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Arike the Bride

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Adekitan is a Nigerian writer and poet. She has Self-published over seven novels. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with her friends

The Bride


The bride

"Arike ! Arike! Arike!, how many times did I call you?.. You better calm down and don't try to annoy your father today of all days".. Eniola , Arike's mother warned her, as she helps her daughter to adjust her veil.

"Mother please help me to beg daddy, I will change, be more responsible..he should just not marry me off, mummy pleassse" Arike pleaded with tears pooling out of her eyes.

She has been crying since the moment she got wind of the impromptu wedding, when her father invited her home a week ago from london, for a meeting. She never knew it for her wedding, and to a groom she did not even know.

She flew down to Nigeria and was met with a rude shock, at first she thought it was a joke but a day after her arrival to the country she realized her father really means business.

Growing up with silver spoon in her mouth or should we say diamonds, she gets anything she wants , so it safe to say she is spoilt. She took her stubborn nature after her father, Senator Agunbiade Nelson.

Despite her father's plea for her to be more responsible especially by coming to work in his multi billion naira company she refused, saying there is no reason for her to work when she is already an heiress. But now she realized it was a huge mistake for her to think her father will just let it go like that without a fight. On several occasions her father has pleaded with her, as she is the only child they have.

It was as if they have been planning the wedding for months, and what baffled her was her mother's role in the whole story, she is her confidant and the fact that she could keep all this a secret from her, without even hinting at it even made her angry the more.

She refused out rightly , when she first got wind of the wedding plans, threatening to run away back to London and never come back, but her father beat her to it by ceasing her passport and freezing her accounts, she was not even allowed to go out , so as to make sure she did not run away before the wedding.

To now make matters worst she did not even have an idea of how the groom looks like.
After begging her mother for a whole day, before she finally hinted that the groom is actually not just any man, but one of her father's business partners, and that was all she told her.

But her own imagination will not even allow her to rest," what if he is ugly, what if he hates me..what if he's an old man.." The bottom line is that she did not want to marry, at twenty five marriage is the furthest thought on her mind.
"Mother, please help me, I'm begging you, how does marrying me off even help you and daddd.." She wailed.

"Since you are not interested in the family's business your father thought it wise to marry you to someone that will be capable to managing it especially when he is gone, and this man has more than enough money of his own, so our mind is settled that our business is in safe hands" eniola explained to her.

"I'm willing to learn, mother "

"Honey you know it's too late already, get married and show your father and your husband that you are willing, but you will get married today, now stop crying so that your make up will not be ruined, and look beautiful for your husband". She said has she embraced her.

She knew her mother will always do what her father says, she wonder how , she could allow her only child to be given away just like that.

She gripped her father's hand like her life depends on it has she was led to the altar, she kept wishing the whole thing is a dream and she will soon wake up out of it.

All she could see was the back of the man that will be her husband soon, he is tall and a little bit broad, the black tux he wore fitted him perfectly from the back, as if he could feel her stare from under the veil that covered her face, he turned around to look at her, she almost stumbled if not because her father held her upright.

His left eyes was covered with a black eye patch, the right one were piercing as if he knows exactly what she is thinking at that moment, he is not handsome in the sleek kind of way, he looks tough and a little bit menacing to her, he will be very handsome if he allows himself to smile more, his lips pulled in what seems like semblance of a smile to her father has he handed her over to him.

She did not want to stare at him for too long for the fear of arousing any form of anger from him.
A part of Arike was even grateful that he is not an old man like she feared, though she guessed he is much older than her. He must be in his late thirties, neither is he ugly. The eye patch did nothing to take away his raw manliness. Though he puts the fear of God in her.
She did not even hear any of what the presiding priest was saying, she was just replying like a robot, wishing that she could escape from this terrible fate that has befallen her.

"You may now kiss your wife". She heard the priest says, she was a nervous wreck by the time her groom lift the veil up from her face.

She could not even bring herself to look up, she was a nervous wreck, he used his fingers to lift her chin up so that she can look directly at him.
"Try not to faint" he growled at her.

She waited for the kiss with a sense of foreboding, silently praying that she will not indeed faint from nerve, thankful that it was just a slight graze of his lips.

She blinked at him like a deer caught in the headlight, surprise that he did not go further than that, he glance back at the priest, holding her hand in his, as the priest announced them to the cheers of the congregation.

The wedding planner really outdone herself on the wedding arrangement, from the venue , to the flower arrangements, to the decorations, everywhere was looking all elegant , the theme was all white, since money was not an issue for the families , no expense was spared.

It was classy and strictly by invitation. The guest were starting to arrive for the reception , all looking elegant and radiant .

Aderemi Nathaniel Adedapo glanced at the woman sitted besides him in silence and wondered what she could be thinking he knew she did not want to get married that she was forced , and to make matters worst for her , she was seeing him for the first time at the altar, he had already seen her pictures so he knew she is a beautiful lady, but he was not prepared for the intense attraction he felt when he saw her walked down the aisle to him.

He is certain she must have be revulse by the idea of seeing a one eye man as her groom.
She is even more beautiful in flesh, looking angelic and innocent, her skin looking all soft and glowing. Although she is not short but she only reached his chest area.

But he knows looks can be deceptive and he has heard a lot of stories about her, he knows she is a spoilt girl and over pampered, but she is surely in for a surprise with him .

© 2022 Adekitan

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