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Brianna Simmons Ch. 4

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Brianna and Amanda walk back into the lobby and just as they are passing the front desk the clerk calls out to them. “Hey, Miss.” Calls the front desk clerk.

“Yes?” answers Amanda and Brianna at the same time.

“Miss!” the clerk says again.

“Which one of us are you wanting?” Amanda asks him as she looks from him to Brianna.

“Her!” replies the clerk pointing directly at Brianna.

“What is the matter?” Brianna asks the clerk as she ambles over to the front desk.

“Miss a call came for you.” Answers the clerk.

“From who?” asked Brianna in a panicky voice.

‘From a Miss. Dawn,” the clerk answers “She said for you to call her back as soon as possible it is important.”

“Oh No,” Brianna says with a groan as she picks up the receiver and dials the Sharply’s number. “Please do not let her tell me that my parents know where I am.” Brianna thinks to herself as she listens to the phone ring on the other end. When suddenly someone picking up on Dawn’s end draws her out of her thoughts and brings her attention back to what she is doing.

“Hello?” answers a female on the other end.

“Hello, is this Dawn?” asks Brianna cautiously.

“Yes, it is,” replies the girl on the other end “Who is this? Is this Brianna?”

“Yes, Dawn it is me.” Answers Brianna smoothly.

“Oh Brianna, I have been waiting for your call.” Replies Dawn with a sudden overwhelming relief washing through her.

“Why,” askes Brianna as she begins to tremble “What is wrong?”

“Brianna,” answers Dawn with a hint of sadness dampening her voice “Brianna, your parents, somehow they found out,”

“WHAT?” shrieks Brianna loudly “How…did they…what do you mean they found out.” The words burst from her in a hurried jumble.

“Brianna, I do not know how they found out, but they know that you were not at my house.” Replies Dawn in a semi calm voice.

“Dawn, are you sure about this?’ asked Brianna in a frantic voice “I mean what did they say? How do you know that they know?”

“Brianna, they know almost everything. They know that Adam is in town.” Answers Dawn solemnly “They know that you did not spend the night here last night. My mom answered once when they called and told them you were not here.”

“But do they know that I was with him last night?” asked Brianna while she tries to keep from growing hysterical.

“No, I do not think so.” Answers Dawn almost to quiet for Brianna to hear her.

“Oh, thank god,” whispers Brianna “I probably better get him before they put it all together and come up with their own answer.’

“it is probably best that you hurry home, Brianna.” Replies Dawn “I will call Adam and let him know that you had some parental issues to take care of and offer to go get him and you can meet us back at my house when you are down.”

“Ok, Dawn,” answers Brianna “Thanks for the warning.”

“You are welcome, Brianna,” Dawn says easily with a sly smile overcoming her features.

Turning Brianna comes face to face with a startled Amanda, who she had actually forgotten was standing next to her during all this. She shakes her head once and mumbles something about telling Adam. Then she turns and looks at Amanda and states easily, “Amanda, I am really sorry, but I need to get home. Could you possibly tell Adam that I said I would talk to him later, and that Dawn will be calling him in a bit.”

“Sure, Brianna,” answers Amanda solemnly “We will talk later to, right?”

“Right!” exclaims Brianna as she nods her head and agrees.

“Okay! Later Brianna.” Calls Amanda as Brianna starts across the lobby floor toward the door.

“Yes later, Amanda.” Brianna calls out as she reaches the door and opens it to walk out.

© 2018 Vic Watts

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