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Blue Bracelet and Treasure Hunt 3 - Short Story

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Abandoned House

Abandoned House

Chapter 2

The Theft

The man hurried towards the church clinching a wooden box by hand. His hair was curled and had a Charlie Chaplin moustache.; he stole the box with gloved hands from the cottage in the very minute that Emi and Lena ran to the front yard to check the loud sound they heard, and escaped from the back door leaving no trace.

The man took the box to a house opposite the church in the lane by the shoe bridge. The walls of the house were partially covered with moss from the bottom make it apparent that it was abandoned years ago. The windows seemed broken and the front door was closed with a padlock. The man jumped inside through the window and waited still for something. Without delaying two men attained. One was big stout and was wearing a hat, the other was tall lean and had one or two hairs on his head making him appear as a 60 years old man. After ensuring that no one is looking they entered in.

‘Michael, have you got the box?'

The man with the hat questioned lowering his voice while walking on the dusty floor waving insects which surrounded his torchlight.

‘You are just a plum pudding man. You could only stare at Emi and scare her, but it’s me the one who completed the task’ Michael whispered scratching his moustache.

Three of them gathered around a table in which the box was placed in the middle. A yellow dim light was hanging from the roof elucidating the box and making them appear as ghosts to each other even though they knew that they appeared weird. They remained silent for minutes staring at the box while the tick-tock of the clock aroused a feeling of involving in a major crime scene.

The lean man broke the silence. ‘Boss it’s locked, how are we gonna to open it?’

‘Listen carefully the box can only be opened using the key inside Emi’s silver and blue bracelet which Nana presented her’

The lean one interrupted Michael

‘Why didn't she present it to yew Boss?'

‘Do I look like a girl to wear a bracelet with sparkling stones?’

Understanding Michael’s temper the man with the hat diverted.

‘And what’s inside the box’

The man with the hat and the lean was staring at each other being clueless of the so-called mission.

Michael explained ‘this box the one that is in front of your eyes, holds a map in it which can take us to a treasure that is being secured for years. And now we are going to execute a plan to get the key from Emi’s bracelet to unlock it’

Michael brought a sheet and unrolled it revealing a map of the church area the bridge and the was in black and white and had only the outline of the buildings. The other two focused on it in the faint light. The map also contained a large picture of the cottage in which all three sides of it were marked in three-dimension. It had three entrance marked in red. The front door, the back door and a door in the middle of the cottage. One by one Michael’s finger pointed on the doors and the finger stopped on the middle one.

‘This must be an Emergency door’ Michael guessed.

‘To the underground?’ the lean and the stout questioned at once.

‘I have no idea where it leads to, but we need to include exploring that door as a part of our plan’ Michael replied frowning his brows.

After studying the layout three of them settled on three old wooden cobwebbed chairs.

Michael put forward the idea of looking forward to the bracelet at night through the back door of the cottage while Emi and Lenard are fast asleep. It was the fat one’s duty to watch from the window and signal if they wake suddenly meanwhile Michael took the duty to steal the bracelet as he already had experience in slipping in through the back door. The lean one’s duty was to look for the door in the middle of the cottage. They reserved fifteen minutes to finish their mission. Everything was planned except a day to execute the plan.

Finding the way to the treasure has been Michael’s major aim since he learned about it in his childhood. Now the time has given him the best chance as he easily got the box and the key for it is not so far.

The Layout

The Layout

Lenard Returns.

Lenard kept on running for a certain distance through the woods looking for the person who frightened his Emi. He could not run longer, Lenard rested on his knees and panted. The darkness formed images of tall men with swords. He could only see a pale blue and orange mixed sky which got dark eventually.

With the intention of reaching home before the darkness engulfs. Lenard began to walk towards home. The path began to vanish with the time that he has to hold tree by tree and walk more like an agitated blind man with a stick. The selfless love towards Emi made him move fearlessly. For his relief, he could see a faraway light which made him move faster .at the same time a tree bark hit him hard on his ankle. For a few minutes, he could feel the pain that was growing from the ankle to the knee blurring his sight. He was about to fall and a sudden flash of Emi’s smile hit his mind making him more alive and the smile dragged him like a magnet towards his Emi.

Emi was holding the torch to the woods standing on the doorway of the cottage. Tears were rolling on her cheeks and hands trembled. The breeze which soothed her so far seemed to burn her without her Lenard. Emi looked at the sky and the absence of starts dismayed her. She could resist this feeling no more; gaining all her strength she stood still for the third hour flashing the light towards the wood.

The abruptly heard sound of trampling leaves was fretful. The expectation and fear grew together. However, the destiny eased Emi by bringing her Lenard back to her. Beating the wind, she hurried towards Lenard. She hugged and sobbed. Lenard forgot all his pain and embraced his Emi and kissed on her forehead.

Both walked to the Inn. Lenard quietly sat on a chair and lifted his trouser slowly, which displayed the bleeding wound…..

Couple True Love

Couple True Love

Chapter 4

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