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Angels of Haunted Soul - Chapter 1

Nikki Khan welcomes new writers and enjoys reading their work as much as she likes other writers’ work.

If you love angels - they will guard you | Source

If you love angels - they will guard you | Source


This is totally fiction work of my mind, so resemblance to any story, characters or real life incidents can be just coincidence as I do not intend to copy any work.

In the Beginning

This story is about a little girl Sophia who is a God gifted child with some shadows of evil forces chasing her since her childhood to stop her from knowing about her spiritual gift which can heal people and can prove a blessing for miserable mankind of her time.

Sophia is ten now but she has felt and seen a black person following her in real and in dreams which she really feels frightened about.Sophia has also felt presence of a white beard old man with her which soothes her at times but her fears are very real and frightening being just so young to face all this.

She cannot understand what’s happening, the story is about her inner struggle, about her fears and about her journey towards the truth which would relieve her soul forever.

I hope you would enjoy to read it.

Now will you please join me as I start writing my favourite fiction ‘Angels of haunted soul’.

Innocence is valuable

Sophia was quickly packing up her things for an outing in Hyde Park.She always liked to take her hair brush, her make up kit, some chocolates and yes she never used to forget to put Holy Cross in her bag.

This sign was protecting her from evil forces according to her belief.Without this, she never thought of going anywhere.Once she lost this Holy Cross , she couldn’t put her feet out of house until she found it in her cupboard.

As being a little 10 years old girl, Sophia was very confident but at the same time was scared of devil who used to wear black clothes and she was very frightened of seeing him never knowing what was protecting her from black world.

“Sophia, come on, we are already late dear, it’s 10’o clock now, why do you take so long to get ready?” Mrs. Sarah Thompsons said loudly from downstairs.

Mr Adam Thompsons and Mrs Sarah Thompsons were a beautiful couple anyone would imagine of.Everything was complete in their life with Sophia, being their only child.They had raised Sophia like a princess, she was their pride and love of life.

Thompsons family had migrated from South Africa before settling in London since year 2000.London proved a wonderful place for them and they got their only child Sophia here after medical treatment of many years.

She was a gem for their family and was such a blessing for Thompsons as everything changed since she came into their lives.They got more wealthy and God had blessed them so much in many ways since Sophia was born.

Thompsons used to call their daughter ‘magic charm’ for them not knowing her soul secret.Sophia used to admire her parents a lot considering them best parents in whole world.

“Innocence is always so wonderful which lets you live in world of dreams full of happiness.”

A day out in Hyde Park

Mrs Thompsons had already started her Range Rover’s engine and had hit the sound button as she always used to do when Sophia was late.

In one minute, Sophia was standing at front door of her house with her pink bagpack and her little kitty’s white box in one hand.

Little kitty ‘Hope’ was her name, yes ‘Hope’, this was Sophia’s name she gave to little kitten.

Sophia closed the main door and sat on front seat with her mum, she always loved to sit with her mum at front.Hope was resting on behind seat with a seat belt on her box.

Sophia sneaked on her mum who looked very angry with her as Sophia used to be last one all the time.

She knew that Mum was ignoring her, she always used to do when she used to be much angry.

“I am sorry Maa, really I am”,

There was no answer from mum’s side, she just nodded in form of yes.

Soon they were parking near Hyde Park.Sophia took out her kitty’s box and Mrs.Thompsons took a lunch basket out and a sheet to sit on.

It was a bright sunny day today and sun was shining at it’s full length at the end of February month.Though was bit of chilly in the air but sunshine was making it warm with it's warm rays.

Park was full of people who were enjoyjng the sun which came out after many days.And it was weekend too, so everyone was relaxing under the sun.

Sophia and her mummy found some space at one corner under a shady tree.Hope and Sophia were so excited, Sophia started throwing ball and hope was playing with ball, she was moving it around and then running after it, then was rolling it with her paws and was moving it forward.

Hope loved to play with ball, her favourite game was.And Sophia used to run after her with excitement and this was great fun for Sophia seeing Hope playing around with ball.

Both of them got tired soon, lunch was ready as well bh that time.

Mrs.Thompsons had set up their lunch on the sheet, Sophia and Hope came back from ball playing.

There were strawberries, cherries and chicken sandwiches, milk for Hope, pineapple juice for Sophia and tea bottle for Mrs Thompsons.

“Aww yummy strawberries, I just love them mommy,” Sophia said excitedly.

“I know my dear Sophia,” her mum replied with a meaningful smile on her face.

Hope was busy in drinking milk which was her favourite drink.

After finishing lunch, Sophia wanted to play more with Hope, her only friend, and mummy permitted her to play but not to go very far which Sophia accepted.

Both of them were playing hide and seek behind a tree which was not very far from Mrs Thompsons.

Picnic in Hyde Park | Source

Picnic in Hyde Park | Source

Freshness of spring in the air

As Sophia and Hope were busy in having fun with the tree, Mrs Thompsons started looking at trees and spring flowers around her.She always admired and loved nature.In fact, to observe natural beauty was her favourite hobby.

There was a sense of life renewal in the air.All the trees were producing new green leaves on them.Birds were chirping on the trees, probably were planning to make new nests.Cherry trees were on bloom with new buds.Finally, winter was coming to end and life was starting again in form of leaves and flowers.

There was scent of fresh flowers everywhere, spring was arrived.Even sun was proving this fact by giving it's whole energy to warm up the atmosphere.Everyone was playing, resting under the sun and having fun with food.

"Life is just so wonderful phase of this universe," Mrs Thompsons thought.She loved this spring and nature.This freshness of spring season was her most favourite time of the year.Today's picnic was about her fulfilment of eyes as well, she wanted to see this rebirth of life on the trees.

And this love of spring was a gift from her parents who were in love with the trees and flowers.Seeing this natural beauty was a way of soothing her eyes with her past memories of trees and roses in her parental garden.

Garden full of Roses | Source

Garden full of Roses | Source

Evil Shadows lurking behind

Mrs Thompsons was lost in recalling sweet memories of her parental garden full of roses and apples when she got shocked by Sophia’s scream.She looked around in shock and amazement that where the scream came from.

She ran towards the tree where Sophia was playing some moments ago with Hope and couldn’t believe what she saw there.

Sophia was sitting there on ground with flat legs and was laughing meaninglessly.Hope was not there.

“What’s happened Sophia? Why did you scream? Why are you laughing now? And where is Hope?” Mrs Thompsons asked in shocked voice.

“Nothing mommy, relax, don’t worry, Hope is absolutely fine, she is with her guardian now, will be back soon, and my scream that was just nothing, don’t you worry mommy,” Sophia replied with wicked sound full of evil.

Mrs Thompsons was totally shocked and couldn’t figure out what to do.

“Let’s find Hope Sophia, can we,” Mrs Thompsons asked furiously.

“No mommy, no need, Hope will arrive soon,” Sophia laughed and laughed saying this.

Mrs Thompsons was so terrified by now that her blood got cold in her veins by fear.Her voice was shaking with frightness.

Sophia has never reacted like this before, she thought.”And where is Hope gone? What’s this all happening?” she whispered to herself.

“Okay, let’s go home,” she said desperately when couldn’t figure anything out.

Come on, I am waiting to go home for a long time mommy and I am so hungry too, Sophia replied excitedly with freaking dark eyes.

“Her eyes are different and she just ate lunch, oh God, what’s goin‘ on, help me please,” Mrs Thompsons said in disappointment.

To be Continued

I had much fun writing it, of course, you would enjoy it too.See you in Chapter 2 again with shadows of some supernatural over Thompsons house.

A roller coaster of imagination is rolling up with words to entertain you with mystery and reflection of spiritual journey.

Good bye till next chapter.

© 2018 Nikki Khan

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