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Beach Beauty Part 4


Beach Beauty Part 4

When we last left off Jenna was blushing because Lucas had called her beach beauty as they were walking back up to her house. She liked when he called her it but nobody else. Although days passed and everyone started calling her it, and she couldn’t stop them, so she just gave up. Everyone loved how she could work at the restaurant and still surf as good as she did. Especially now since the restaurant was so busy. Although Jenna didn’t have to work as much, that made her feel bad. Just as she was walking towards the door to go to the beach, she stopped. She was watching her mom at the computer crunching the numbers. She walked over to her mom and sat down in front of her. “ Mom is there something wrong”? she asked. “ What do you mean Jenna”? she asked. “ You look worried if you needed more help at the restaurant you would tell me wouldn’t you?” she asked. “ Of course Jenna and I promise you everything is fine. Actually, it's better than fine.” She said “ What does that mean is there something wrong”? Jenna asked again “ No Jenna with what you are doing business is still booming I feel like we should get more staff so you can continue surfing more.” She said. “ Mom wouldn’t that send the wrong message regarding my work ethic your employees would think you are giving me special treatment because I am your daughter,” Jenna said. “ I know that Jenna but I also know that you have other passions.” Her mother said.

Jenna nodded gave her mom a hug and left the house. She didn’t question her mom again she just continued to surf and help at the restaurant as best she could. The more Jenna did surfing and assisting in the restaurant the more limitless she felt. She always felt like she was floating on air after she finished surfing she loved the feeling of it, and she wanted to explore it more. Jenna had switched up her training schedule to surf once a day daily, but now she wanted to change it back to how it was before twice a day daily. Could she do that and still help her parents the way she was now? She didn’t know. Summer was going to be winding down soon and so was business, or so she thought. Although she spent about as much time surfing as she did in the restaurant, it was still pretty busy. She got better and better at surfing and managing her work schedule.

Since Jenna felt so limitless and free in the water and it showed she was happy. With her being happy in the water it showed out of it, and everyone loved that. Jenna wanted to show the world that anything was possible, regarding limitlessness. She could help with the restaurant maybe even run it one day and still follow her passion for surfing. Jenna also made it all work with school when that started.. she would wake up at four in the morning go surfing and be back by five thirty to help with the breakfast rush at six to be out the door and to school on time. Since Jenna had been doing endless things in her life over the summer, she tried doing it at school too. The first day of school when she did the breakfast rush and then went to school, she came home for the lunch rush, but that was the only day she did that. Her parents didn’t want her to be late getting back. It worked for a while until Lucas saw her one day in school and figured out what she was doing.

“ Jenna your life is limitless I know that but don’t you feel a bit disheveled?” he asked. Jenna only smiled she did feel disheveled, but she didn’t want to admit it to anyone. She knew she could get through it if she tried. With the more Jenna had to do in her life the more limitless she felt. Years passed, and both Jenna and Lucas were in college. They were both going after there dreams they would get to where they wanted to be in four years or so. Jenna loved the fact that she was going to be running two businesses and that was limitless living at its finest for her.

Both Jenna and Lucas were going to school as well as working at the restaurant and surfing, Jenna was teaching surfing too. Their lives were busy in a limitless way, but they loved it. Endless living was what they wanted to do in there life, and so far it was working for both of them. Jenna couldn’t wait until she was actually in control of the restaurant and running it. She was there daily working before and after classes and before and after she surfed. So it all still worked like it did when she was in high school which she loved too. She was even teaching surfing and getting everything done, now she was known as the beach beauty that could do limitless things. She did everything even when she didn’t think she could she managed to get it done. She knew what to do but how was what the beach beauty thing helped her with, when she was in the water she let it guide her and when she was out of it she let her thoughts of the water do it which seemed to be working so far.


Jenna loved helping at the restaurant as well as surfing

Jenna kept doing what needed doing at the restaurant and when she surfed. She loved it, and it was rubbing off on the people around her she was beginning to notice everyone she encountered were doing limitless things as well. She figured out that just doing it and showing people how she did it was better than just thinking about it. That is how you lived limitlessly especially on the beach. Jenna set up a schedule of her training, teaching, working, and school. The amount she was doing made her feel limitless even though she hardly got to train with Lucas let alone see him, she tried to see him at least once a week. Jenna had to do limitless things in order to keep her life going the way it was she was trying to figure out how to make it all work and so far it was a massive balancing act. She was getting through it, but it was difficult.

Jenna would always put her parents first, before anything else though and that seemed to help her keep her cool. Her mom had a good head on her shoulders, and it was being passed on to her, and for that she was grateful. She got everything done every night and to reward herself she would surf just for fun even after she trained for it in a day. She liked surfing in the dark it was relaxing which is why she did it nightly before bed. She enjoyed the thrill of it. One night Lucas came out to watch her after his shift they hadn’t seen much of each other, and he missed her. As he was watching her surf, the thought of her being the beach beauty reentered his mind. The glow of the moonlight on her skin and her board was terrific, and Lucas told her that when she came out of the water that night.

“ Jenna you really are a beach beauty or the beach beauty I should say,” Lucas said when she came out of the water and smiled at him with her board in her arm. “ The way the moon hits your skin as you surf is magical.” He said. “you really think that.” She said, “ Yes I do I wish I could surf half as good as you.” He said, “ Why to thank you but I am not that great.” Jenna said, “to me you are.” Lucas said. Then she turned back to the ocean and saw a wave that was bigger than her coming up and out to the ocean she went with her board. She took the wave like it was nothing all the while Lucas was shaking his head at her.

“ That was amazing Jenna could you teach me how to do that”? Lucas asked. Sure I’ll have to fit you in though I have a huge client base, school, work, this. “ I can come out with you in the mornings and at night that can be our time together and you can teach me.” He said Jenna nodded smiled and they walked back to her house, and then he walked home. The two of them would help each other when they could which was what Lucas wanted since Jenna was his beach beauty and he should be spending time with her after all.

The next day he decided that he would train with her early in the morning and with her students that afternoon. So she was shocked to see him with them waiting for her. She smiled at all of them and told them to get into the water, she pulled him aside though “ Lucas what are you doing you get private lessons you don’t need to be here with all these other people.” She said, “ I want too because I want to see as much of you as I can.” “ Lucas, I thought you had to work today. I do I am just kidding with you I am not really in your class I just wanted to see you before I started your parents know I will be a little late, but I do limitless things for them, so it doesn’t matter, or so they say.” He said she laughed and smiled as he walked away. Three hours later he saw her in the restaurant and smiled at her when his shift was over, and hers was almost over he came up behind her and whispered beach beauty in her ear just to make her blush.


Does Jenna Follow through with teaching Lucas?

“ Lucas, what do you want I am almost done my shift do you want to hang out go surfing something like that.”? She asked, “ Yes I want to surf with you limitlessly as my teacher.” He said she nodded and five minutes later they were on the beach getting ready to go into the water. Just as they were about to stand up on their boards, a huge wave came up and caught them knocking them both to the ground. They laughed, and Lucas said, “ Jenna will you go out with me”? Tune in next time to see what she says.

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