Bayler Daniels Tequesta Flats Chapter 1 (part 1)

Updated on June 4, 2019
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Evidence of ability is the ripples in time produced from its inception. effects are measured by people touched throughout eturnity.

Tequesta Flats

Jerry Evans sat at his bench sharpening a saw blade, ignoring the sound of a customer entering his small forge shop. “Mornin’ Juley, don’t you even greet a man when he comes in your place?”

Jerry set down the saw and turned off the grinder; he glanced over with a stern look. “I don’t let riff-raff or urchins like you in here!” he set the propeller on the bench and slowly spun around on his stool, took off his goggles and tossed them on the bench.

“Julysses Evans, you best get over here!”

“The name,” he countered agitatedly, is Jeremiah Ulysses Evans, and I’ll thank you to use it! I told what would happen if you ever darkened my door again!” He stood up and started towards him,

“How you doing you old codger” Dobber said with a friendly chuckle.

A big smile came across Jerry face, “I’m doin’ great Dobber, long time no see.”

“Yes it has been a spell, too long by my druthers. Everythin’ going ok, for you and the Misses?”

“Can’t complain, how about you and your better half?”

“Finer than frogs hair, split three ways,” Dobber chortled, “but don’t ask the misses; I’m sure she’d have her differs about it.”

Jerry smiled, “So what brings you by?”

“Bayler asked me to drop a prop by for him, seems he found an oyster bar runnin some new areas to lay his traps.”

“Well, let’s have a look at it.” He held his hand out and Dobber placed the bent propeller into it.

“Yea, I guess he did, dang near ruin’t”, he shook his head, “‘I’ll see what I can do, call me in a couple of days.”

“Gonna take that long huh?”

“Would you rather buy a new one?” he asked slightly aggravated.

“You know Bayler, he won’t spend no money if’n he don’t have too, and ‘Sides you and I both know a new one’d look just like this one in a matter of weeks. Fishin' the shallows; no tellin’ what he’d like to find with it. I’ve told him time and again he ought to get himself a stainless one that wouldn’t get bent up like that every time he finds an oyster, or something else layin' on the bottom.

“Maybe as not, if’in he had the stainless, likely he’d of snapped a sheer pin or done damage inside.”

“Yea, reckon that’s true. ‘Sides, long as he uses these here alu-minium props, he’ll be bringin’ 'em to you to straighten out,” Dobber grinned. “I’ll leave you too it Take care Jerry, I’ll ring you up on Wednesday.”

Jerry grunted and nodded his head; then turned back to his work. Dobber turned and walked out to his truck and headed back towards Immokalee.


Tony Abrenda sat at his desk, working on invoices and statements preparing the month end reports, when a tap came on the door, “Come in!”

“Excuse me Big Tony, you asked me to come in?”

Yes, Conner, come in and sit down, I’ll be with you in a moment.” He continued to write in the ledger while the other man took a seat in one of the Leather Chairs in front of his desk.

Conner sat patiently and waited expectantly.

Tony Abrenda, a large man with a commanding personality, maintained a strong business presence. Deliberate in every thing he did or said, and left little for speculation. Well dressed and extremely well educated, He said what need to be said, and seldom repeated himself. “This business has been in the family for generations Conner, and when things get sloppy, I like them tidied up, do you understand my meaning?”

“Yes Big Tony, just tell me what you want from me."

I need you to go down to Miami, my investments there have taken a turn for the worst, The feds have closed the Auto Mall, but as I am the financing behind it, I am getting control. They are almost finished with their investigations, investigations that could have led them to me, Critchfield was an idiot! I want to know what if anything he has said and to whom.”

“And then Sir?”

I’ll decide that once I have all the facts. Now I want you on the jet and down there first thing in the morning. And Conner?”

“Yes Big Tony?”

“No mistakes!”

“Yes Sir,” and Conner stood and headed towards the large double doors.


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