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Blue Bracelet and Treasure Hunt 2 - Short Story

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In Love

In Love

Chapter 1

A week ago Emi and Lenard arrived at the cottage Inn suggested by Emi's Nana for their honeymoon. No longer had they cold nights. The sunlight has made its way through the leaves and branches of the huge trees that surrounded the cottage. Which almost made the cottage Inn a part of nature.

The couple has been spending their time fishing in the river that was flowing under the bridge and walking through the woods. One day Lenard surprised Emi with a swing made of rope tied to the Oak tree in the front yard.

The Silver and Blue Bracelet

The Silver and Blue Bracelet

It was a day in which Emi woke up with the fulfilment of having Lenard beside her. The sunlight flashed in through the window making a wonderful art from the colours painted on it. Refreshing air that made her hair messier and the melodious songs of the birds were heavenly. Apart from all Emi considered herself blessed to have Lenard's arm tied around her. She set her eyes on him and wondered how peaceful he looked. Leaning gently she planted a soft kiss on his lips being cautious not to awake him and walked slowly by placing foot by foot on the wooden floor to the window almost as nature dragged her to drench in its beauty.

While making a bun of her blonde messy hair and yawning Emi noticed the unusual movement on the bridge. Yes, it was the girl she saw on her first day standing on the same bridge. This time within a moment Emi got dressed in a white top, blue denim and rushed to the bridge. Alas! Her guessing was right. It was a little girl in a yellow frock and a pink bow on her curly hair. Instead of vanishing this time the girl grinned at Emi. Her toothless smile made her adorable.

Emi stood still for a moment still wondering if she is a ghost or a human. However, to Emi's astonishment, the little girl spoke up.

‘Hi, I am Lena and I live in the church’

‘Emi and I live in the cottage with my husband’ Emi stammered and pointed the cottage while speaking.

A few words of the conversation built up a heartwarming bond between them. Which they never knew is going to continue throughout their lives.

The laughter brought Lenard's attention and to his wonder, a little girl and his Emi were playing in the swing set he made for her. It had space to hold both of them as a wide plank has been used to prepare the swing seat. They seemed to enjoy the dew droplets that fell from the tree and the light that came through the leaves. Dried and wilted leaves underneath the swing flew with the speed of the swing. Emi’s blonde hair and Lena’s curly hair appeared as the waves that roll on the sea. Their laughter echoed in the woods making it more alive.

Emi's and Lenard's eyes met and the whole story behind was explained. Lena's laugh blended with nature made the cottage Inn complete.

While they were playing Lenard phoned the church; he got the number from doctor Shashi who came to treat Emi the other day. As he inquired about Lena he got to know that she was orphaned a year ago and since the death of her mother following an episode of Pneumonia she has been living in the church with few funds raised from the well-wishers. The story made Lenard and Emi reserve a part in their hearts for Lena.

In a while, they came running to the cottage inn. Emi prepared them fruit nectar to quench their thirst.

‘God made us best friends, you know why?’ Lenard was asking Lena. While she was thinking Emi answered with a smile.

‘Because he made him Lenard and made you Lena’

They laughed while enjoying the nectar.

Unblinking Eyes

Unblinking Eyes

The painted colours on the window attracted Lena, she examined them with eyes that did not blink.

‘You like to draw’ Emi asked her and she nodded.

‘Why don’t you teach some of your Pictograms Em?’ Lenard suggested.

Both of them sat on the wooden floor bending their legs. The adorable kid was smiling with a set of colour pastels on her hand. Emi understood the question in Lena’s eyes and explained to her that Pictograms are a variety of drawing that is used to convey a message. Lena seemed to listen with great enthusiasm and curiosity. Emi started teaching the very basics of it which reminded her of her childhood.

Emi lost her mother on a car accident and it was Nana who raised Emi as her stepmother was rude enough to give more importance to her own son Michael and condemn Emi in everything. Sometimes Michael visited Nana to play with Emi. He was five years older than her and had same qualities of his mother. He has been listening to the stories Nana told and Emi almost forgot them except the pictograms that she taught. The pictogram is the treasure map to the fortune which Emi never knew.

‘Can I have some white sheets?’

Lena asked while rolling her eyes. Emi made her way to the table in which most of their possessions were loaded. The disorganized mess brought out something to her and she examined it. It was a handy wooden box and it was locked. Emi’s curiosity began to rise thinking of what may be inside. Lena came hoping in to see where Emi is.

‘Wow the box looks beautiful, do you know what’s inside it?’

Her childish voice raised a question to which Emi never knew the answer. Emi was trying hard to open the box without knowing the key for it lies in her silver and blue bracelet.

The Wooden Box

The Wooden Box

The loud noise that came from the front yard made them jump. Emi and Lena ran outside while Lenard came running through the bridge with the grocery. It was the swing down on the mud. Lenard examined the rope ends and it was clear that it was cut by a knife and dropped down.

‘Em wait here I will check if somebody is around' Lenard examined the front yard and began to walk through the woods. Emi was holding Lena tight by her hand. The incident brought thousands of questions within Emi. Since day one, she has been having the feeling of being followed. But who wants to follow them and what they want from them. With those question that didn't have answers, Emi walked into the cottage while holding Lena by hand. Her heart was beating fast, eyes were expecting Lenard and mind was praying that he should return safely. She was immersed in thoughts that she didn't know that Lena loosed her hold and went to the table with the thought of examining the box. In a while all she could hear was

‘Emi the box is missing!’.

Chapter 3

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