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Beach Beauty Part 8


Beach Beauty Part 8

When we last left off, Jenna and Lucas were on their honeymoon they were supposed to be relaxing and enjoying each other, but instead, they were working. So what happens now? They decided to walk the beach before they headed home from Mexico on their last day. They had explored and had fun, but they began working near the end because it was just so pretty here and there was so much potential with the empty building next to the resort. If what they wanted with this place came true they could vacation anytime they were there which would be more frequently they hoped. When they landed back home, they went straight to the restaurant for a welcome home dinner. Everyone was there when Jenna and Lucas walked into Jenna’s parents smiled as well as Lucas’s as they looked at them and then they all shook their heads when Jenna handed them a package. “ You two didn’t relax as much as you should have did you”? They said questioningly “ When you love what you do you do it limitlessly.” Lucas said Jenna nodded. “ Lucas, does that mean you two bought another restaurant location”? Jenna’s mom asked. “ No but we did look,” he said. Jenna nodded “ We are thinking of buying the one restaurant that is on the beach where the hotel we stayed at in Mexico for our honeymoon is.” Jenna said. “ It isn’t used so it won't be hard to make it look like this one.” She said.

Her parents looked at her as they walked around the room trying to understand where she was going with it. “ What Jenna is trying to say is she wants to expand the restaurant to the beach where we honeymooned,” Lucas said. “ You two are really focused on serving the vacationers while you vacation yourselves.” Jenna’s mom said Lucas and Jenna both nodded. “ That is limitless living once we can be in control of our lives and still run a business,” Jenna said. “ I guess your right, and it wouldn’t hurt to try.” Her mom said with a smile. At that moment her dad brought out some food, and everyone began to clap. Jenna had gotten a plate of food picked a table and set it down Lucas followed her and noticed that she had put her food down and was now staring out the window, looking at the ocean when everyone else was eating. Lucas tried calling her name, but she was in such a trance watching the ocean that he had to go up to her and touch her to get to look at him and realize that he was talking to her. Since she didn't hear anything. Lucas touched her arm and said “ Jenna I have been trying to get your attention we are eating now so why don’t you come back to the table.” He said she nodded and as she turned around, she realized the restaurant was packed.

Ever since Jenna and Lucas had come back from there, honeymoon and Jenna had been surfing again the restaurant was packed. It was so packed in fact that people were spilling out onto the beach. There were no spots inside, so that is where people ate it took an infinite amount of time to clean up and get the work done, but Jenna and Lucas loved it. Even though it was always really late when they finished Jenna always night surfed and then went home to bed. She did relax and better her surfing skills since she was still competing as well in surfing competitions. Also, the more she surfed, the more limitlessness she brought back to the restaurant. Which is what she wanted. It would be great when she opened the second restaurant that she couldn’t wait for. She needed to talk to her parents again.

It was Saturday night when Jenna and Lucas sat down with her parents and told them what they were thinking. “ Mom, Dad I am thinking, or we are thinking I should say that we should franchise beach beauty what do you think”? Jenna asked. “ Franchising where”? her dad asked, “ In Mexico where we honeymooned.” Jenna said. “ The restaurant right next to the hotel that we stayed at is empty, and I think that would be a perfect second location as it is right on the beach like this one is.” She said they nodded and thought silently about it for a moment. “It is right next to the hotel what does the owner of the hotel say”? her dad asked, “ the owner of the hotel doesn’t like seeing it empty and wants it functioning again.” Jenna said. “ You think that if you put another beach beauty location there it will”? Jenna nodded, and her mom said, “ okay then you should make a second location it will make a nice vacation spot for all of us.” Her mom said with a smile that Jenna got to work on the planning for the second location of the Beach Beauty restaurant and how it would look.

Months went by Jenna and Lucas were headed back to Mexico where their vacation spot was. When they got there, the resort was packed when they got back, and people kept asking Jenna for surfing lessons. “ I will give you all surfing lessons but I have to work on my new restaurant first is that okay”? Jenna asked, and everyone agreed that it was. They even decided to pitch in and help her and Lucas get the restaurant ready to get off the ground so it wouldn’t take as long. Within the week Beach Beauties second location was up and running, and Jenna was running it as well as teaching everyone at the resort how to surf. They would all come to the restaurant for breakfast and dinner then they would surf with her.


The New Beach Beauty Property

Jenna’s parents came up for a vacation and stayed at the hotel next door. They were just getting used to running the hotel and the restaurant, and it was working out beautifully. Jenna and Lucas were also just moving into there newly purchased vacation home when her parents arrived. They had stopped by there new vacation house to say “ Jenna we just went by the second location of the restaurant and it looks fantastic” her dad said “ thanks I am hoping that we have as much clientele as we do at the one back home. “ I am teaching surfing, and they are all coming in after there lessons for food, so it seems to be working out nicely.” She said, her dad nodded and said: “ I thought this was a vacation spot you shouldn’t be working, but I know that you love what you do so much that it doesn’t feel like work so have fun.” He said Jenna smiled. “ I feel limitless doing it, so it doesn’t feel like work dad that is why I love it so much.” She said and nodded he knew this, so he didn’t say anything. That is how Jenna and Lucas lived there lives, and it seemed to work. The new vacation property was hoping with people which meant the restaurant was too, so it just became more limitless by the minute with all the things they had to do but they loved it. They just kept doing and more and more and it kept getting better and better. Her parents were so proud of her that they couldn’t wait to see what the future held.

Both beach beauty restaurants were limitless they were running so smoothly if they put the work in and did what they wanted with there lives. Jenna was doing what she wanted, and so was Lucas, and now they both knew that if they put their minds to something it was possible. They just had to work for it and have faith which they did, and that is how the second location came to be and how the first one was running so well. They were just beginning to reap the rewards of running both restaurants limitlessly, and they could relax on the beach if they wanted. Even though Jenna was so busy with her surfing, still she felt limitlessly free and as though she could do anything. She would always go out to surf and feel limitlessly free on a surfboard she went out into the water after work that night and surfed her heart out. As she was taking a giant wave of someone called her name, “ Jenna”? she turned and looked at who had said it, “will you be in the competition tomorrow we could really use someone like you.” The guy on the beach hollered. Jenna nodded finished her run and went to talk to the guy who had just hollered at her. “ Who are you”? Jenna asked, “ I am the guy in charge of tomorrows competition do you want to be a part of it.” There is prize money involved its 10,000 dollars not that you need it, but I would love to see you compete.” He said “ I will sign up she said, and so she did.

Jenna signed up and the next day was the competition she told Lucas this that night. “ I signed up for the competition tomorrow, but I am nervous Lucas I haven’t competed in surfing in such a long time I have been so busy with the restaurants that I just haven’t had time what if I am not good anymore”? She said as they were sitting in there house that night. Lucas smiled at her and said, “ You are going to do great just think of how limitless it feels and surf your heart out I know you can do it, and I would love to see my beach beauty surf again.” He said with a smile, and she laughed. The next day Jenna did what Lucas said she surfed her heart out and did amazing even though she hadn’t really surfed in years she still felt limitlessly free on the surfboard and didn’t really want it to end. She felt at ease, too when she started coming back to shore Jenna heard the shouts, “beach beauty, beach beauty and she smiled to herself as she hit the sand and picked up her board and ran into Lucas’s arms.

“Surfing is limitless, and if any of you want to try it, I am the beach beauty who will train you,”Jenna shouted from the sand to the people watching her. Everyone on the beach came running towards her clapping and congratulating her on such a great job. “ I feel limitless doing what I love and so should all of you when you do what you love and live limitlessly.” She said. Everyone started clapping and shouting that they wanted to try it. “ I am the beach beauty, and I did what I limitlessly love and look where it got me so go for it but remember it does take work,” Jenna said, and they all nodded. “You are amazing Jenna, and that is why I love you,” Lucas said Jenna smiled and squeezed his hand.

In the end, both beach beauty locations were running limitlessly, and they were going back and forth about twice a month to Mexico. When they were Mexico on vacation twice a month when Lucas couldn’t find her, he would go out to the beach and see her surfing. He would smile to himself and just watch her be the beach beauty that she indeed was in a limitless way. They were both living the best endless lives they could and loving every minute of it, with Jenna teaching surfing and competing every chance she got as well as running both restaurants. They were both living limitlessly and enjoying life.


The End

The End I hope you enjoyed the beach beauty series

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