Brianna Simmons- Prologue

Updated on February 8, 2018


“No not again. This cannot be happening again.” Brianna Simmons thinks to herself as she sizes up the boy in front of her. Taking in his wavy blonde hair and emerald green eyes. His height she knew was approximately three inches taller than her own five foot three. Speaking aloud she addresses the boy that has hold of her wrist. “Anthony, I thought the cops had made it clear to you that you have to stay away from me?”

“Honey, what in the world makes you think that I listen to cops?” he questions as he stares straight into her eyes. “I was always a sucker for beautiful women. Especially this particular woman.” He thinks to himself taking in the way Brianna looked at that moment with her long curly blonde hair hanging down to her waist and her deep ocean blue eyes sparkling like sapphires in the moonlight.

“Anthony, please I have not done anything to you, why are you still constantly bothering me?” she questions in a pleading voice as she continues to glance at the scenery around her. Taking in the sight of the trees and the wooden shack that sat on the other side of the lake.

Releasing her wrist Anthony slowly sweeps his hand through his hair and shaking his head he looks her up and down. From her jeweled sapphire blue eyes to her pink toes poking out of the white buckle strapped sandals she wore on her feet. Glancing back up at her face he notices the terror reflected in her eyes. “That’s right Brianna, do not try to hide your emotions toward me, cause sweetie you have never been to good at lying.” He states softly.

“I…I am not afraid of you, Anthony.” She stutters as she gulps in breath after breath, her chest rising and falling in a rhythmic motion.

“Oh, is that a fact, Brianna? Honey, I told you not to try lying because you were not any good at it….” He states and looks at her trembling body and her hands tightly clasped before leaning close to her and continuing in a low whisper in her ear “…frankly honey your actions are giving away your every emotion. From the shaking in your body to the tightly clasped fingers. I want you to be afraid Brianna. Always be afraid.”

“Nooooooooooooo!” screams Brianna as she shoots straight up in her bed like a bullet shot from a gun. The sound of someone moving outside her bedroom door was doing nothing to calm her nerves. “It was just a dream, Brianna, just a dream.” She thinks to herself. Squeezing her eyes, she slouches against the wall pulling the covers up nearly to her chin. She knew that if Anthony walked the streets she would never be safe. Not even with her parents around. Glancing around her room she could see the shadows of tree limbs dancing against her wall. Slowly taking a deep breath Brianna swore to herself that she would find a way to get Anthony out of her life once and for all.

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