Beach Beauty Part 3

Updated on July 9, 2018

Beach Beauty Part 3 The Family Restaurant

When we last left off Lucas was about to respond to Jenna’s statement. Lucas’s response to Jenna’s comment is “ Oh I never thought of it like that maybe I will catch a wave if I keep thinking like that while I am out in the water.” Lucas said Jenna nodded and minutes later they were both out in the water on their boards. Lucas and Jenna loved practicing together they were never competing in the same division if Lucas started to compete because there was a girls division and a boys division and they didn’t compete against one another. That was why they were spending time together because they couldn’t look at competitions, but maybe at the next competition, they would both place. They would always practice together at night after Jenna was finished her shifts at the restaurant. Lucas was getting better and better, and they were both really enjoying it since Jenna was getting her groove back that she had when she was younger. Maybe for her second competition she really would be known as the beach beauty she didn’t know, but she couldn’t wait to find out.

Jenna hadn’t told her parents about the next competition yet. She was nervous about what they would say. She had been keeping up with her work but when school started would it become too much? She didn’t know all Jenna did know was that she would make it work. She hadn’t realized she would be winning money, but after her first competition, she got a cheque for one $100 in the mail and the more competitions she won, the more money she would get to put towards business school when the time came to go to college. That was why she was doing this oh and for fun too. One night after she came home from practicing at the beach her parents stopped her, “ Jenna can you come in here please”? They asked indicating the living room. She turned from the steps leading up to her room and headed into the living room. The closer she got to the living room the more nervous she became. Would they stop her from surfing was she pulling her weight at the restaurant what did they want to tell her or ask her?

“ Jenna we know that you are doing everything you can to please us and help us with the restaurant, as well as surf like you want too. We want to tell you that we are thinking of changing the name of the restaurant and with the name change we are thinking of sponsoring your surfing career”. Her mom said all her dad did was nod. Jenna thought about it for a moment and then said, “ are you serious you are going to change the name of the restaurant to sponsor me”? She asked with a smile. They both nodded. She thanked them and hugged them. The next day Jenna was woken up by the sound of construction in the restaurant downstairs. Jenna rushed to get dressed once she glanced at the clock and realized that she was late for her shift. It was 7:15 a.m. and she was fifteen minutes late her parents weren’t going to be happy with that.

“My parents are going to kick my butt I am fifteen minutes late for my shift, and I told them that I could do it all.” She said to herself as she hurried down the steps to the restaurant. As she got closer and closer to the restaurant door that leads from the house the restaurant the banging that had woken her got louder and louder. As she walked through the door into the restaurant she noticed people in hard hats with hammers hammering on walls and tearing things out, she was looking around for her parents and finally spotted them. They were standing with who seemed to be the one in charge of the construction in the restaurant. “ Mom, dad what is going on why is there construction in the restaurant.” She asked when she got close enough to them. “ Oh, Jenna we are renovating and changing the name to the name you have on your surfboard so that we can sponsor you we weren’t joking about that.” Her mom said, Jenna nodded. “ You have given both your father and me the courage to do what we have been wanting to do for years so thank you.” She said when she noticed that Jenna was still a little confused about it. “ I inspired you with my surfing again,” Jenna said with a smile. “ Yes, you did now you better get out there and practice.” Her mom said and almost shoved her out the door. “ The restaurant is closed for awhile so you can focus on your surfing now go,” her dad said. So she did.

“ Really and here I thought you were going to tell me that I needed to give it up,” Jenna said before she walked outside to the beach. “ No with you surfing business is booming and people can’t wait to see you surf again so why not change the name.” her dad said. Jenna only nodded she didn’t know how well it was going to work but it was worth a try, she went out on to the beach moments later. Three weeks after the renovations had begun and Jenna spent all her time practicing the renovations were over, and the name of the restaurant had been changed. It was busier than ever before like her parents had said. Jenna had been trying to get out to surf but she just couldn’t. People weren’t surfing much anyway because they were all at the restaurant checking out the renovations. Jenna was glad because that meant she could still do both surf and help her parents with the family business.

The Feeling of Freedom is Surfing

A few days after the restaurant had just opened again Lucas walked in, “ Hi Jenna I haven’t seen you on the beach much, oh wait what happened to this place.” Lucas asked. “Oh it got renovated, and the name got changed to the name I have on my surfboard, and yes I have been out there everyday almost all day because the restaurant has been closed I don’t know why I haven’t seen you.” Jenna said. “ maybe we are just surfing at the different times.” Lucas said. Jenna nodded. “ I came in here though to ask your parents for a job I don’t want to see this place get lost because of renovations and you surfing and leaving all the time.” Lucas said, “ I also know that business is booming, but it might not always be that way.” He said, and she nodded. She was silent her parents were watching them from afar when Jenna started leading him there way. “Mom, Dad Lucas wants to help us out do we have any work for him to do”? Jenna asked. “ Well, we are in need of a dishwasher if you want to help us out that way.” They said Lucas nodded and off to the kitchen he went.

“ Jenna now you can see Lucas more since he is working for us.” Her mother said, and Jenna smiled. “ Thank you, mom and dad, for everything,” she said both her parents nodded, and the three of them got back to work. At the end of the week, Jenna and Lucas had there work down to a science enough so that they could get out and surf together before and after there shifts. They were becoming terrific friends, and they never competed together in surfing, so that helped them out. They both loved training together and working together in the restaurant. One night after work Jenna asked Lucas how much he liked working for her family and still being able to surf. “ I like it it makes me feel limitless, and like anything is possible I want to open my own restaurant one day, so the experience is great,” Lucas said. Jenna didn’t know what to say, so she just smiled.

Since Jenna and Lucas were working at the same place and seeing more of each other, they decided to make there surfing training schedules match as much as their shifts would allow. So they would practice early in the morning before work and after work to get in the training that they needed to keep up their game in the competition. Which meant they practically saw each other all day every day. Jenna began to show off to Lucas and Jump off her board so that she was airborne in the water, he thought she was beautiful doing that. She really was a beach beauty. Everyone knew it, and that is what everyone started calling her in the restaurant and out of it.

Since everyone else started calling her beach beauty, Lucas began to say it more and more. Jenna liked it but he said it all the time, and it was kind of annoying. He would say it at the restaurant, and nobody called her it there, and she was nervous people would start. That was something she didn’t want. One day Lucas called her it in the restaurant, and the look she gave him could have turned his world to ice if that was what looks could do. Lucas knew it was a bad look, but he didn’t know why so when they were alone he asked her, “Jenna is there something wrong did I say something you didn’t like if I did all you have to do is tell me.” He said “ I know I am known as the beach beauty because that is what I call myself when I surf and what is written on my board but I don’t like being called it out of the water. I know you want me to feel limitless and I do when I think about surfing you don’t always have to call me that.” She said, “ Oh I understand I won’t do it again.” He said Jenna smiled and left the kitchen.

Jenna finished up her shift and went out to surf. She hoped she didn’t make Lucas upset. She was hoping to see him that night, but she didn’t. She must have really upset him she thought to herself that night as she was laying in her bed willing herself to sleep. She thought about it all night and decided that she needed to talk to him, and the next morning she got up early and headed to the beach hoping he was there. She didn’t see him when she first got there so she got on her board and began surfing hoping that he would show up. She wanted to feel free and at ease which is what surfing did for her.

Would she win the next surfing competition?

Jenna wanted to make the name that people started calling her go away it was the name on her board, not her actual name. How was she going to do that she didn’t know? She wanted them to call her Jenna, so she started doing cool tricks on her surfboard to try and change their minds and there chants that they had just begun. She wanted them to look at her differently, so she started practicing more and more. She could limitlessly cool things like flips and handstands while surfing. That is what she wanted to be known for. The tricks she was doing in the water on her board were beautiful, and she was for sure going to win the next competition and be known as the beach beauty but in a different light. Surfing to her now was completely limitless, and she brought her parents and Lucas out to see what she had been practicing. After that night when they were walking back up the house with her parents ahead of them Lucas took her hand and pulled her back whispering in her ear, “ you are still my beach beauty” she blushed. Tune in next time to see what happens.

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