Becoming Aquarius (Part 1)

Updated on June 6, 2018

The Transformation

Interior | Source

Becca just arrived home after school. Once in through the front door, she hopped inside. As soon as she was in her maids bowed to greeted her and one simultaneously retrieved Becca’s backpack from her shoulders. Becca greeted her maid each with a named and smile before squatting to unlace her boots.

These boots were her favorite, black leather that stopped right at below her knee, decorated with 5 Silver buckles in the front, all perfectly situated on top of two inch platforms. It would give her more fresh air as well as intimidated people easier. Not that her style didn’t already do that for her.

Becca | Source

Now unbuckled, and laces unraveled, Becca stepped out of her platforms boots reduce by two inches in height. The drop made her laugh, she had forgotten her original height 5 feet 8 inches. Immediately she headed to her up the winding stair to her room.

Jumping in her black posh leather CEO chair, Becca stretched, linking fingers together pushing upwards to hear each bone crack. Pushing her shoulder blades out she simultaneously cracked her neck left to right. Before rocking to each side stretching out her arms as much as they could go. Breaking the grip of her intertwined fingers, Becca revived the computer and fished out my headset. “Game time!”

Becca spent most of her nights like this glued to a computer screen after school releasing the stress of the day, all the while earning money here and there. Unfortunately she wasn’t a top gamer. It was one of her many dreams, but she would get there someday.

As her mother said, “After all your only 18. And only healthy stress is allowed otherwise you would have to take a vacation.” Compared to the other child prodigies, she was at her golden age. Someone knocked on her door and told Becca that dinner was ready. Becca inwardly groaned. She hated dinners.

They were always by herself or with her personal maid, but they wouldn't let her eat in her room. She equally respected and despised the rule. They had maids and butlers for a reason, but then again her parents had to make sure that Becca grew up learning how to take care of herself and her own space so she can learn to value her worth and her own health.

It was easier to deal others when it come to business if you had some basics in common. Becca shucked the headset off of her ears in front of the computer and trudged down the spirally set of stairs. She was surprised to see her mother's’ shoes next to the front door and all, but ran into the dining room.

“Mom! Why are you home? Why didn't you tell me you were home?” Becca shouts skidding through the threshold of the dining room. Although their dining room was twice the size of her room their dining table was a modest size seating 6 people. Enough for Becca’s mom, father, brother, and herself with two extra seats on the ends for friends or family visitors.

The table was able to be shifted longer when they had big parties, big family dinners, or business meetings etc. Both versions were clear glass tables outlined in white marble and ornate decorative white and black marble legs. The chairs were the same color only made of woods and infused with plump cushion.

The rest of the room was polished mahogany wood floors and ceiling to floor bookshelves every three feet of each other up against the wall. Plants filling up the spaces in the corners beside the doors leading to the foyer, garden, and kitchen.


Ruse was sitting in one of the middle seats of the dining room table looking up at her daughter with an incredulous look. “Do you think I would leave you alone to eat for longer than two weeks at a time? You deserve to spend some time with your mother if you can’t have both your mother and father, darling.”

Becca’s body visibly relaxed at the slight Virginia drawl that mother only let slip in comfortable company. Becca walked up to her to where Ruse was, and pulled the chair back to plop right in her mother lap. Wrapping her arms around Ruse did the same.

Squeezing her daughter around the torso and Ruse stroked back the heat pressed black hair behind her daughters ear. Murmurs of I love yous and missings were exchanged. The greeting only lasted for a minute for the maid and cook came in soon after and settled the food on the table.

After Becca unraveled herself from her mother she slid in the seat to the right of Ruse. Skooching the chair as close to Ruse as she could get, being the little kid that her brain turned to in view of her parents.

After thanking the maid for their food, Ruse and Becca chatted about their lives. What they’ve been doing for the past two weeks. Becca’s work assignments, her friends, and her health as well as Ruse’s work, location, people she has met, and her overall health.

Their conversation lasted for such a time that when it ended it was around eleven at night and Ruse told her daughter to get ready for bed. “I’ll be here for the next two days. We can catch up more then.” Becca smiled and hugged her mom tightly before ascending up the stairs.

Becca’s personal maid was waiting outside her room, hands folded over the other in her lap. Becca smiled again seemingly in disbelief at how much her lips couldn’t stay in a flat line or a grimace as they usually would most days. It was always like this when her parents or parent came back.

They exchange of stories made her closer to filling that gap the ebbs away when they are not around. Becca only had Leena, her personal maid, to rely on when her parents are absent. Becca nods and hugs Leena quickly before pulling back. Some might probably say Becca is more comfortably around Leena that her own blood relations, which of course Becca would never admit to.

“Good night!” Becca says to her excitedly going through the threshold of her room before slamming the door behind. In the flurry of excitement left from her moms arrival, Becca stands in awe on the middle of her rug trying to push her excitable emotions down. She’s practically bouncing on the balls of her feet.

‘That’s enough. Your too excited. Calm yourself you need to sleep. You have a big game tomorrow in which you need to have adequate sleep for.’ Silence rings in her mind before she ends up chuckling to herself. ‘Sometimes mind you win but tonight you get to take a break.’ Becca moves to turn off the lamps on each side of her bed.

Now all is dark except for her computer monitor and the galaxy sky outside her window. She reaches to grab her headset when instead her hand finds a small box. “Hmm.” Becca’s eyebrows furrowed as she pulls back with the box in hand.

“This wasn’t there before.” The curiosity naws at her and she frowns.

‘Who could it be from? Mom? She would have told me she likes seeing my face so I doubt it, but it is the only real possibility since its not my birthday yet.’ Despite not having a concrete answer at 11pm at night Becca opens the stiff blue box to reveal egg shaped red garnet stone. With two silver lines around the stone to lock it in place and one-fourth of the silver steel band poking out of the box.

It wasn’t her favorite color, but she knew it too be her birth stone which was just as meaningful. It had to have been her mom that gave it to her.

© 2018 Natalia Thomas


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