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Beach Beauty Part 2


Jenna's First Competition

When we last left off, Jenna was so busy with the family restaurant we didn’t know if she was ever going to be able to surf again. Months passed, and she hadn’t been out in the water, she had missed the competition she had signed up for because she just couldn’t get away from work. The restaurant took up a lot of her time, and since it was going to go to her one day, it was only natural she work in it. Jenna knew this of course, but she also knew that she wanted something else in her life. She just needed to figure out how to make working at the restaurant and surfing work together so she could have both. She enjoyed being out on the water but she also enjoyed the people aspect of the restaurant, so she tried to do both. So she made it work, she felt free and at peace when she was surfing, and it was even better when she was drying off with a towel on the sand. She wanted to go to the next competition she just wasn’t sure even though she had been out in the water so much that people started talking about it.

Jenna was working the restaurant the next day, and all she kept doing was looking out at the beach. “ Jenna is there someplace you would rather be or are you going to help us.” Her parents asked after watching her stare out the window every five minutes for the last hour. They were pointing at a table with dirty dishes she hadn’t moved yet when they said this. Jenna shook her head and began clearing the tables that she had forgotten all about. She was thinking all the while about how she was going to do both surfing and working at the restaurant lets not forget teaching surfing too. She wanted to do both she felt limitless out on the beach and in the ocean on her surfboard which was something she loved. She felt like she could do anything on a surfboard or on the beach.

After each day of work, Jenna was out in the ocean surfing, her parents didn’t like it much but they thought it was just a phase again like the last time, so why not let her. What they didn’t know was that it wasn’t just a phase this time, Jenna didn’t know that though she just kept going out to surf at the end of the day as the sun was going down to reteach herself and get ready for the competitions coming up. She felt limitless as the wind whipped her hair on the surfboard and the cold water splashed onto her legs as she hit a big wave. Anything was possible in the ocean, or so Jenna thought. Jenna loved the feeling of the ocean water on her skin and the wind in her hair, maybe she would win this weekend, and her parents would be able to watch. She knew the restaurant would be busy would she even be able to compete?

Jenna went home that night from the beach and sat her parents down. She was going to try to explain to them what she wanted to do. She knew it was going to be hard, but she had to try if she wanted to live a limitless life and she felt like she was doing so but if she couldn’t compete would it continue? She wasn’t sure, when she walked into her house, she walked straight passed her parents and to her room. She was a bundle of nerves, but she really did want this. She had to tell them. Five minutes later she walked into the living room. “ Mom, Dad, I want to tell you something as you know I have been down at the beach a lot lately I have been watching the ocean and the surf, I even have tried surfing again and have fallen in love with it again. I know that I can do both surfing and working at the restaurant if I put my mind too it I have tried doing it already, and it seems to be working. The point is there is a competition this weekend that I want to compete in if you will let me.” She said, her parents were stunned into silence, so Jenna just waited. What would they say?

“ Mom, Dad what do you think”? She asked, “ We had no idea that was what you were doing out on the beach, there is going to be so many people here because of the surfing competition who will help us serve them”? Her mother asked. “ I will before the heat start and once my heat is over I might not even place, but I would like to try,” Jenna said. “ Okay as long as you promise to help after,” they said, she smiled and went to hug both of her parents. Two days later it was Saturday the day of the surfing competition. Jenna was up bright and early and in the restaurant helping with the breakfast rush like she said she would be. Then she went out to the beach with her group and waited for her heat to be called so she could compete. Jenna didn’t think her parents would make it out to watch her compete, but just as she was being called to compete, she noticed her parents in the crowd. They were front and center actually, and when Jenna saw them, she had a massive smile on her face.


Jenna Won Her First Competition

She didn’t know what to do so she stood waiting with a group of people that looked about her age, she heard her division being called, so she followed them with her board out to the water. Ten minutes later after everyone in her heat was in the water which was her competitors they were ready to surf. She was taking waves like they were nothing and passing everyone in her wake leaving them all covered in water because of how fast she was going. She came in first for her division, and she was so proud of herself this was her first competition since she was little and she never thought she would come in first. Her parents were so proud of her too the people in her heat not so much because they believed that it was her first time even though it wasn’t she just hadn’t competed in ages.

Everyone from the competition came back to her families restaurant for food and celebration with her if they were from her heat. Jenna was in the restaurant first and went straight upstairs to change. She changed into her work uniform which was shorts, a t-shirt, and name tag and was back downstairs in fifteen minutes flat. Everyone tried to get Jenna to sit and talk with them and order for herself, but instead, she took everyone else’s orders and served them. She would stop and talk to a few people if they wanted to chat but she was determined to work she wanted to show her parents she could do both and so far she was doing a great job. Just as the last of the people were leaving her dad came up to her and said, “ How can you do both not that I am complaining but how”? “ I still have the buzz I had in the water I like to call the limitless buzz, and that is why I can still keep going,” Jenna said. Her dad nodded and let her finish working.

When they were finally all upstairs together, her parents began asking her a lot more questions “ How did you like it? Did you think you were going to win? Her parents asked in unison, “I liked it a lot I felt limitlessly free in the water I also felt like I was flying and that is what I like most about it. No, I didn’t think I was going to win I am actually surprised that I did since I haven’t done it in so long, as you both know.” She said. “ Did you name the board we never heard a name for it”? They asked. Jenna shook her head, “ I didn’t know what to call it that is why I never called it anything.” She said. “You should call it beach beauty because that is what you are.” Her mother said, and Jenna smiled. That was what she named her board, and she was happy about it.

The next day Jenna found a new surfboard in the kitchen when she came down for breakfast before going to work in the restaurant. It was branded with the name “ Beach Beauty” on it. She was so shocked tears started running down her face for no reason, she wasn’t expecting a new surfboard with a branded name on it especially since Jenna had just told her parents last night how had they done it so fast. She didn’t want to know or ask, so she made her breakfast ate and hurried off to do the breakfast rush at the restaurant. “ Hi mom wow this place is busy I will get to work.” She said, and that is what she did the morning and afternoon flew by with it being so busy and finally Jenna had some time where she could go out to the beach. Jenna was out at the beach with her new surfboard, and she saw Lucas with a bunch of guys and surfboards she hadn’t seen him in a while she thought he had left since most of the people on the beach were vacationers over the summer. “ Hi I want to introduce myself my name is Lucas I watched you in the competition yesterday, and you were great,” he said, “ Hi Lucas it's me Jenna do remember we met a few weeks back and then I never saw you again.” He laughed and smiled, “I only come up on weekends except for that one week you saw me every day.” He said, she nodded. “Nice board, what does it mean”? Lucas asked. “ Oh, this is my brand lets hope it works.” She said.


Why Was Jenna So Sad After Her Win?

“ Jenna it is going to work, and I am sorry I haven’t been around much or that I didn’t come to the restaurant yesterday I just thought that you had enough people, there to congratulate you.” He said Jenna shrugged, “ I wish you would have come to congratulate me.” She said, and he nodded. “I want some more lessons from you or pointers if you will.” Lucas said, “ Just think of the water as being limitless and be one with it.” That is all the advice I have for today.” She said. Tune in next time to hear Lucas’s response.

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