this man.”

“Oh No!” Brianna squeaks out and darts a look at Adam, surprise written all over her face.

“Uh sir,” Adam begins “Allow me to introduce myself properly. I am Adam Leigh Tayler.”

“I DO NOT CARE WHO YOU ARE!!” Brianna’s father screams at Adam.

“WHY DO YOU HATE ADAM SO MUCH? YOU DO NOT EVEN KNOW HIM.” Screams Brianna at her parents.

“He is a slacker, Brianna. He is no good for you.” Replies Ms. Simmons stepping up beside her husband.

“He is not mom. I love this man.” Brianna replies in a breathless tone as she moves to stand beside Adam and center a glare on both of her parents.

“LOVE!” Ms. Simmons replies laughingly “Brianna, dear, he is not even from our circle of society.”

“Our circle?” shrieks Brianna “What circle would that be, mom? I thought I could chose my friends and my boyfriend without being expected to stay in a certain circle.”

“Brianna, you have to understand….” Begins her mother.

“Understand! Understand! You expect me to understand that you hate my boyfriend just because he is not rich,” asks Brianna “or because he does not carry a wealthy last name. Well, I do not understand mom. I do not understand how I could have such cold-hearted parents.”

“Brianna…” her father begins glaring at Adam.

“No!” states Brianna with a brisk shake of her head.

“Brianna,” whispers Adam in her ear “Darling, maybe their right.”

“Oh, so that is how it is going to be right,” Brianna questions spinning around to glare wide eyed at Adam “Well, I want no part of it.”
“Brianna please….” Adam begins.

“No! I mean it Adam.” Brianna cuts him off.

“Fine! Whatever you say Brianna.” Replies Adam “I am leaving.”

Adam turns and stalks out of the room. As he leaves he hears Brianna behind him whisper something, but he does not catch what it is.

© 2018 Vic Watts