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Beach Beauty Part 6


Jenna's New Resturant Adventure

When we last left off Jenna had just begun running the restaurant now let’s see how limitless her life is. It had only been about a week or so that Jenna had started running the restaurant. She had been told it would be a lot of work, but she hadn’t realized how much until she started running it for herself. It took infinite time since her day's work was never done, she would take at least two surfing breaks a day though and that seemed to calm her nerves and keep her calm. Surfing was in her blood, and she really did enjoy feeling limitlessly free. Lucas didn’t watch her surf every night that she did, or so Jenna thought. Lucas, however, knew the truth. He wasn’t seen, but he did watch her every night from afar. He loved the way she carried herself in the water that was what first drew him to her.

It was a Friday night about 11:30 p.m. when Jenna took to the water. Lucas had seen her all day because they worked together but he liked seeing her like this too he would watch her surf from the shadows. He thought she surfed that way beautifully. He did want to tell her that, that was how he watched her surf most days but he thought it was a little strange. As Jenna was walking back up to the house, she noticed him “ Lucas is that you”? she asked as she walked by the trees and watched them move.” How did you know”? “ Oh just a lucky guess I saw the trees move and thought who would be out here but you.” She said, Lucas nodded, they met up nightly like this and chatted until well after midnight.

It was the first Thursday night of the first week that Jenna was entirely running the restaurant on her own. She had a surfing competition that Saturday and was trying to figure out how it was going to work. Her parents said that they would take care of the restaurant but the problem was it was at a different beach, it had never been at a different beach before, but maybe everyone wanted a challenge. Lucas and Jenna had been going to different beaches on dates when they could so perhaps Lucas knew something she didn’t, and Jenna tried to figure it out but didn’t know how to ask him. She didn’t want to ask yet though.

When early Saturday morning rolled around, and they were headed to the other beach, Lucas couldn’t keep his eyes off of Jenna. Jenna was trying to get into the zone, for surfing but she couldn’t with Lucas staring at her. “ Lucas, what is it”? she asked after about a half hour in the car trying to sleep to no avail. “Oh, nothing I just like looking at you.” Jenna nodded with her eyes closed and tried to fall asleep again. It didn’t work though, so she gave up.

Once they finally made it to the other beach and Jenna hadn’t slept she decided that she needed one of two things, practice for the surfing competition so that she had the feeling of the beach since it was a different beach she decided to walk it to see the differences in it. The tide was different at this beach, so that was why she needed to practice and test it out. So far she was doing great in the water. She couldn’t wait for the competition to start, she just got to see Lucas and compete it was a win, win which is what she loved. She felt like the beach beauty that she was.


Surfing competiton out of town oh the nerves

That night in the hotel room she tried to sleep, her parents tried to sleep too but nobody could. Jenna got up left the hotel and took to the beach. Jenna brought her board out but decided to sit on the beach for a bit. An hour or so later she paddled out into the middle of the ocean and practiced again. It was getting late, and she needed to get some sleep but as she was turning around Lucas was paddling out next to her. “Hey, Jenna do you mind the company while you practice”? Lucas asked. Jenna just shook her head and motioned for him to join her. He did, and off they went surfing. After a few hours, they went to bed. The next day was competition day, and they needed there sleep. It was six am the next day, and Jenna and Lucas were getting ready to take on the water limitlessly and that they did.

It was competition day a little after six and Jenna couldn’t wait to get to the beach, so she and Lucas were ready to go within minutes. They didn’t have to be at the beach until 9am, but they had both gotten up really early and couldn’t get back to sleep, so they texted each other until they saw each other later that day. Jenna ate a small breakfast and took her board out to the beach, nobody was out at the beach, so Jenna took her board threw it down on the ground and sat on it. She was watching the waves when Lucas did the same with his board and began talking to her, “ Jenna are you nervous you have been out here for a while.” He said. “ I am just staring at the water willing myself to get ready.” Jenna said, “ Now that you are here though I think that I am ready so let’s hope that it starts soon.” Jenna said. Lucas only looked at her and nodded. As if on cue people began coming out to the beach and setting up for the competition.

Jenna was in the third girl's heat of the day, and she came in the top 3 so she advanced to the semi- finds. Lucas watched her religiously but did the same in his heat. The two of them were doing so well maybe they would both get into the finals then what? They didn’t know, but they were determined to figure it out. They loved the feeling of there limitlessness, and they wanted to keep it going. At the end of the competition, they both came in first in their divisions. Just as Jenna was getting her first place medal, Lucas screamed: “ I love you, Jenna, will you marry me”? Jenna accepted her medal smiled and nodded. Her parents were shocked as was everyone else. Jenna included she hadn’t expected it and couldn’t believe she said yes. Her limitless life was just getting more limitless by the second.

They went out to dinner with Jenna’s parents and Lucas’s parents that night. Lucas asked Jenna again “Jenna will you marry me”? “ Yes of course,” she said as she glanced at her parents and kissed him. Lucas was so happy now they were going to live a limitless life together. Running the restaurant, surfing and loving life, she would even write her vows and call herself beach beauty in them. It was a limitless life alright and something they both could get used too.

The two of them lived terrific, limitless lives together. They ran the restaurant together and even thought about opening up a second location all the while Jenna surfed. It would work if they all lived limitlessly that they had learned from Jenna and would continue to do. Beach Beauty locations would go up all over in time, and people would all live the way Jenna and Lucas did, or so they thought. That was the basis of beach beauty, and Jenna loved it.


New Adeventures For The Beach Beauty

Now that Jenna and Lucas were engaged they spent all there time together. They worked and surfed and worked again. All while planning the wedding. “This is limitless living at its finest do you think we can continue it”? Jenna asked Lucas. Tune. in next time to see what Lucas’s response is and what happens next.

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