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Beach Beauty Part 1


Beach Beauty Part 1

It was a scorching summer day in June when Jenna was walking on the beach outside of her house. Her parents owned a restaurant so they had money and could live right on the beach. Her family was taught that if they put infinite amounts of work in when they were younger, they could reap the rewards when they were older but the work always came first. Jenna’s family owned a trendy restaurant down on the beach. It went on for miles and was still packed, full of people. Jenna loved the busyness of it and was always there to help. Nobody really listened to her though when she tried to take orders or when she asked if they were finished there meal. Everyone always wanted to look at her and nothing else. Most people would just watch her and not say a word that was the most challenging part when she was trying to take their food orders. Or others would try and talk to her and not listen to what she was saying which was also bad for a waitress since they wouldn’t get their food and she wouldn’t get her work done. She never knew what to say to the people that talked to her either. Jenna lived on the beach, and that is where she spent most of her time after work, and before.

When Jenna was at the restaurant, and she was looking out the window at the water she was always thinking of how great it would be to be out there. One day while she was helping at the restaurant she kept glancing out the window towards the beach. Jenna saw people laughing, playing frisbee and having fun all while she worked. She wished she could have fun like them. Jenna knew that Jenna couldn’t ask her parents since she knew what they were going to say. They were going to say she wasn’t going to do it, they didn’t want her just having fun. She was going to run the restaurant one day her parents didn’t want her living limitlessly on the beach having fun and surfing. All the while when she was working in the restaurant all Jenna kept thinking about was the beach and how limitlessly freeing it was. Jenna was walking the beach after a long day at the restaurant when she stepped into the water, and things immediately changed.

Jenna knew that she was just walking through the water, but she felt like she was flying because she was watching the people around her on surfboards. She wanted to be just like them one day. Something came to mind while she was watching them why couldn’t she do that and work at the restaurant or at least try it. Jenna had always wanted to live limitlessly and wasn’t surfing a part of that? It was as if Jenna made it that way. She was always the one people watched whether she was helping at the restaurant or out surfing on the water. She had rented a board from the shop next door to the restaurant at first since she didn’t have one of her own but people still watched her. She would watch everyone surf, and join in a bit, once the sun went down she would just sit outside for hours watching the water it was like black glass at that time of night and beautiful black glass at that. Jenna always helped at the restaurant though since it was going to be hers one day even if she didn’t know what that meant. She wanted to live limitlessly on the water not run a restaurant, but maybe she could do both she didn’t know how though.

One night after she finished up the late shift Jenna went out to the beach with her board and took to the water. There was nobody around, or at least she didn’t think there was, so she went out into the water and started surfing. When she came in about a half hour later, she heard a voice, “ Hi I was wondering who was out here I was just walking back to my cabin and couldn’t help but notice you,” a guy said from behind her. Jenna turned and smiled at him, she didn’t know what to say. She put her surfboard down on the sand and began to walk in the water at its edge, without saying a word to the guy behind her, she loved the feeling of the water on her feet at night. The guy couldn’t help but watch her, when she glanced his way he asked, “ what is your name, my name is Lucas.” “ My name is Jenna,” she said when she turned around and finally looked at him. He smiled at her and said, “ Jenna I would love to see what you can do in the water if you’d show me.” “ I haven’t been on a surfboard in a long time I just picked this one up this week I am not sure I know how to anymore.” She said, “ You don’t know if you still can if you don’t try.” He said. “ I guess your right, and I do feel limitless when I am in the water.” She said. They talked a bit more and then said there goodbyes.

When Jenna got home that night her mom, Anna stopped her when she walked passed the kitchen. “Jenna where were you so late”? she asked, ignoring the fact that Jenna brought in her surfboard. “ I was down by the water, and I ran into someone, and we got to talking,” she said. “ So that is why you were out so late,” she said. Jenna just nodded. Her dad was already asleep thankfully, or else she might have to explain a lot more, and she really wasn’t in the mood for that tonight. She knew she had to be up for the breakfast rush in the morning and it was already late. Jenna tried to sleep that night but she couldn’t all she kept thinking about was the beach and surfing, and she tossed and turned until her alarm went off at a quarter to five in the morning. The next morning after the breakfast rush Jenna was walking the beach in between shifts watching the surfers wishing she could be one of them out there and not just at night.


Jenna The Surfing Teacher

“ I so wish I could surf right now,” Jenna said aloud to herself as she walked the beach. “ I bet you would so why don’t you.” The guy she had met before said from behind her, and she jumped. “ I am sorry I scared you, but my question still stands.” He said she didn’t answer she just sat down on the sand and silently watched the surfers in the water. “ Jenna I know I just met you yesterday, but I have been watching you at the restaurant I wanted to introduce myself then, but I was too scared, so when I saw you out here at night I decided to take my chance, I hope that’s okay.” Lucas said, “yes that is fine, I noticed you too actually and was too nervous but since that is out of the way, now what should we do”? Jenna asked. “ Well I wanted to learn how to surf that is why I came out here, but I don’t know who to ask until I saw you surf yesterday, of course, would you be willing to help me”? Lucas asked her. Jenna turned and looked at him “ Me you want me to teach you how to surf I haven’t been out on a board in a long time yesterday was the first time, but I guess if you really want me to teach you I can.” She said, and he nodded. It was settled she would teach him how to surf in her spare time the little she had anyway.

Jenna loved to surf she felt like she could do anything on a surfboard and she wanted to teach Lucas the same thing. She wanted him to feel the same way she did so the next day they set up a time, and that is what she did after work and before. Two days later, Jenna and Lucas met on the beach, Lucas had a surfboard which looked brand new, and he was so excited to start until he saw her face, of course, she looked great in the sundress she wore though. He kept looking at her and then finally said, “ Jenna are you sure you can teach me how to surf today you look pretty tired you shouldn’t be out on the water if you that tired.” He said, “ Oh No I am fine I just finished up a long day at the restaurant lets get into the water.” She said so they did. Surfing was such a rush she would feel good as new in no time and teaching Lucas was great because she could think of something else other than the restaurant. Jenna took the water like a pro to show him how it was done first and he was stunned in the sitting position on his board. “ Lucas you are supposed to stand up like me and try to surf.” She said, “ I haven’t ever surfed before though although watching you is nice.” He said Jenna nodded and stopped her board next to his, she sat down on it in the water and began showing Lucas what to do it wasn’t long before he caught on and they were surfing side by side. Jenna felt limitless on her board, and that was what she loved. She hadn’t been out there in so long, but she fell in love with it all over again.

Jenna’s parents hadn’t thought she would want to do it when she got older after she stopped when she was nine, so when she took it up again, she didn’t tell them. It was late one night in June when she was sitting on her surfboard on the sand alone, Lucas showed up, and she immediately opened her eyes and waved. “ Hi Jenna I just heard about a surfing competition this weekend, and I really think that you should sign up I know I am not ready for it, but you definitely are so what do you say”? He asked Jenna just smiled, she went to sign up the next day this was her first competition in a long time, so she was really nervous. Could she do it she wasn’t sure, but she was going to practice and see where it led her?

Jenna practiced and practiced day in, and day out she was going to get good enough to place. She would be out on the beach each day watching the other surfers and helping Lucas in hopes that he could compete in the competition too. One day one of the people running the competition came into the restaurant and noticed her, “ Jenna you are competing this weekend aren’t you is there someone else you would like to sign up you keep looking over here, so I just figured.” They said, Jenna nodded and gave them Lucas’s name. When she saw him later on that day, she would tell him.

Jenna knew that the restaurant came first though, so she tried to make it work that week, but the real test was going to be that weekend. Jenna got so busy at the restaurant though that she didn’t even know if she was going to be able to make it all she kept thinking about was teaching Lucas how to surf and getting to the competition. The last few days before it though Jenna hadn’t been out practicing or helping Lucas. She wanted to be, and he knew that so that was why he was out there practicing himself.


Night Surfing Oh How Fun

It was late one night, and Jenna knew that she should be sleeping, but she really wanted to surf so she went out to the beach. She had been so busy at the restaurant that she just needed a break and surfing was just that for her, but as she was headed outside to the beach she was stopped to do something else at the restaurant. The restaurant had become so busy that Jenna never thought she would get to surf again. Would she ever be able to surf again or help him tune in next time to see what happens?

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