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Beach Beauty part 7


Don't Walk The Beach Alone At Night

When we last left off Lucas had just asked Jenna to go out with him. He liked spending time with her so why not date her. “ Well Lucas I am not sure what to say other than I never thought you would ask me out,” Jenna said. “ you are the one that inspired me to continue surfing and getting a job at the restaurant,” Lucas said. “ Yes I will go out with you, but I think that you should ask my parents if it’s okay since we will be seeing so much more of each other,” Jenna said, and Lucas nodded. Lucas began walking back to the restaurant to go talk to Jenna's parents. “Lucas, its late my parents, are probably asleep we should get back home I will see you tomorrow,” Lucas said and gave her a half-hearted hug. He wanted to give her a real hug, but he didn’t want to risk her parents seeing before he talked to them.

The next day when Jenna and Lucas saw each other at the restaurant, her mom observed them. Jenna kept watching her dad and glancing at her mom. Her mom knew something was going on, she just didn’t know what it was. Jenna waited until the restaurant was completely empty to pull her parents aside. Mom, Dad, Lucas has something to talk to you about do you have time”? Jenna asked. They nodded and pointed to the table in the far corner of the room, and the three of them took a seat. “Jenna said that you had something you wanted to ask us”? they said. “ Yes I wanted to ask your permission to date your daughter I know how much your opinion of the guys she dates means to her and that is why I am here asking your permission.

Jenna had made it look like she had left the restaurant entirely, but she hadn’t she just hid away. She wanted to hear what her dad said, while Lucas was still there. There was silence for about fifteen minutes, then her dad said: “if you hurt her once I will fire you on the spot.” Lucas smiled and said, “Thank you, sir.” Jenna was in a dark corner with her hand clasped over her mouth, she didn’t want them to hear her scream of joy or even see how happy she was. Her dad didn’t want her around when he talked to Lucas, but she was even if he didn’t know it. Then Jenna snuck out of the restaurant and took her surfboard to the water, she paddled out to the middle of the ocean and made the first wave she saw. She kept going without looking back trying to get rid of her nerves.

Jenna needed to feel free and like she in control she had begun to feel out of control recently. When she was surfing, however, she felt at peace and free, so that was what she did when she was nervous. Jenna couldn’t wait around in the restaurant to hear what else Lucas and her parents were discussing or for her dad's response to something else Lucas asked him because she was afraid of what it might be. “ Hey, beautiful what are you doing out here all alone”? Someone asked, it wasn’t Lucas Jenna didn’t know who it was and she began to get nervous all over again. She stood to stalk still unable to move. “ I want surfing lessons, and you are the best around people say.” The guy said as he circled her walking in the water. Jenna got a bad vibe from him, so she said nothing.

When she walked to the sand and stood there, she was trying to figure a way out of the situation. The guy followed her though “ Get away from her,” Lucas shouted as he came closer “ Who are you” the guy said, “ He’s her boyfriend now get away from her the cops have been called.” Her father said as he walked closer to them. Then what seemed like minutes later the cops showed up and arrested the guy that was about to attack her. “ Jenna maybe you shouldn’t come out here at night without someone else from now on.” Her dad said Jenna nodded and walked closer to Lucas so that he could protect her. “ Dad I am not going to be afraid to surf at night this is our beach, and I want to be able to use it whenever I see fit.” She said her dad nodded, but the look he gave her still said he wanted someone else to protect her. “ I am the beach beauty that means I live limitlessly that means surfing when I want,” Jenna said. Nobody said anything else she had a point.


Limitlessness On a Beach Is Beautiful

“Jenna you can live limitlessly, but none of us want anything to happen to you, so please be careful.” Her mom said Lucas nodded took Jenna’s hand and squeezed it. Jenna nodded and said, “ I will be careful, but now I am nervous to call myself beach beauty.” “ Jenna don’t worry I will protect you and we will all monitor who comes into the restaurant,” Lucas said, and her mom and dad both nodded. Jenna nodded although she wasn’t sure how protective her parents and Lucas could be. She was the beach beauty, and she was living limitlessly, but she wasn’t sure if she could continue doing that. She looked from Lucas to her parents with a nervous look on her face. “ Jenna honey we are going to protect you no matter what your beach beauty status will stay intact.” Her dad said, and she nodded. They all walked back to the house, and Lucas left promising to be there early the next morning.

Jenna couldn’t sleep that night she was so scared of going out on the beach at night now. Her mom knocked on her door at 2:30 am. “ Jenna is there something wrong why are you still up”? her mom asked as she poked her head into her room. “ Jenna, you aren’t sleeping is it because of what happened on the beach”? her mom asked. “ How did you know mom that I was up I mean”? She asked, “ I just had a feeling, did you want to talk about it”? Her mom asked. “ There was just some creepy guy that tried to talk to me while I was surfing he wanted me to give him surfing lessons but I didn’t really say I would or I wouldn’t I couldn’t really see his face.” She said. He tried to attack me because I wouldn’t answer him about teaching him how to surf and that was what was creepy.” Jenna said. He asked in a creepy tone of voice”. Jenna said, “ So you got creeped out”? Her mom said. Jenna only nodded. Jenna try to get some sleep I will see you tomorrow.” Her mom said and left the room. Jenna fell asleep within minutes after that and dreampt of nothing.

Jenna was up at 7 am, and outside on the beach. She wanted to surf, and she didn’t want to be afraid of it. Lucas was watching her from the shore. He had a massive smile on his face. He was so proud of her for not giving up. Sure people were trying to put limits in her path, but she was determined to not let those limits stop her from reaching her goals. The beach beauty was limitless, and she wanted to keep it that way. She was going to keep her surfing and the restaurant going that way as long as she could. It was limitless, and that was what she loved about it. Lucas was late for his shift at the restaurant, but he couldn’t take his eyes off Jenna “ Jenna you were amazing out there I couldn’t help but watch you, but now I am late but so are you.” Lucas said with a laugh. Jenna laughed and said, “ We should get back before we are even later.” Lucas nodded and kissed her cheek as they headed into the restaurant.

“ Jenna, how was the surf this morning?” Her mom asked as she was walking in to get to her shift. “It was great I love surfing early in the morning it makes me feel limitlessly free.” She said, “ When I feel limitlessly free in the water on my surfboard it transfers to my work, and that is why I like doing it before I work.” Jenna said and both her parents nodded and smiled. This was how they wanted to her to live her life and be the best beach beauty she could be. Lucas wanted the same thing for her, and they dated for months like this that turned into years.

Years went by, and the two of them worked really well together. Jenna was in college, and she was getting perfect grades as well as Lucas. Jenna would take over the business really soon she could feel it. It wasn’t that her parents weren’t going to be around it was just time for her to really learn the ropes her parents learned at her age, so it was her turn now. So Jenna learned the ropes, and now it was her restaurant that her parents helped her run. With her still surfing and running the restaurant as well as going to school she was swamped. Now the restaurant, however, was always packed. Jenna couldn’t leave the restaurant much to practice so she would fit in, in the cracks of her day. Although the first day she ran it she couldn’t go because it was just so busy.


The Beach Beauty Restaurant Is Doing Well

Jenna and Lucas were seeing a lot more of each other since he was working for them or for her actually now since she was the owner. Although they didn’t go out much because Jenna was so busy with all the things she was doing. Beach beauty the restaurant was taking up a lot of her time, but she loved it and couldn’t wait to do more with it. She was living limitlessly and getting everything she had ever wanted to be done, and it was terrific. She was limitless living and couldn’t wait to continue. Tune in next time to see what happens next.

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