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Blue Bracelet and Treasure Hunt 4

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The Drive

The Drive

Chapter 3

On that moonless night, Lenard sat on the wooden chair in the forest cottage slowly raising his pants letting the blood ooze from his wound. Emi frets to the sight of blood and the blue patch that has appeared on his ankle. It is her Lenard she had to regain her strength and clear her blurring eyesight. Managing the way to the kitchen she tore a piece from her white cotton blouse and fetched some water. Lenard could bear the pain by gritting his teeth and tightly closing the eyes, he didn’t want her to be more upset. Slowly she raised his leg and kept it on the table, cleaned the wound using water and applied pressure using the clean cloth. He could feel her teardrops on his legs. Lenard slowly kept his right hand on her shoulder comforting and giving strength.

As soon as it stopped bleeding, the couple arrived at Shashi, the car came towards the small house honking. The house had a yellow bulb glowing on its hood. To the frightening emergency sound, Shashi hurried to the doorstep. Emi and the doctor helped Lenard to settle on a chair in the front entrance of the home and without questioning Shashi began to clean the wound and treat him.
Emi gazed at the medical equipment in the lobby, they were arranged and organized neatly as in a hospital. All set in a white background typically. The garden was larger than the house as she could see, even the white roses appeared dark to her on that day.
Finishing the treatment, Shashi settled herself on a wooden chair next to Lenard and opposite to Emi wondering of the happening around the newly married couple. The ghost silent and exchange of agitated looks created an anxious environment.

‘What do you know about the cottage’ it was Emi.

‘It was owned by Mrs Stevenson a lady I’ve heard of and never met. Folks say that she has masked herself by helping the orphans and she is behind an old treasure which has been secured for thousands of years passing several generations till the exact owner of it is born’ Shashi replied fidgeting her hand.

‘Do you believe it?’ Lenard asked.

‘Lena the little girl living in the church has told me several times that she had seen something glowing inside the cottage when no one lived in there, several times I stayed with her to check it, but still I found nothing; I wish it’s a rumour’.
Now their confusions got even more complex and unfortunately, the couple did not get a satisfactory solution for their problem from Shashi.

It was raining while they were driving back. The couple maintained silence while the windscreen cleaned of the gushing water over the car. They could only see flashing lights and Emi stopped the car on the roadside and leaned back on her driving seat.

The Clue

‘Mrs. Stevenson is my granny’
Emi suspired.
Lenard gently clasped her hand. ‘Let’s find out the answers for the riddles soon and let it be our honeymoon adventure. He sounded enthusiastic even though the inner mind still worried.
‘It’s getting more complicated and the mystery never ends like “The Voynich Manuscript’ Emi worried.
‘What it the manuscript’
‘It is the mysterious book in the world. Gosh! We can search about the treasure and the cottage in the old library of the village’ Emi became more alive for the idea that struck her all of a sudden.
Reaching the cottage Lenard fished for the key of the cottage from his pocket.

Alas! The door is already open and they could see muddy footpaths everywhere!

Learn about the History's Biggest unsolved Mystery. The Voynich Manuscript

Michael, the man with the hat and the lean one walked passing the bridge in the dark making no noise. The stout one, being watchful of his steps, reached the cottage window.
Michael could see a wide grin on his face. “Boss no one is here,” he said in a high tone breaking the pin drop silence that prevailed. Two of them rushed and decided that this is the right time to execute their plan. They checked the Cottage map once again to make it quick.

Michael opened the back door of the cottage using the fake key set that he always had with him. The lean one slipped in too to check on the hidden door. Following the known way, Michael reached the bedroom clutching the cottage map. He flashed the torchlight inside the room and made his way doubting whether he could find the bracelet. The room had a window a bed and a chest of three drawers beside the bed. Michael opened the first drawer, then the second. There was no bracelet. ‘Emi must be wearing that’ he whispered in the darkness. A sudden sound, he rushed outside the room in a hurry and it was the lean one, stunned as he dropped his torchlight. With frustration, Michael entered the room again and opened the third drawer it was full of books. He sat on the bed for a moment deceived. He stood up again wiping the sweat off his forehead. Astonishingly to the accident torchlight that shoved off on the chest of drawers, he could see something sparkling behind the luminous green glass flower vase that had three roses in it. Yes, it was the Silver and blue bracelet sparkling in the fade light. Regaining the hopes of his target and being cautious of making evidence he took the bracelet in his gloved hand and closed the drawer as it was. Pocketing the bracelet he rushed to the door and made his way out. Obviously forgetting the map.
He was out at the right time as he could see the headlight of an approaching vehicle.

He whistled and the other two was near him with disappointed looks assuring that they could not find the hidden door. However, they slowly made their way with the conquered feeling and vanished into the woods.

The Silver and Blue Bracelet

The Silver and Blue Bracelet

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